Monday, July 21, 2014

Putting the Multiverse to the test

Science continues to try and explain the possible existence of multiverses. What this means is that by performing experiments, science based research is trying to show that multiple universes exist in other realities to our own one. This goes along the lines of supporting what I have mentioned in the past, that each decision we make may possibility be played out in another version of existence, in another multiverse and version of our reality here.

A good metaphor for the research done by Matthew Johnson as seen within this video below is the following, as explained over on an article talking about this research on RT. 'Imagine watching a pot of boiling water slowly simmer and form bubbles. Some of these bubbles grow into bigger ones, others split up, bump into each other, interact etc. This is what proponents of the multiverse theory believe about the vacuum, which they say came before the Big Bang: an empty field full of energy that had nowhere to go, and thus began creating bubbles – universes, that began to collide with each other and interact in different ways. They represented the totality of every dimension we have come to know – space, time, all the constants and physical laws.'

Video Description: (5 minutes, 16 July 2014) "Perimeter Associate Faculty member Matthew Johnson and his colleagues are working to bring the multiverse hypothesis, which to some sounds like a fanciful tale, firmly into the realm of testable science."

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