Friday, July 4, 2014

There are many roads to Rome - Another message from above

"I was her she was me
We were one we were free
And if there's somebody calling me on
She's the one
We were young we were wrong
We were fine all along
If there's somebody calling me on
She's the one
When you get to where you wanna go
And you know the things you wanna know
You're smiling
When you said what you wanna say
And you know the way you wanna play
You'll be so high you'll be flying
- Lyrics from 'She's the one', written by Karl Wallinger

I just finished connecting into another lot of information that came to me. You can find my last article about that here which was titled, 'Preparedness and Time Restoration'. Again, I personally take this with a grain of salt, in relation to its source. Doing this is not something I am used to just yet and I need to gain some confidence in this process. You could say this is my disclaimer. But when saying that, this one makes a lot of sense to me.

I sometimes get a song pop into my head in the shower. When this happens, every single time, it is a song I have not heard for a long time. (I rarely listen to music) I have gained a lot of confidence around this being a message from spirit (likely a guide) for a number of reasons, such as what the lyrics say from the songs and how they have resonated with me in the past, each time this occurs. On top of my personal experience around this, it is common for those in touch with spirit/their guides to have this occur based upon my esoteric education and research into such a thing.

Before I connected in today, I had this song come to me, as I quoted above. I will discuss this again after the message which came to me below.

"I am here. That is correct, your guide at the time helped to manifest that tune in your consciousness in preparation for our communication now, but also of course as some guidance personally. Yes, I am what you would consider or call a future version of your self, a Pleiadian is what you would label me as, but as you understand and know, labels are not always a good idea or a healthy way to manifest explanations and or explain ideas.
Based upon the concept that everything has already happened and is happening right now, time is irrelevant in some instances. So what I would like to say is that you can perhaps decide not to focus on such things as when taking into account the way that time regulates and establishes it self in your reality, it can cause a whole lot of confusion when trying to understand other realities outside of yours.
There are many parts that make up your own existence and you have learnt about only a very small number of them. Don't limit your self to just those that you know and understand about.
Free your mind and make sure you are open to many possibilities. 
Since this is public and that the purpose of this communication is to share knowledge and therefore guidance, we can move onto the main message which we want to pass on this time around. 
We are all one when it comes down to it. When looking at the greater picture. Those of us who are knowledgeable about such things come to realise this and it is something important that we should not forget about. When treating any form of life in whatever manner, we tend to forget that we all come from the same place, the same source.
You recently communicated a message through an article that was translated into your language with a concept around the existences of David. This is mostly accurate but with certain elements that were left out and not mentioned. This rings true for everyone and is a good model to work with when trying to explain the functioning behind the conscious system of life that we are in.
On Earth, time is slow when taking into account the realities and existence of those within those realities externally to Earth. You will have perceptions around information you have come to understand and conclusions on a personal level based upon your current knowledge. What I mean to say is that there are expectations for what is up ahead, yet we need to let go of expectations and follow our intuition and current life path without letting such things interfere with our decisions.
While we can provide some direct information around the ongoing experience and situation with Earth in relation to the shift in consciousness, you are all going to perceive it in different ways and you are all going to resonate with explanations which can be different to each other based upon the viewpoint of those with the explanations. 
Understand that our time and energy is used up when searching for the truth, such as the many truths available to explain these times. Take care with your time and energy in relation to your quest for understanding, your quest for answers.
Each of you are at a specific level of awareness and spiritual growth based upon your spiritual frequency. In connection with this and your greater being, you are where you are meant to be and you are following your destined and expected path. This does not mean that you are not allowed to expand in a quicker way than was originally planned, as some of you may be wondering. As the end goal is to return to where you are from after accomplishing your planned experiences.
There are those who can help you with this and by using your intuition you will understand and know who can guide you down that road of self realisation, growth and eventual ascension. If you feel you don't have time to go down this path now, do not worry, you will eventually go down it and it is not crucial for you to have to get there as of this moment or within this experience. 
There are many roads to Rome it has been said, going by Laron's memory. Meaning that there is indeed an opportunity occurring which is like an open doorway to allow those to jump ahead and go along with this ascension based process. But time is irrelevant. Do your best and that is enough.
As Laron would say, blessings and love and peace to you."

Back to that song, I find the lyrics quite resonating in relation to this said aspect of my self, which the information is meant to be coming from. When I got that song in my head originally earlier on, I didn't realise it was going to be possibly connected with this message, but afterwards I understood the possible relation. Specifically the words, "I was her, she was me. We are one...", as in I am the source of this information, basically this may mean. And then there is, "If there's somebody calling me on, she's the one." This could mean that the source of the message is basically me.

The rest of the song still resonates, such as "We were young we were wrong, we were fine all along", as in when we are young, we do not know everything. Or you could look at it like us being young as a civilisation here on Earth, as humans, and eventually we evolve and will have experiences as other beings, possibly as the Pleiadians. (well, eventually being right now, technically speaking) Us being fine all along is also very relevant as we are exactly where we are meant to be right now.

Then there is, "When you get to where you wanna go, and you know the things you wanna know, you're smiling", which could mean that when we are finished with this life and experience now, we will have a lot of information and memory come back to us once we return to where we are form, and know what we want to know, or have direct access to information which we want to know. And then we will really be smiling.

As you can see, I could continue to dissect the lyrics of this song but I think I have provided my point here with how the lyrics of a song can have a greater meaning when they pop into our head in such a way.

Below is the embedded song as sung by Robbie Williams. It's quite a catchy song and I have listened to it a few times while writing this article up.


MujedihiDEEN said...

Peace be upon you and her
Had tears in my eyes. Your heart is so young and true. This post really ringed true for me. May you be singing and smiling till the end. Love and respect for all that you do and be.

Laron said...

Thank you MujedihiDEEN.

angelicview said...

This resonated well with me. Thanks :)

Maryann Rada said...

Such a strong and clear flow to the words, and such peace in what they carry. Thank you for sharing your experience as you receive these messages. I truly appreciate the energy in them, and in you. :)

Laron said...

Thanks Maryann =)