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Energy in action...

By writer 'The Happy Wonderer'

What do we MEAN when we speak of ‘energy’?  Or maybe of ‘vibes’, or maybe a ‘gut feeling’, or a ‘hunch’?

Anyone with the least bit of sensitivity knows the feeling(s) associated with this topic - but have you ever considered the further implications of this ‘psychic’, or ‘etheric’ energy in routine day-to-day terms?

Photo by Moyan Brenn

There are the obvious ‘in ya face’ things - like a Spring day in the country, with the sounds, smells and ‘feelings’ conjuring up really good, peaceful, relaxed, easy, calm sensations.  Compared to being outside with a storm looming - the lightning, the black towering clouds, threatened feelings…..  Touch, taste, sound, sight and smell all have input …. But none of those are the actual sensation.  That is the province of your sixth sense…..  The one that tells you ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘fearful’, ‘nervous’, ‘content’, and much more besides.

But now for the bad news……

In our innocence (ignorance) regarding this ‘sixth’ sense, we neglect it.  We do so because it is essentially non-physical, we think it is beyond our control, we write it off as ‘Woo-woo’…. Would you treat your sight, or your hearing, in such a cavalier manner?  I doubt it.

What if you had never ‘learned’ ‘how’ to see?  Your sense of sight would represent nothing more than a random jumble of colours and shapes to your brain, with no meaning whatsoever.

And for all too many of us, our sixth sense is exactly such a closed book.  That being so …   it lays us wide open to manipulation and attack.  Imagine, if you will, being the sort of flinty, unscrupulous person who would take advantage of a blind person.  Or a deaf person, in a slightly different way.  They are at your mercy; the deaf person cannot hear the smoke alarm beeping - will you tell them?  Or just leave them to burn?  Or perhaps the blind person possesses something valuable - how easy, to steal it.

What about our nakedness to the world by not acknowledging and developing our sixth sense?  How vulnerable are we to the unscrupulous?  How deaf, how blind, how trusting?  How betrayed?

Recently, I happened to be at my computer when a headline came in (on the ABC News website) referring to the successful Russian humanitarian aid convoy to Eastern Ukraine:
It said:-  “Russian convoy begins leaving [Ukraine] as Obama, Merkel condemn 'dangerous escalation'. Less than a minute later, the site was updated ….. The updated version said:- “Russian convoy retreats amid condemnation”

Read the two statements and ponder them.  Both are verbally twisted, both are basically inaccurate, and neither mentions the successful delivery of humanitarian aid; now, what has been achieved here?  Politics aside, the casual reader has been mis-informed, mis-led, and had an element of fear and negativity introduced.

THIS IS AN ENERGETIC ATTACK on a ‘sixth sense’ level.  The readers have been made  blind and deaf to the actual reality of events, both by commission and by omission. They are dependent, helpless, and manipulated.

Go and explain colour to a blind person, or better still, explain a symphony orchestra to a deaf person.  And that is how many, many people would perceive you, should you try to explain what actually occurred regarding the humanitarian convoy in question!  Simply because they have no concept or framework of energy usage and manipulation.  They do not know that they are blind and deaf……..  so they cannot sense the energetic scam that has been pulled over them.  And that is just one, tiny example…...

Now multiply that example by the millions, every day in every way.  The energetic control and manipulation of an entire planets’ population - or nearly so!  (Present company excepted, of course……!)

Think that that is too far-fetched?  OK, take a child - perhaps 6 years old.  Take a bedroom - their own bedroom will do.  Now - two scenarios:  in the first, you take the child into the room, put him or her to bed, all safe and sound and normal.  Teddy is near the pillow, quiet sleep-music playing, all is well.  Lights off, shut door, no worries, eh?

In the second, you tell that child that there is a fearsome monster under the bed, with fangs dripping blood, and as soon as it’s dark in there it will come out and EAT THEM UP.
I doubt if anyone in that house will get a good sleep tonight, don’t you?

'The Nightmare' (Henry Fuseli, 1781) - Wikipedia

What changed?  The ENERGY that YOU created around the experience.  Nothing else.  Combined with the child’s innocence, trust and naivety, your energetic input had the power to create a good night’s sleep - or not.  Love - or fear.

It is ‘common sense’ (we are told) that there is no sixth sense - that’s just silly woo-woo stuff, ‘magic’ tricks at a stage show.  So what transposed your monster-creation statement into a terrifying reality in the child’s head?

Energy.  Deliberate and malicious energy.

At all levels, energy is perhaps THE most powerful factor.  In a relationship, it can be the caring, the support, the love …. Or the criticism, the condemnation, the abuse, the fear.  In politics, it can be the twisted distortions of the facts and the truths - or (rarely) the shining light of an honest person.  For the planet it can be the empathic awareness of nature in all her beauty - or it can be the dollar hunger in the eyes of a miner, a logger or a politician.

A nutshell?  Energy can be empathic - or psychopathic.  Which fire will you stoke?  Now multiply that choice by a few billion energy-sources …and see the future of your planet.

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