Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Strange Sounds / Noises - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 7 July 2014

Q. Another question. ;) What is behind the worldwide phenomena of strange sounds? Even the animals seem to be scared of them. They can range from explosions, machinery, construction, horn sounds etc. Earthfiles.com seems the best site keeping up with the topic but even they have no explanation for them. Thank you.

A. My mind goes to an image I see often, and that is that the earth is actually a living thing as well, and the inner most sun (core) is like the heart of the earth.  Then I see the outer crust bend and flex like watching someone's lungs rise up and down when they breathe. Then I hear the phrase that energy is not created or stored, so when the sun hits the earth, energy that is not used / absorbed by people, animals and plants must go somewhere, and that somewhere is transeferred to the centermost part of the earth in the form of energy.

As the inner sun / core absorbs this energy it slowly grows, expanding earth along with it.  As earth grows and expands (I only see it getting fatter and not taller as if the equator has an imaginary belt on it that gets tighter and tighter ??) I hear these "sounds" being emitted from the earth itself.. Then I am shown that these sounds are similar to the sounds a building or structure has when it expands and contracts during changing seasons, but in a much larger scale.

Then I see that all things have a different frequency, even the ground in different areas has a different frequency associated to it depending on the rock, etc contained it it, which lends to a variety of different "sounds.".  What we and animals are hearing is the earth actually growing.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  YouTube to be posted later.

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