Saturday, August 2, 2014

Housekeeping and a few things

I just wanted to mention a few things in relation to the ongoing running of transients.


Firstly, if you hadn't seen or were aware, John and AngelicView are also part of the Facebook Page team and are posting links/info on there in addition to myself, from time to time. This also means that messages being sent in on the Facebook page will be seen by the three of us now, not just me.

John is a long term follower of the webbot and is very knowledgeable about future and past forecasts. He also closely follows the markets and economy among many other topics.

AngelicView runs 'AngelicView', a blog focused on near death experiences. She has a lot of knowledge on the topic. AngelicView also runs a group on Facebook in relation to her blog. If you are interested in joining this group, you can find it here,


I noticed that when you try and log in with a wordpress account, as one of the profiles you can use to comment with on here, you will not be able to get comments to work unless you have actually set up a blog within wordpress which matches the same name you are using. This is a bit of a pain for people without a google account or any of the other accounts such as OpenID and who just rely upon wordpress.

If you do not want to setup a blog on your wordpress account or use any of the other profiles to log in as and comment with, I suggest the best solution is to use the OpenID option. I have not tried this personally, but you can learn more about what other accounts are connected up to OpenID via this link, (I assume that you select open ID and then use one of the accounts shown on that page when commenting... and feel free to do a 'test' comment anytime.. I don't mind)

In the future I will be rolling over from blogger as the host of this site to something like Joomla. I have a few tasks to get done before that, but I think that migration will benefit the site in the long run and people will be able to sign up to comment and only belong to the site, enabling them to manage their own identity instead of having to rely upon another profile.

Laron's Website, Google + and Facebook

I mentioned on my Facebook page about a week ago that I will be spending some of my time now on setting up my personal site and that will take some time away from what I am doing here. That site is where I will be advertising my healing and regression work in the long run. I will be offering readings with tarot & runes as well distant healing and guidance/advice in relation to consciousness and spiritual development in the beginning.

As a reminder, you can find me on Google+, if you are not a user of Facebook. I tend to post the same content on there as I do on Facebook so there is no point in being a follower/friend on both accounts if you have both of them.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook or to your circles on Google + anytime. (Or you can just 'follow' me on Facebook instead.


If you would like to provide a contribution towards the time I put into running the site, then you have that option and can do so through the donations link on the left side menu here. (or click here) I spend up to four hours a day, six to seven days a week running the site and the Facebook page, as well as answering a lot of email correspondence. (You can find my email through the contact link on the left menu, or click here)

Please don't feel obliged to do so, especially if you're in a difficult financial situation.

For over a year now I have had no regular income, out of choice, as I left a career that no longer worked or resonated for me and I decided to take a long break from the working world, with the exception of maintaining this site. So any contributions provided will directly help me a great deal.

Writing and Contributions 

Linda, a long term transients reader, weekly healing group participant and also commenter, has some upcoming articles she is going to send along which I will post that should be interesting. But this is a reminder that if you are a regular visitor and understand the topics I like to cover and post about, contact me if you are interested in writing your own articles in relation to any of those topics.

I am happy for you to include an 'About Author' at the end of the article which you can use to link to your site or online profile. At this stage I am not accepting articles which are written for reasons of referral's, as in links included inside the actual article which make money (in whatever form) if people click on them. The energy around having such articles just doesn't resonate with me personally, and I may as just have ads up everywhere if I am going to do that.

From time to time I re-post articles from sites that do this(the waking times is one), but only on rare occasion and only if I think the article is actually credible and useful with its information. In the future, I may just stick up ads and change my policy on this, but for now it still doesn't feel right that I have material/information on the site which is connected into people making a profit from it.

When a site gets very popular, it starts to require a dedicated hosting service that can handle the traffic and that is when costs go up with relation to running the site and it would make sense then to have some regular income coming in to support the site, such as through ads if donations did not cover the running costs.


I have had discussions with two artists in relation to using their pictures, and linking back to them, within some of the articles I post on here. If you are an artist and have images that you think may resonate with the subjects of this site, contact me. I can feature your images where appropriate, and link back to you.

There can never be enough art/images as I can also use them in a few other areas, such as with status updates on Google+ and Facebook.

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