Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your true self, control and love

Its been three weeks since I last connected in and made my self available to receive a message. In a practical sense, I could do this at any time if I chose to, but because of personal situations and not having the right 'space' to do this, I just didn't try until I felt it was the right time again. Yesterday I felt like it was the right time.

Instead of connecting into the source that I may have connected into on the last three occasions, I felt this time around that it was a higher aspect of my greater self, which brought through this message. When I do this, I do my best not to think or analyse what I am doing. This also means I am not focusing on what is being typed out and said, but that I am focusing on being clear in my mind. So after reading through it once I was done, I can see that it touches on a few areas such as our concerns over control if we are part of a greater consciousness, what love may mean to us here but how its a different experience outside of the Earth experience.

You can find my previous message here, 'There are many roads to Rome - Another message from above'.

And thanks for those of you who are understanding of me, in regards to this being something new with what I am doing here and that in a way, it's like a personal experiment as I build up my confidence with doing this, but also sharing with others in relation to what actually comes through to me.

Here is the latest message below.

"Your higher self is here. Do not concern your self with what part or aspect of your higher self which you are connected to as this is not important. We wanted to talk about self, about what each and every one of you truly are at your core being.
There are many levels that make up and comprise your being. This aspect here, this small part of you on Earth is just an amount of your total energy, a small amount is what you would term it as there on Earth. But this energy, this part of you there as an individual is part of a greater whole a collective whole. You may have concerns over your individuality and around what or who makes decisions once you return to your greater self. You are your greater self. You are the decision maker, you are the source. 
Because of your separation, a separation that takes place and is occurring simultaneously on many different levels and over far distances, far reaches, far expanses of time and space, you feel isolated and you can feel alone. You are definitely not alone. That is an illusion. The illusion of separation.
Painting © Sabrine Wurz
What happens when you do return and travel back to whence you come from, which can be many levels up on a scale as you would put it? You will be met with love and compassion, you will be welcomed back by many parts of your being, parts and individuals you may recognise, but which are of course you. Your understanding of this based upon your limitations of a human is going to be limited. It is not something that can be fully explained without having the experience your self, as Laron has with his own experiences of merging with a collective group within this lifetime.
You want to control, you want to govern over your life here as that is human nature, that is what it means to be human. But that is a concept, a system in place which is part of the human experience and does not apply in every instance and other experiences which are available or which are created for learning.

What really is control? It's about making decisions and then consciously acting out and performing those decisions. But most of you don't realise that you are not always fully in control as you are guided by others from time to time, to help and assist you with this experience here, and with your progress here. This guidance is usually unbeknown to you, yet it is there. This is simply a glimpse and part understanding of what control really is, or really isn't. 
What is love? It is a concept that can be experienced in a number of different ways while on Earth. It can be thought of as a connection between two beings and when in a romantic sense it can bring a certain feeling which can be lacking, or missing from an individual when they are not in that situation with a partner. But can you imagine when multiple individuals have that same connection to you and you to them, and the combining of your consciousness with theirs? This is one way to explain love outside of the Earth experience, in relation to connecting up to that higher aspect of your self, that collective aspect. It may be an overwhelming experience, if it was experienced in a more practical way as a human on Earth, but when you are existing elsewhere, you exist in a very different fashion, a very different way so this is what we mean when we say that there is limitations to how things can be explained.
There are opportunities right now and in the future for you to take advantage of connecting back with other aspects of your self, as there are doors which are opening and allowing you the chance to experience, learn, and connect through those doors, with those other aspects of your self. But each person is going to experience this in different ways, and hence the possible confusion one may feel when searching for answers, answers that may come from different angles and may even contradict each other.
Go with your intuition, go with the guidance which is there with you, which is mostly unknown to you, allow your self to be pushed in the direction that feels right for you, that feels most appropriate. But this doesn't mean you don't have choices, you do. Each of you will be at a stage in your experience, in this life, where you can choose to expand your consciousness, to ascend away from your ongoing learnings and experiences within the Earthly cycle. While some are here as volunteers, most are not, and part of the shift going on applies to those who have been connected in many instances to the Earth and her consciousness over millennium. 
We do suggest that you are fee to ask questions through this conduit, this site here if you choose to do so as we think this will bring answers that will help you if you are searching for them. 
We will disconnect now with the reminder that love can be experienced in many different forms and while we send you blessings with love, this may mean something different to each of you and hence the limitation of being human is reminded to you all once again."


Theresa said...

I am interested in hearing any thoughts or messages that might come through regarding the upcoming role of the volunteer soul. I am hearing from several that they are experiencing life situations and soul urges that are drawing them away from life as they have known it. I personally have been experiencing a sense of separation, yet peaceful anticipation. I don't think there is really a question in here, just a desire to expand knowing.

Laron said...

One thing first to understand is that the term volunteer soul is broader than some may think as we should also acknowledge that there are those souls who have not come purposefully from another experience outside of the Earth experience, but who have been part of the Earth experience for a long time which have 'volunteered' to partake in similar tasks as all other volunteer souls.

To understand if you are a volunteer soul, or not a volunteer soul is not crucial. If you are seeking answers then there is a reason though, and part of that reason may relate to actually needing guidance if the soul has lost its path somewhat, or it could just be curiosity.

With a soul path and agreement with relation to the planning of this one life and experience, souls are consistently guided and pushed in the direction that they are meant to be going to complete and fulfil that path. Meaning, when the time comes for the key elements or key aspects of the volunteers primary mission, then they should just move and slip into what they were destined to do.

The timing of this would vary, but of course when great changes are here, that would be the most common timing for volunteer souls to stand up and do what they were destined to do with regards to all of their life leading up to that point. The practical and more common events that are easily seen when looking at or understanding the timing around when those great changes are coming would relate to moving location, changing important relationships, changes in work/career, and possibly a total change of purpose or mind in relation to how life has been lived previously.

While guidance is important, too much guidance can interfere. Because of the unknowns and many elements of the vibrational system that acts as the foundation of everyone's experience here, timing is difficult to pinpoint and is not exactly necessary when each individual is being looked after on another level.

Because of life circumstance and where each individual will be at the times of the upcoming changes, there is not as much free will in that regard, but leading up to those times souls can learn and grow in ways that may not have been planned or expected before coming into this timeline and experience. Meaning, a few short cuts with soul growth is of course allowed, which can bring much happiness and surprise to the higher aspects of the individual soul which monitors and is connected into life's progress here.

Therefore there is no instruction required for volunteer souls in a grand announcement to assist with their ongoing purpose, as they are already fulfilling that purpose in their unique and individual ways. But, some guidance and reminders that there is a purpose to all of this can be very comforting for those who accept such guidance.

There are many elements, many separations between the individual volunteers and the grander scheme of things. While the individuals are part of a much larger higher self, there are multiple higher selves. Each experience of each individual, is a very unique experience as each of you perceive your own realities through your own filters and senses.