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Soul Contracts and Suicide

Back in December 2012, I posted an article talking about suicide in relation to what happens to the soul if they decide to make that decision while having a life on Earth. I covered a lot of information from Dolores Cannon and also some information from Michael Newton within the article that you can find here, 'Suicide in 2012'.

As a follow up to that article, Lyn over at Focus Sessions just posted this reading based upon a question around Dolores Cannon's information about Suicide. There is also a second question asking about abortion as well.

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 23 July 2014

Q. According to information from Dolores Cannon, when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime - a karmic debt that they are not able to escape. I read your recent reading on suicide and I presume the unique situation is considered on an individual basis? For example, the karmic "debt" would be different between the suicides of an individual that cannot cope with the stresses of life as opposed to someone that suffered an extremely traumatic experience due to someone else's free will? I was wondering if you could see if there is, in fact, a difference? Also, I am wondering how abortion and euthanasia fit into the scheme of things? If, on the other side of the veil, we have a choice of the life we incarnate into and the soul enters the body at conception, why would one choose to enter a life that will be terminated before it is even fully started? And with euthanasia, do you see that humans are meant to suffer through death or will there be a karmic debt to repay for that also? What about animals? Humans, with the intention of compassion, "put down" suffering animals quite often. Is this viewed as murder or compassion from the universal perspective? Thank you!!

A.  Regarding the first part of the question "when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime" to an extent you are right.  If you are given a difficult life path because of a lesson you are here to learn, and you chose to leave that life before the lesson is complete, karma will follow you into the next life and you will be forced to deal with another situation that may be different, but essentially the same situation.  Then I get the example that maybe in this life you felt neglected by one or both parents, in the next life you may be neglected by your spouse you have children with, or maybe your witness your spouse neglect his / her children- you will be forced to deal with the difficult issue of neglect.  How to overcome neglect, deal with the feelings, see the hurt in your kids- you will have to deal with it..  Once you effectively process your lesson and truly learn through experience, your debt will be paid and you can move to the next lesson.

In you are in a situation that someone's free will causes trauma unto you, and you cannot deal with the pain and take your life, you will still have to come back and learn what you were sent to learn in the life you left early, but it is "forgiven" in the universe.. Be clear, it is still not encouraged because we learn from all life experience- both good and bad, but it is forgiven..

With abortion I see two things... One, it is the life lesson / experience of the woman making the decision.  It is her experience (and I hear loudly - It is also the man's and that shouldn't be discounted- men have emotion too) to do this (and carry the feelings emotions associated with this) or not have the abortion..  Fate knows what will happen even before we do- it may feel like free choice, but I get that deep down gut feelings will overrule and either allow it [the abortion] to happen or not too happen.  Some women are very torn, may seek a sign, and find what they are looking for in an answer... In some ways this is predetermined.

The other thing I see with abortions is that it was that souls life plan to come here for that short time.  For what ever reason, they needed to come to earth for that short period as a reset and then go back to the consciousness (I got an image of some kind of discharge of energy??).  That soul will return and if it is meant to be in the woman's or man's life, it will (other children, etc..).

Euthanasia...  It came to me that a certain element of pain and suffering [can] be a normal part of the life cycle.  I get ideally everyone and everything would pass in its' sleep.  Then when I ask of needless prolonged pain- how is that viewed?  I get that if it is inevitable that a person or animal is going to die, allowing it to pass peacefully or ending the final traumas on the soul is allowed.  I also get that if something horrific happened that is unrecoverable, stopping that pain could even prevent a future life trauma (such as a phobia) from happening... Then I see someone in an inescapable house fire that resulted in an unnatural fear of fire in a next life- if the person could escape the pain of the fire before being tortured by it, they could have highly reduced their phobia of fire in their next life.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Rainbow Warrior said...

Hi Laron. I actually submitted this question to Lynn a few weeks back after reading the aforementioned article you posted about suicide. After posting the question to her, I came across Michael Newton's Journey of Souls, so most of my questions were already answered before she had the chance to respond. The one thing I am confused about, because there seems to be different information from different sources, is WHEN the soul enters the body. Lynn feels that the soul enters at the moment of conception and that energetic spark is what creates the heart beat. According to Michael Newton's clients, the soul enters at their discretion during various times of fetal development - some even waiting until the last moment just before birth. I was wondering if you had any information from Dolores Cannon regarding this? Since I'm a stay at home mother and our family is on a tight budget, I am limited to the public library for my reading materials. The only Dolores Cannon book in the entire state of Massachusetts (USA) is Conversations with Nostradamus V.3. I am currently reading it but based on the information so far, I don't think it will answer my question. Thanks for your help, as always!!

podsmagi said...

We have had several articles that discuss how we are moving beyond the polarity of 3d life where right/wrong are dominant and judgement is created which in turns creates terrible pain and suffering. How many wise teachers constantly reiterate that it is the illusion of separation that causes so much anguish?

How can we then discuss "broken soul contracts"? Broken with whom? The soul? That is all there is. The rest is an illusion. Encouraged or discouraged? Again by whom? No one has mastery over the soul.

Such discourse does not allow for an understanding of the huge multi dimensionality of the soul energy.

How can we discuss "forgiveness" ? To forgive there must be wrong doing. But we know that in soul terms there is no right and wrong, simply experience.

I once had the pleasure of working with a trainee medium and after one healing session, my friend Penny came through to speak to me. Penny committed suicide about two years earlier. She spoke quite clearly about having too much anger and not being able to clear it all. She took too much on and decided to take a softer approach to her lives. At no time did she talk of judgement or failure.

I do not feel the human mind can understand the true wonder of our life beyond this Earth existence. So we keep asking questions and trying to see the soul life in limited human terms. There are some questions that there are no single answers to because consciousness demands such a vast range of experiences.

Laron said...

RW, I have most of her books including the three volumes on Nostradamus. She doesn't cover that topic in those books as it was never an area Nostradamus spoke of.

The spirit of the soul comes and goes for a period of time during the early stages of growth which the fetus goes through. One of the activities that goes on is that the spirit has to see if the mother and the developing physical body is compatible with the spirit. Sometimes the energetic/vibrational state of the spirit, whether its got too much energy or if its simply too difficult to move into that physical body, is then determined over that period of time, but I suspect there would be a time limit of months while that is worked out.

From multiple sources, my understanding is that the soul definitely does not come in upon the moment of conception and its a period of months before it settles in permanently and makes the final decision to have a life within that physical body.

Here is some information from Dolores directly, through an interview back in 2010. (

DC: "Let me tell you a little bit about the Three Waves and the energy of these pure beings coming in. When they first come into the fetus, they said the energy of the mother has to be adapted to bring the energy in. And so, sometimes because of the difference in the energy of the mother with the incoming energy, it will mean the baby will abort or will have a miscarriage because the energy doesn’t match. So they have to keep trying. So then they will bring in a little more to adapt it. They don’t bring in the full energy of that spirit because they found that it will harm it. So as they come in, as they grow, as they become the child and a get a little older, a little more of the energy will be brought into the body.

I’ve talked to people that end up being this kind of a person, and they will say: "Yes, my mother had several miscarriages," before they were born. They had to adapt the body. So some of the... what we call abductions, are when they take the person onboard the craft to put a little more of the energy into the body. It’s time to receive more. It’s working on the body to adapt it to handle this soul, this energy that’s in there. I think that’s important for people to know. It is not a negative thing."

In an article that Dolores posted online (, she says the following,

"The subjects I have worked with reported that the spirit does not like to be within the developing fetus. These spirits describe feelings of warmth and darkness while being extremely cramped and uncomfortable. Most incarnate as the baby is being born."

Laron said...

{continued} Below is a direct quote from her book, Between Life and Death,

"I HAVE TAKEN many regressed subjects through the birth expe-
rience. It verifies what has already been explained, that the spirit
will at times choose to observe the birth and enter the baby’s
body after it has been born. Or they may decide to enter the baby
while it is within the mother’s body and experience the physical
birth. They do not like to be within the developing fetus; it is a
cramped, uncomfortable feeling. They have the sensation of feel-
ing warm but being in the dark. They can also describe all the
emotions that the mother-to-be is experiencing. I have had some
sad regressions where the mother did not want the baby and the
spirit was very much aware of this. But they felt there was no
backing out and maybe they would be able to rectify the situa-
tion once they were born. They still felt the necessity of being
born into that family for some reason, probably karmic."

As for her discussing it further, I don't think she has got into much detail on it and this is probably most of her information above. I did a search through her book mentioned above and this is all I found. So what Dolores is saying matches up with Michael Newton's information how that the soul does sometimes come in fully, 100%, during the birth process it self, but it is there at varying points of time throughout the development stage, probably not in a full capacity (the amount of its consciousness/energy), and that it does come and go.

CycyMiss94 said...

Hi Laron,

Regarding the so-called “soul contracts”, Cameron Day wrote an excellent article about how negative beings use it to feed themselves from our pains.

Here’s the article:

This article blew my mind and changed my life forever.

Much Love ;)


Laron said...

Cynthia, I have seen that article and his original part 1 article and Cameron's material doesn't resonate with me or make much sense in relation to what I have learnt. =) (i.e. I see no basis nor have I ever ran into anything that provides a backing/foundation for his ongoing mention around negative beings and find his articles fear producing)

Laron said...

For those wishing to learn more directly about how soul contracts work, I highly recommend these two books by author Robert Schwartz,

Your Soul's Plan and the sequel to this, Your Soul's Gift.

Laron said...

"I do not feel the human mind can understand the true wonder of our life beyond this Earth existence. ' - This is so true Pod. But I believe we do need some answers to some of these questions to help us on our journey as we need a certain degree of understanding so that we have a foundation for the growth of our consciousness.

But in the end, after all this theory, all these answers being provided, what I believe our development really comes down to is having real and practical experiences as they are what really change us and impact our vibration by showing us what is real.

Laron said...

I just wanted to add that the movie Avatar really touched me, in relation to it's general theme of inhabiting a physical body. While it initially reminded me directly of astral projection, and my experiences with conscious astral projection, I believe it was also is a good example of what Dolores touched upon above. While the physical body of the Na'Vi was developing inside the water based containers, as seen in the movie, there was no consciousness inside it as the consciousness was not transferreduntil the connection was made by the operator via the controlling bed that was laid in.

This is a good analogy and concept to think of, as it explains it from that viewpoint in relation to what Dolores has said.. and which Michael touched upon, that souls may pop in, pop out, and may not fully pop in properly until birth, or may choose to do so later on in the period of the babies growth in the womb.

podsmagi said...

Thanks for your reply Laron. I do appreciate all the work you do and the forum you give us to bat esoteric balls about.

Isn't theory for the ego? I am sure there are many of us now who have experienced our "Real Self" and the wonder of knowing that every other human is them selves in a different form.

Must go and serve some balls on your Chikungunya article. Had that disease. Ouch!!!!!

Rainbow Warrior said...

OOhh!! Great! I am going to see if I can find them within our library system now!! Thank you!!

Rainbow Warrior said...

Thank you, Laron. I definitely resonate more with what I read from Journey of Souls than the couple readings Lynn has done on the topic. If Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon both have had 40+ year careers of taking their clients into a deep hypnosis and connecting to spirit and they BOTH have similar reportings from their sessions, it seems reasonable to conclude this information is the most correct! Also, the movie Avatar is really what gave me a visual understanding of how our soul occupies a biological suit but I never connected the watery "womb" until you just mentioned it! Thanks!!

Rainbow Warrior said...

Yeah!! BOTH books are in the system and available!!

Laron said...

I wouldn't think of theory being connected to ego at all. It's how you react and respond upon hearing it, that would be it's only relation, and that would apply to any situation.

Real self as in this experience and life, this time around, is what I mean. For the regulars who come here, I doubt it would matter what they experiences between lives, they are still coming back here (with exceptions), so here is what is important and how they progress spiritually each time around.

Laron said...

Great they are there RW. The information within are based upon five or so psychics who are asked the exact same questions. With the first book, I did notice the difference between the information when compared to hypnosis/regression based information, from the perspective of accuracy but also detail being lacking. However, because of there being multiple sources, and each one seems to be 'at the top of their game', so to say, the books are pretty good.

Laron said...

In all honesty, I have always found regression based knowledge to be of a higher quality and accuracy and from my understanding of both methods, it makes perfect sense to me. So for me, it's not just about the proof of seeing the practitioners have thousands of clients, and having them have the same answers come up so many times... that is good proof, its about the method it self.

A deeper and higher vibrational connection is established when there is a person guiding the session, who uses hypnosis techniques to get the person deep enough for their connection to the other side. The practitioner also gains experience and their energy changes, grows, over time and this also in turn helps with the clients connection, on a gradual basis as they get more and more clients.

It also of course depends on who and what the client is in contact with, as in the source of the information as if its a lower realm/dimension, the answers may not be as accurate and as detailed as a higher realm/source/dimension.

With a psychic.medium, they are on their own. They have a different method of connecting in (I am a trained psychic and understand how it works). They don't go as deep and they are not guided. They have to filter through their thoughts and mind interference much more so than if they were in a regressed state. I just don't see the vibrational connection being as higher level with this method and the source of the information... I see there being more mistakes or more chance of thinking they are connected to something when they may not be. It all depends of course on the ability and experience of the psychic.

The same situation applies to people that channel. This is why I think there is so much inaccurate information out there from channelled messages and of course another major aspect is the source of the information... it can not be guaranteed like with hypnotic regression, and its more easily mistaken for something that it may not be.

This gives everyone reading this some perspective of why I rely more so on the information from the books from people like Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon. It's because of the method in use and the fact they have had thousands of clients and keep on saying pretty much the same thing in relation to various questions/situations/events that come up.

angelicview said...

I did a post on him - I was very impressed with his work: