Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Koko's tribute to Robin Williams

A few days ago the news broke of Robin William's passing. Koko, Dr. Patterson and Foundation co-founder Ron Cohn were together when the phone calls started coming in about this. It is said that after the first call, Koko came up to Dr. Patterson with an inquiring look on her face.

Dr. Patterson explained that they had lost a dear friend, Robin Williams. Koko was said to be very quiet then and looked very thoughtful after hearing that. Later on after other phone calls and conversations, which Koko could overhear and observe, Koko signed to Penny: "CRY LIP" (LIP is Koko's sign for woman).

At the end of that day Koko became very sad, with her head bowed down and her lip quivering.

Video Description: "Robin Williams met Koko in 2001. It was a very cheerful encounter for both, and Koko has treasured it to this day. When Koko learned of Robin's passing (on Aug. 11, 2014) she became very sad. We hope this video will lift her spirits and remind everyone of the profound gift of joy that Robin Williams brought to our world."


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