Saturday, July 19, 2014

Your brain - A Shock Absorber...

By writer 'The Happy Wonderer'

I recently spoke to a professional hypnotherapist about a hypnotic technique that I had heard of, but knew nothing about.

That being, the ability to ‘shock’ someone - perhaps by an unexpected  handclap, or a “BOO!” from behind - and then quickly following that by a quiet, firm suggestion like “Sleep”.  Was it true?

He confirmed that that is a recognised technique.  The momentary stunning shock causing momentary brain trauma, combined with the ‘sleep’ suggestion can induce a trance-like state.

Image Credit TZA

So?  So a thought of mine that I had pondered a few times crystallised.  And perhaps now is a good time to share it……

Remember 911?  Now THERE was a stunning shock.  Like JFK’s death, it was one of those moments where everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing…..  JFK?  I was home on leave, waiting to greet an old school friend and go for a beer with him.  911? I was getting my daughter ready for school.

OK, point made.

Now, how come so many millions of people swallowed absolute NONSENSE regarding 911, took it as gospel, and do so right to this day?  The utter trash about burning AvGas softening huge steel construction beams; the sheer impossibility of THREE buildings collapsing after a lateral impact, high up, and then falling into their own footprint - a feat that takes demolition engineers months to calculate and plan.  Three????  Yes, remember the well-ignored Building Seven?  No impact, no plane, just an unexplained fire - and it collapsed into its own footprint……  How odd…..

The missing tons of gold bullion.  The fact that the bin Laden family members were promptly flown out of the US.  The evidence of absolutely incredible searing heat in the basements.  The six dancing Israelis……  the hole in the Pentagon that a plane could not fit into.

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And no-one wonders?  It’s all swallowed, hook, line and sinker?  Of course …SHOCK.  Then the hypnotic state, the B/S and the belief.  The deliberate and calculated mass hypnosis of millions of people through shock (and fear and horror - all mental paralysers….)

Me?  It lasted about two hours.  Then I suddenly realised - AvGas?  Simply does NOT burn that hot. (AvGas - Jet Fuel - Jet A1 - etc) is merely kerosene.  Paraffin, if you prefer. You put it in your heater in winter, or your camp-stove, or emergency lantern if you have  a power failure.  There is only one difference - for aviation use, it is FAR more finely filtered.  Otherwise it’s properties are almost identical.  Does your tin-plate camp-stove melt before it cooks your tucker?


For the majority of people, unsuspecting, accepting, and definitely NOT into considering that 4 letter word ‘conspiracy’, the MSM is gospel.  The ‘Officials’ are unquestionably correct - always.  To question them is probably treasonous!  Of COURSE it’s correct - I saw it on TV!!!!!!!!  So all the pre-set conditioning kicks in, and discrimination goes out.

BOO!  Sleep………………

It works well, doesn’t it?  Bloody brilliant, in fact.  Whatever evil genius came up with that  brainwashing technique was definitely at the top of the mass-psychology tree……

Small reminder - the opposite polarity of love is not hate - it is fear.  BOO!

Not to belabour a point, how often has that brilliant technique been used?  We are all familiar with hidden stuff - 911, USS Liberty, the shooting down of the Iranian passenger plane, Lockerbie, the ‘missing’ Malaysian flight, and now perhaps the latest shock-horror - another Malaysian flight …..  And what else?

Maybe we’ll never know what else.  But when you see the TV and radio news chock-full of some disaster, and the cause / form / reason for it is debatable ….. It may be worth while remembering - BOO … sleep….. Believe……..

Stay tuned, never accept anything without questioning, and never EVER stop thinking, wondering, questioning, and probing.  What makes SENSE?  What DOESN’T make sense?  Why?  Who benefits? Who loses?  How does this affect me?  Others? Is there a fear factor at play? A control factor? What IS the Muppet-Stream-Media saying - and does it make sense? Are there holes there?  Where’s the spin? Where’s the FACTS?

Oh sure - hopefully, it will be all rational, explicable, logical and reasonable.  But what if there’s some kerosene melting steel beams there somewhere?

Right now, my friends, is a VERY good time to be having these thoughts.  Listen to your gut.  If you see, sense or feel fear - remember, that is the opposite polarity of love.  So who what and why is the cause? Who gains?

Go inside and listen…. You WILL know.  Just break that hypnotic programming!

Stay safe.  All Ways.

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Rainbow Warrior said...

It baffles my mind how some intelligent people (cough *my family* cough) believe the "official" 9/11 story even with mounds of contradictory evidence to prove otherwise. I was not aware of this type of brain conditioning/hypnosis but it makes a lot of sense. Eyes wide shut!

Tyche1 said...

And it extends to so much more than 9/11 and other major disaster stories. I see it even in local political news. All about fear, disinformation and making people so emotional that they are blind to the inconsistencies and/or downright discrepancies. It really is amazing how easily some people are led - and a bit discouraging too. Totally agree about fear being the polar opposite of love, btw.