Friday, August 8, 2014

A short update on the energies - Aisha North

This message fits into our times now, but some of us have some spiritual work to do it seems.

By Aisha North via, 7 August 2014

As you all know by now, the highway lies before you ready to be taken into full use. And what do we mean by that? Simply that now it is up to each and every one of you to determine the speed you want to go at, for this time, there will be no limits at all as to how fast you can proceed into this brand new territory that lies before you. You see, the gates are open and the signal has been given, and as such, you can take off at any time you want now. And the more you allow the underlying currents to push you in the back, the faster you will find yourself barreling down this highway to the future.

For you are in the fast lane now, in every sense of the word, and once again the key to get the fullest potential realized, is by allowing the forward momentum to speed you up. For this is not about clawing yourself up a steep hill anymore, no, this is by all means a rapid current of light that has been put at your disposal, so all you have to do, is to let go and simply give in to this force of light that will literally rush you ahead to where you are meant to be.

Again, this can seem to be challenging on so many levels, for all of this forward momentum will also bring about changes, changes that may seem to be dramatic for some of you, but changes that are necessary for you in order to fulfill the plan you have made before you came in to be a part of this. In other words, this rush of light will ensure that anything that seems to clutter up the course that has been plotted out for you will be pushed out of your way, and so, a route ahead will be cleared that will make your forward momentum as efficient as possible.

And so, as you pick up speed, you will also find yourself picking up new signals in so many ways, and you will also find yourself picking up threads that have been presented to you earlier on in this journey, but now the meaning these formerly “loose ends” carry will become clearer to you. For they are not lying about ready to ensnare you like the old attachments used to do. No, these “ropes” are in fact nothing less that important connections ready to be enabled in such a way, even more of this interconnected web can come into full use. For as we have told you earlier you are all a part of an intricately woven web of energetic filaments, and now, the real power that these lines can carry will become more obvious to you all as you start to tighten what at this point may seem to be a slack line. For then, you will start to notice that this seemingly unattached line is in fact a deep connection to a field that will help to empower you even more, both as individuals, but even more as a collective.

For now, that vast sea of potential that beckons will be seen as not just a huge and uncharted expanse, it will be seen more as a defined set of coordinates that can be accessed by these interconnected strings of harmonics that you have enabled over this last period. For this collective creative process will now be put into focus in a very new way as you all start to pull on these threads and heighten the connectivity, and as such, you have a lot of interesting interaction up ahead. Both on a human level, but even more so on the levels that up until now may have seemed more like being “off limits” to you all. For now, there are no limits, neither speed-wise or otherwise, as you are all ready to go at a moment’s notice. So simply step into this fast current and let it energize you in ways that will bring out the very best from that vast repository of potential that you already carry within. For it is all there, and it is ready to be taken into full use now, and all it takes, is for you to say “let’s go!”


Rainbow Warrior said...

This is exactly what I needed to see in this moment. I'm going through a major upheaval in my life right now - ending the (romantic) relationship with my child's father. Of course, we'll always be connected through our child. I have known for a while that it did not serve my best interest but have been so confused as to what the right decision was, so I did nothing. The feeling now is becoming overwhelming that this is how it has to be. I feel I am being held back and perhaps holding him back in ways, too. I'm nervous and a little frightened about the uncertainties of it all but also excited at the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead. "Off we go into the wild blue yonder…."

gpchicken said...

RW, you are not the only one. I'm in the same position. In fact have for a while but now is the time I've committed to leaving the behind. In order to follow my heart (self) where ever it takes me.

I love Aisha's messages they have resonated with me for a long time. Some of them have been so inline with my personal experiences, they could have been tailored for me In that moment.

Laron, you are awesome. You truly have a gift, to be able to consolidate resources in such away, that the "shift" can visibly been seen by anyone who is willing to look for it.

Fantastic Fox said...

Aisha's messages indeed are wonderful... They very often reflect my own inner feelings, I can sense these things.

Laron said...

Thanks Greg =)

Laron said...

Sorry to hear about those challenging times RW. I'm sending some positive energy your way now. It feels like you are on the right path there, though.