Friday, July 11, 2014

New observations indicate G2 Cloud has not yet reached orbital pericenter

Image Credit: David A. Aguilar (CfA) - Source

By Paul LaViolette, via The Sphinx Stargate, 11 July 2014

Observations reported in the Astronomers Telegram on June 30th by astronomers Eckart, et al. indicate that the G2 cloud is still on its way inward toward the Galactic core and hence has not yet reached its orbital pericenter; see report here:

Late last year Gillessen et al. (2013) had made calculations of the orbital characteristics of the G2 cloud and had estimated that the G2 cloud would reach its point of closest approach to the Galactic core around April 1st, i.e., over three months ago.  But now observations carried out by Eckart, et al. suggest differently.  They see that the emission from the cloud is still largely redshifted, hence that the cloud is still heading away from us toward the GC.  This could explain why the Galactic core has been so quiet up until now.  They do not update the existing orbital characteristics to suggest when the cloud may be reaching its point of closest approach and an email I sent to them asking about this went unanswered.  When I have more information, I will post it.  Meanwhile we should again be alert to look for any evidence of the G2 cloud being split in two after it rounds orbital pericenter.

Secondly, and no relation to the above observation, Eckart also report that they observe the cloud is still compact, that it has not dispersed.  To remain compact while being exposed to the high velocity gas flow from the Galactic core the G2 cloud would need to be continually regenerated from an embedded star or binary star system.  In a paper published in December 2012 Echart, et al. was one who had suggested the possibility that the G2 cloud may contain an embedded star, corroborating my suggestion posted around that time.

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CycyMiss94 said...

Thank you Laron,

It’s funny to think that we are waiting to see something that happened 25,000 years ago… ETs who had the chance to see it before us (if they lived or travelled closer to the galactic center) they already know the outcome!

It’s curious that no one has channeled this info from ETs yet…


Laron said...

In relation to what would happen, Lyn over at Focus Sessions asked her guides about the situation because of a question I asked around it, as posted in this article (if you haven't seen it),

As for other information... its all out there already in relation to the shift in consciousness as I believe it's directly connected. The outcome is not going to be the same in all timelines as it depends on the state of our global consciousness, in relation to the strength and impact of the event. So the situation is not as scientific as some may think, I believe this event is being controlled by beings with that role and responsibility.

CycyMiss94 said...

The vibration or sound wave pulse that Psychic Focus is referring to reminds me of the “cosmic sonic boom” described by the Entity in the CHANI Project.

Many sources seem to point at the same “Event”.

Laron said...

That's what I mentioned in this article here, =)

CycyMiss94 said...

Oops! I have to read this one ;)

Laron said...

It's great that you saw the connection there =)