Sunday, August 31, 2014

Making your dreams come true

I was attending to finding answers for a couple of questions that were asked and I decided to see if there was any information that should be shared from the connection I had put in the intention of establishing. My intention here was to connect to a part of my self that is said to be existing in the Pleiades at this time. Below is what came through.

Artist's concept illustrates the idea that rocky, terrestrial worlds like the inner planets in our solar system, may be plentiful and diverse in the universe. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

"I want to share with you information around the state of progression with relation to the shift and it's direct influence with those of you existing on the planet Earth at this time. While time does seem to move slowly on Earth, it is actually speeding up in a technical sense. Some of you may have noticed this, especially recently. There are reasons why this is occurring and one of those reasons relate to the consciousness of the Earth herself which is moving more fully away and into her new home.
Time is being restored to its amalgamated direction, as is required during these next stages. While life will go on for most so that their daily responsibilities are not interfered with, there will be some events upcoming that they will be aware of, and possibly even apart of. A positive timeline this is turning out to be for those of you within it now. In other alternative realities, the outcomes were very different, were disastrous one could say.
Some people may feel a pull of energy within themselves over the coming weeks. The dark, the negative is being drawn out and this will happen in different ways, in different forms, as those beings on Earth are subjected to such energies. While events of freewill will continue on, such as acts of violence, military conflicts and so on, this energy being drawn away is part of the process of the changes going on in connection to the rising frequencies, the rising vibrations for those continuing on with the old Earth.
There are different levels of sophistication in relation to the groups of the races of beings existing in the physical Universe. Unbeknownst to the general population, there are also conflicts between these groups on far away worlds and sometimes closer to your home. Without wanting to insert fear from discussing such conflict, there are space battles that happen and sometimes they are in the vicinity of the Earth. Some of these conflicts are a result of the direction in which the human civilisation is now progressing, where in the past, the future was going to turn out differently and there would have been more direct interaction by a number of external Earth races, with the Earth. Do not worry as there are those out here who have the responsibility to protect the progression of this planet so that it is not interfered with. There will be a time in the distant future where you will reach a certain level of progression and have more contact with these other races out there, more direct contact.
Life is short, this is a view I have of all of your existences there on planet Terra. For each of you, life is not short, it is very long and it can be quite challenging depending on the path of the individual. A realisation that will help you through your understanding is that you can focus and think about all your worries, all your problems, which based on the astrological energies can be more difficult at times, but when you look outside of your self, outside of your responsibilities in your existence right now, you can learn and come to realise that this is a tiny moment, a minuscule moment in your experience towards your return to the other aspects of your whole. If you can expand your knowledge and experiences and come to understand this, you will not take your situation so seriously and you will know there is so much more outside of your one small experience here on planet Terra. 
I know many of you look up to the stars and you wonder what is out there. But on other levels of existence, other parts of you have and are already experiencing existence out there, within all those star systems, in various forms. It is important to also look beyond the stars, beyond what you can see with your physical human senses. Some of you are exactly where you want to be with your experiences and with your life's journey right now, but if you are questioning and searching for answers, you have the opportunities to expand your self in unimaginable ways. The physical universe is just a small part of what makes up existence and reality.
Just like how the Earth has cycles, so does the universe. Enjoy your one experience here while you can and make the most of it, but, do not concern your self over what you could have done, or might have done in relation to time and your past on Terra, focus on what you can do right now, and what you want to do within your future and make it happen. You each have the power and capacity to make your dreams come true. "


Rachelle said...

Thank you, Laron.

Rustam S. said...

"While life will go on for most so that their daily responsibilities are not interfered with, there will be some events upcoming that they will be aware of, and possibly even apart of."

I apologize, but was it "even apart from" or "even a_part of"?
And, by the way, what is this whole phrase supposed to mean, really?.. Who are "they" and "most"?
Thanks in advance.

rememberinginfinity said...

Thanks, Laron! We always appreciate any updates.

Laron said...

Oh, that would be a part of Rustam.

They as in people here on Earth. Most meaning the rest will notice the interference.

Rustam S. said...

OK, I see, thanks again for clarifying.

But that means... One would say that these events will not be really meaningful in global sense then. Which somewhat adds to confusion (?)

Laron said...

Confusion is part of life sometimes Rustam! =)

For an Amazonian tribe that has no contact with the outside world, what impact will there be to them if the global economy crashes? Nothing.... what if a tsunami spread out across the pacific, effecting all the countries there? They would not know it ever occurred. I think you get my point. People live in certain locations that because of their situation, they remain unaware to certain events, even if they are major events.

P.S. Interesting reading by Lyn on the Cassiopeian chanellings by the way. ;-)