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Evolutionary process update #3, changes and temporal lines status - David Topi

Here is some more information from David Topi. The last post I shared from David can be found here, 'Perceptions of a fully present future - David Topi'. This information below has again been translated from Spanish into English by José.

By guest contributor David Topi, 14 August 2014

Two couple of days ago, we were able again to obtain a small update of the evolutionary process that we are living now. There aren’t main differences with the previous updates, but since we have the opportunity to ask to the ones who guide us how the shift is from the outside, we keep asking again.

So, the ones who have been following my previous articles can have a look to the diagram below in order to notice the little modifications performed. We face the same situation than before, more or less, regarding the temporal lines and the overlap of the both realities, the “two Earths” in order to keep on with the same nomenclature. What have been slightly modified are the percentages, because if they were 90% a month and a half ago, in the energy and frequency zone, (that is, both Earths were separated 10%) the separation is around 15% now. You have to understand that we ask this information in percentages, because we don’t know any other better measure, so when we ask them to know if the process is stuck, advanced or delayed, we do it trying to “measure” in terms of frequency, how the old Earth is separated from the new one.

What it is important here is to notice that the gangway which separates both realities is getting bigger. So that means, that in frequency terms, each time there is more difference between persons that resides in both Earths, just stop noticing the others ones that resides in the other Earth, like far echoes. 

How can be a temporal line expanded? It grows or reduces itself depends on the number of people connected to that reality. In this case, is it a good new or a bad one? It’s a very good one because it means that a lot of people are leaving gradually the temporal lines which anchored them in the “old Earth”, and moving towards the ones which put them to the shift or evolutionary change. If a couple of months they told us, approximately the 80% of the population was spread between the overlap zone and the old Earth, that is the 7.8 Hz matrix, that percentage is already now 70%, (Once again this calculation is done from the outside of the planet, noticing the people anchored in each temporal line, by the beings who are outside this temporal lines. We, the humans, inside this particular matrix, cannot perform this calculation as far as I know)

So it seems to be 10% of people who has left the most negative temporal lines and are already now in the intermediate zone. So it is a good signs to check out that the change processes are accelerated enough in order to arise the vibrations, frequency and awareness of a lot of people and scape from the densest zones at least, starting to tune up a lighter zone that includes a “possibility of jump” to the new reality.

The changes, from inside to outside Although it is important and good to see the external reality to see how the things are going on, the first they remember us once again during the session was that the changes have to be done internally, inside a person, and it will be reflected in the outside, and in the reality jumps, or be connected to one line or to the other. Basically, they told me, that I have to concentrate in working to myself, that the humans grow from inside to outside, with compassion, collaboration, understanding each other, assistance, in taking control of our own power, ...etc, etc because these things are the ones who move the macro changes, being watched from the outside, and thy can tell us if something has changed or not. But it is still an internal change, personal, but later, in a collective way, is reflected like in the diagram above. 

So, we have the opportunity to join the change and transformation already happening now,and we mustn’t lose this opportunity.

The website for David's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School website can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here, (Spanish).


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