Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Super Flood - Ben Davidson

Suspicious0bservers / Ben Davidson talks about an upcoming super flood based upon the conditions with the shifting poles and the magnetosphere weakening within this six minute video. He also discusses the upcoming grand minimum in relation to the sun's 11 year cycle and a scientific article talking about oxygen escaping the Earth's surface during geomagnetic reversals in our past. This is quite an educational explanation and very relevant for our times as we see the record  breaking rain events increase on a global scale.

'A Flood on Java' by Raden Saleh - Wikipedia

Ben explains the science behind all of this based upon his research and touches on the following points during the video.

1) The Poles are Shifting & the Magnetosphere is Weakening
2) There is a potential water formation mechanism right above our heads
3) A weaker magnetosphere means more hydrogen influx
4) Cosmic Rays make clouds, and a weaker magnetosphere means more penetration
5) Grand minimum, and therefore Cosmic Ray surges may come very soon

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Rachelle said...

Wow....the dream I referenced in another post had to do with huge amounts of water in places that shouldn't be underwater...and the utter devastation and loss that it brought. The devastation I felt during the dream carried over and lasted several hours upon awakening...unlike anything I've ever experienced (and I've had a lot of experiences). I'm not sure if this was some sort of warning or just the dark energies trying to create a sense of fear.

Laron said...

I guess it's always possible it is symbolic, so instead of water it may mean surges of energy doing something similar to the consciousness, mind and emotions of life on a grander scale. But from what you have said on here and over email, it sounds more literal to how you saw it.