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Technology- Providing freedom or enslavement - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 24 July 2014

Q. I've noticed that we would not have international banking, the global economy, global satellite communications systems, and advanced military defense weapons without the explosion of technology that has occurred in the last 100 years. We would not have television "programming" which has caused society to fundamentally change in America. We would not have Hollywood and its movies and television shows which are shown all over the world. So my question is, what, if any, connection is there between technology and Satan and "God"? Why now? And what does this new age of technology mean for us - more freedom or enslavement?

A. The first thing I get is that technology isn't bad, it is people that make it bad.  I get that most things (technology based), when they are created, are created with a good intention..(I get a picture of a presidential race being televised- once this was able to be done over media voters could see candidates and hear issues much easier- information was spread and shared and the masses could experience it rather than just a select few in high population centers.)  Then I see corruption begin to take over like a virus- some people saw a vision of how to use this technology in their favor to manipulate people through selective news reporting, marketing, etc...

I do not get a connection of technology to Satan or God, but rather technology creates a division of free thinkers and followers.  Then I get that you choose whether to make technology your path to freedom or enslavement.  Free thinkers will use tools to gain knowledge, seek truth, make life easier (I see someone looking up a lawn mower manual online to do their own repair).  For a free thinking person technology can allow freedom and convenience.

Followers will gravitate to believing what they are told, use tv to tell them what they need to buy, look like, or live (then I hear that reality tv is the worst for creating false expectations of how life and relationships should be).  Followers also rely on tv to tell them truth instead of seek it out for themselves (I see someone going to the local Walmart and getting a flu shot just because it is free without asking any questions.).  I see these people more like the slaves of society...and don't even realize it.

As I was doing the YouTube recording it came to me, "why now?"  It is because as humans we are highly competitive.  It is a quality found in many of us, and that is how we have continued to propel as a species.  We just needed pointed in the right direction, and from there all things are possible.  I see at first technology was slow to get started.  It required work, vision and inspiration, but once it did it grew exponentially.  It see it growing even faster in the future. 

I am left with the final thought of there is good and bad in everything.  Everything that is a gift to humans has a factor of being detrimental, and technology is one of those things.  As an individual we have to make that conscious choice of how we are going to use these "gifts."

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.

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