Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Breakaway Civilisation

The first time I had ever heard about the Breakaway Civilisation was through Clif High and the webbot. Since then, I haven't taken much notice of the topic as I have other areas I prefer to focus on. Recently John wrote up an article for transients based upon the groups out there in positions of power and influence which are controlling many aspects of the way we live. That article covered such groups as the Cabal, the Rothchilds, the Rockfellers, the powers that be and the Breakaway Civilisation. I titled that article, 'Positioning of the Elite'.

Through the comments in relation to that article, there was some interest in the Breakaway Civilisation, and hence this article now.

On June the 28th, 2014, there was a conference held in San Mateo, California in the USA. This was titled 'The Secret Space Program' and ran for two days. The focus of this conference was actually to discuss the Breakaway Civilisation. This conference had a number of speakers such as Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph P. Farrell, Ricard Dolan, Michael Schratt. Marl McCandlish, Carol Rosin, Robert Morningstar and Jon Rappoport. There should be a series of upcoming videos and additional information released in the short term future through their site, in relation to this conference.

Image by screenpunk (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Information about the Breakaway Civilisation has been lacking in the past, as it seems they have done well with keeping their activities secret. But below John has written some information to help give us some perspective to who and what they are.

The Breakaway Civilisation - the Majestic 12 is what started them. This group is widely believed to be the group where this all came about. They have been siphoning off money from the US Government to build and act on all of the alien technology that was given to us by crash landings and interactions with aliens.

The brightest of the elites and any others they find through various means of testing are recruited into the group. Its estimated that its in the 10's of thousands of people at this point. They mostly live in space and travel between systems and bases that are here in our part of space.

There are a few key things about them that make them significant to us and what make them in many ways detest the Cabal. The technology they use requires users to have psychic powers to a degree and be able to handle incredible loads on their minds. They have to reach out into the ether to power and use the tools that were given to them. This has shown them how horrible and corrupt the Cabal is and its why they really are the breakaway as they dont want to be a part of this system anymore. They know the greater secrets, that we are part of a very large universe of sentient beings all going about their lives in the trillions of numbers.

All of our very modern technology has come from them. They have had quantum computers now for at least a decade and perhaps longer. They dont let the NSA or the Cabal touch any of their stuff as they dont trust them. They use the Cabal and TPTB of each area to supply them with resources and they in turn supply information and some tech and gear. Its an uneasy truce that you can see is breaking down all over as well.

Much of the releasing of information is coming from the Breakaway as its fighting to see which way it is going to go.

The problem for the breakaway civ has always been that they must be connected to us. They need our money and resources to keep their experiments and ships and way of life going on. They are a severe drain on the earth though and are one of the reasons why our biomass of food is being consumed at a far greater speed than is possible for the number of people we currently have here. The earth can support almost double the population we have now with our biomass. The amount of food and energy that the Breakaway require is taxing the populace worldwide and leading to this ultimate confrontation.

Either the breakaway must leave or it must rejoin the world as its time here is at an end of doing as it has done for decades.


angelicview said...

Okay, that's interesting. I have heard of the term "Breakaway Civilization" (yeah, you spelled it wrong - lol!) mainly from Clif High, as well. I thought he was referring to people that lived underground or undersea. When he says that term, is he referring to people who live in space? Or did you get that information from somewhere else?

It seems as though people who travel in space would be able to find resources and help from individuals from somewhere else. Yes, I do mean life on other planets. Perhaps no one wants to help them? I also thought we, as meaning us humans that live on Earth, were under some kind of quarantine that prevented us from traveling very far.

In addition, I am having trouble figuring out why they would have need of money if they trade gear, tech, and information for resources. It is surprising to me that they couldn't produce their own food on ship - and even other goods. Even we on planet Earth have 3D printers (which is probably far lower technology than they have).

I am not arguing here - that is not my intention. I am just trying to understand. I'm sure that such a civilization does exist. I'll be anxious to hear more information (hopefully from that conference you mentioned) as it comes out. Thanks for posting :)

Steve said...

Completely agree. I have same thoughts.

Maunagarjana said...

If you want a bit of insight into them, then search for interviews with Arthur Neumann aka "Henry Deacon" who has worked as a physicist in the covert world via Lawrence Livermore Labs.

angelicview said...

Oh, yes, I remember Henry Deacon - but only vaguely. I'll look up those Camelot vids with him.

Maunagarjana said...

There is a text interview with Project Camelot. And look on youtube for an interview he did with Rafael Palacios.

Laron said...

AV, Clif is referring to those in space.

My guess in answer to most of your thoughts would be that they don't have the technology to get far, so their propulsion is still not advanced enough to reach locations where they can get such resources.

There is a lot of information online but as with most things online, what can you really trust? So I think this just goes to show that there is is not that much accurate info out there about this perhaps, and its because they have been so secretive about it I assume.

There is an interview here by Robert Morningstar back in May talking about areas around this topic.

"Robert Morningstar joins Randy Maugans and Chris Holly to talk about his investigative work in exposing NASA cover-ups of what he calls "multiple secret space programs" dating back to the 1950s. Famous for his analysis of the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination and exhaustive analysis of the events of 11-22-1963, his work also includes deep forensic probing of numerous photos taken by Apollo, Mars landers, satellite photos, and his own images of the moon and Mars. "

angelicview said...

Okay, thanks Laron! :)