Sunday, August 10, 2014

Extremes of light and shadow present at the current moment - GAIA Portal

Here is a new message from GAIA Portal below. What stands out for me is the mention of the final stages of duality. As mentioned in Lai's 4th article that I recently posted which discusses the shift, duality was required to learn about in previous spiritual levels, but for the third level it is no longer required to be worked upon because of the new vibrations. I find this a fascinating correlation and it is most timely. Here is a quote from Lai's 4th article.

"So the new vibrations you have to learn about. There is no duality here. There would be a vibration of lacking and the other one would be contentment. One would feel like connected, the other would feel like disconnected. There would be two vibrations, mainly." - The Shift and the different levels of Consciousness - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 4

Via GAIA Portal, 10 August 2014

Extremes of Light and shadow present at the current moment.

Gaia supports the visualization of all such contrast points, which exemplify final stages of duality.

Light streams encompass the planet whole at this time and will remain.

Embracing of the Gaia Higher Purpose of all visible to eyes events is the preferred mode for Hue-manity and hu-manity.


Dave B. said...

I noticed this too Laron and found the message most timely and interesting! :)

Also the recent US airstrikes in Iraq and drama with ISIS seems to correlate with the extremes of dark and light at this time. As the vibrations keep rising this month it feels we are reaching a decisive tipping point in the ascension process. No more delays (stretching of timelines) in liberation seems to be the reality we are in now as September approaches. ;)

Poe Paradis said...

Yes, awareness of duality without denial

Laron said...

Clif said something interesting in his new IDIR (this one is now subscription based, not donation based)

One thing was that got my attention was that large secrets will be revealed when Russia goes into the Ukraine and uncovers a vatican link, and what the US and western powers have been doing.

But most interestingly he talked about the tipping point that relates to massive changes to humanity. It's not a single day or event but ts stretched out over days and events. It starts about the 22nd of September, moves into December I was told. (i haven't listened to it)