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Life Between Lives - An experience of self regression

I like to step right outside the box sometimes so that I can experiment, learn and go beyond what is taught and in turn expand on what is ingrained within each of our minds. Without experimentation and trying new things, we would never improve and broaden our existing understandings, especially in regards to the new age / esoteric teachings and information out there.

Back on the 6th of March 2014, I decided to perform a self past life / in between life regression. I have been regressed by four or five others in the past, two of them were group based regressions, one with Brian L. Weiss, and the other with Dolores Cannon. One of the others was done using Kinesiology, which was an interesting experience. But I wanted to see if I could do it on my own.

As a past life / in between life therapist, I am familiar with three different methods, one of them being Michael Newton's LBL therapy, but the method I choose to use with clients is QHHT.

The many faces of past lives - © Margo Esse 

I decided to stick with what I am most experienced with for this purpose, that being Dolores Cannon's QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy). What I did was record my self talking through the process, but I recorded it in a way so that it was appropriate to play back to my self. Below I have  transcribed exactly what I said during the session, based on the recording. The recording does not include the process I recorded to listen to, as I used headphones to listen to that during the experience.

As you can imagine, within this experience I am describing what I see without having someone ask me any questions. It does help me a lot being an actual experienced practitioner of past life regression, as I know what questions to ask my self and supply information on. When I needed to, I would move my hand and pause the recording to give my self time to talk or to process the scene, when required.

There were three primary experiences which came up for me within this one session.

  • A life/experience as a mermaid which may stretch your imagination a bit
  • The returning to a collective consciousness and the experience of merging with it
  • An experience as an alien being in a spacecraft, which I believe is a simultaneous experience to my existence now, that also had a future event in relation to the Earth

Part of the QHHT process involves getting the client to first describe a scene that they find beautiful, calm and relaxing. This location is totally up to them to see and view. This is used for a number of reasons, and can be a component of other past life regression techniques and guided meditations. It helps the mind get used to visualising, but it also assists the mind to relax and move into a deeper state.

After I described my personal location, in a lot of detail I found, I then proceeded onto this next scene after guiding myself along via the recording. Within the recording I ask myself what I am seeing after first stepping off of the cloud, as per the QHHT process.

Life as a Mermaid

Laron - "I am in the Ocean. Paddling? I'm trying to stay afloat. I look down and I can see a whale. The waves are around me. Ahh... I am pretty sure I am floating in the ocean there with my hands above the water, trying to keep me afloat. I think I am a female. I am maybe middle aged.

I am not wearing anything. I get the image of a mermaid. As I look down... it doesn't make any sense and I think I am making it up. There are others around me. Other mermaids around me. Lots of them. Before I couldn't see them, but now I can."

I remember at this stage that my mind was wanting to analyse what I was seeing, and I kept thinking I was just making it up. It was interesting having these thoughts once again, as I know so many people have such thoughts when having a regression. 

Laron - "I think my partners beside me. What are we doing there? I don't know. Something is coming out of the water now. It's like raising up out of the water. I am trying to understand what it is. I guess I could describe it as a mountain, but that wouldn't make sense.

I can kind of see it from above, but... I am still back in the body in the mermaid. It's jaggedly on top. It's very tall and keeps coming out of the water. So I will keep trying to watch it.

I look at my hand, it's white. The skins white. Nails. It might be green. That doesn't make sense to me. I definitely have breasts when I look down.

A Mermaid by painter John William Waterhouse

I get a sense that I am holding a stick in my right hand. I am trying to work out what sort of stick it is. Is there anything on it? How big is it? It's pretty thick. It's like some kind of crystal is on one end. It could be quartz {clear}, and its like encased, but... I don't know what it is made out of. I think both ends of the staff have a crystal... something at the other end.

I am just looking back at what's coming out of the water.

I'm having trouble keeping my mind out of it. Like... I am being shown something but my mind keeps wanting to interfere and make things up.

So I see something different now that has come out of the water, but it doesn't make sense. So I guess I should just go with it. It's like a tree, a very wide base. But it's not like wood. It's like gold or.... some kind of golden surface, metallic... but it's like a tree because there's leaves on the branches.

We climb up on it, onto the side of it as obviously we don't have legs. Lots of us move up close to the base of the tree. It doesn't make any sense to me. I feel like I'm making it up.

I think I have a child, it's a girl. She is with me as well as the male, my partner."

I ask myself, "What does she look like?" The funny thing here, is that when I hear my self ask questions out loud, my voice is different, like that of how I usually ask the client questions. It's like I am speaking in a different tone automatically. 

Laron - "She's got black hair."

I ask myself how old she is.

Laron - "Six or something."

'So what do we do at the base of this tree thing', I ask. 'Why are we there, what is it doing.' 

Laron - "I'll ask my partner. Why are we here? 'To provide us with something.' Why are we here I ask again? 'You know why we are here. Rejuvenate. Restore. Restore our energies. Connection with nature.'"

'Is this the planet Earth', I ask.

Laron - "No."

'So where are we?', I ask.

Laron - "That is silly, I get the word pleiades but I think I am making it up."

I now move the life ahead to another important time in the future.

Laron - "Okay, so, we are on a grassy hill under a tree. There are three of us. My daughter, my partner, and I can see the ocean, kind of far away. We are like laying on the ground there. It is strange as I wonder to my self, how can we get so far... as you know, I can see these mermaid flipper things, so how did we get up there?

So, I see something in the sky, something I saw strait away {upon coming first to this scene}. A black UFO. It is quite large. It is saucer shaped. It is not completely smooth. It's got layers to it. "

'Where is it?', I ask.

Laron - "That's a good question, I can't work out the position. I guess it's above the ocean. There's no windows. Right in the side... it's like a white surface going around, but its not like the color, it's like an entry to the inside of it.. so its not like smooth on the edges around the side. It's hard to explain. "

I then ask what happens next and how do I feel.

Laron - "I guess it feels familiar. It's to be expected. I think we are waiting for it."

I ask why.

Laron - "Okay, that's silly, that's silly! We are on board the craft now. I guess we were... what I call teleported, transported. I saw all the atoms breaking up and forming. {I give a big sigh} I saw them like going from where we were on the hill top over to inside the ship. I am trying to work out where we are inside it.

There's lots of other people, not people, life forms, beings, in the same room. It's a big room. There is water for us.

I can't get a good idea of what the others look like. Maybe I am not meant to know. I am not getting much detail at all now."

Merging into a Collective Consciousness

I again decide to move my self ahead to another future moment and continue on here from the previous scene. 

Laron - "Okay, so I see a Sun. I see all this energy. Orange. Orange energy. But it's not hot or intense. I can see like the plasma energy around, emanating out. Okay. {a realisation} We are existing as energy now, the three of us that were there before.

So we are in... I wouldn't say a space like the universe, but somewhere else. I would name it a realm. We come from the same collective consciousness, I think. So we have got like... gone back to where we have come from, but we are still individuals and I get the feeling we can merge with this sun consciousness. It's not really a sun though, is it. I think it's just the consciousnesses representation of many beings."

Laron - "So it's kind of changed shape now. I guess I could think of it as a dress, a very old fashioned dress, but it's laid with orange and red energy from the bottom to the top. Instead of arms, it's got multiple... it's like the pedals of a flower branching out around it. It's got a lot of energy all around."

'So what's going on now? How do I feel?', I ask myself.

Laron - "I get the word home. My minds drifting. I mean... it's interfering. I'm trying to bring my self back. I want to merge with it to see what happens, so I will try that.

I think it was pretty instant. It's like I feel like I am inside it. It's like being inside a vacuum... I guess I feel parts of my self spread out all over the place. I guess you can visualise it as inside a twister, inside a tornado, but it's not a violent... it doesn't go in a spiral or anything. It's just... it's really hard to explain.

My minds drifting off again, I have to focus. I get the sense I can ask questions or talk to it, talk to the collective side of it.

I ask if this is my higher self. 'Yes.' "

There is some kind of interruption here with the recording and I can't recall what occurred in the actual moment when this was conducted, but I continue on talking after a moment.

Laron - "I am standing there, I am not moving. I am trying to work out the colors around me. There is the orange and the red and the yellow, it's hard to explain because its all spread out, spacey. Energy. You can't explain it because it's not something we ever experience here on Earth. It's like empty space, but it's not empty.

I see that form again, what I explained as the dress form. The bottom goes up to the middle, and it's like a plant with large petals, with large leaves coming out the side. Why am I seeing that?"

'So what was my purpose of that experience before, as the mermaid?', I then ask out loud. 'What did I learn from that'.  

Laron - "I will ask the consciousness and see how that goes. 'You were sent there to experience water existence so that you could develop the abilities and experiences from such an existence as the existence of those on that planet is solely an ocean based existence, even though there is land. So it's not related to karma, it's not related to specifics lessons, it's just for you to experience that life, that experience.' Okay."

At this stage I hear my self becoming a bit tired. I did do this session at night.

Laron - "Its a... strange feeling as I don't have a body there. It's like you're... it's not joined, you're existing in a spread out area. I'm floating away from the scene."

The Spaceship & Revealing

Some time passes as I am moving away to another scene that I see. I hear my self having trouble accepting what I am seeing and I find it amusing in a way. I also say, 'oh god', as I see what I am seeing next. Within this next scene, I get more detail than I have ever had before so I am thinking to my self if I am getting deeper, and if this is becoming easier as I continue on doing this self regression.

Laron - "Okay, I'm in... I'm directed to another place. I am in a spaceship. A cockpit. There is glass windows I can see out of. I get the impression there are seats next to like a control panel. They are more like stools, but, I want to describe them. I get... so much detail everywhere. The floor looks white. I haven't looked at the details of the floor.

It's not carpet. Metallic. I look closer, it's like a bluish metallic. Before the white just represented what I couldn't see I think. And the seats are stuck into the floor there. They have small backings on it.  (How many are there?) Three, okay. So I am at the front on one of the seats."

'Describe the window?'

Laron - "It's quite wide, it goes all the way across from one side to the other. It looks thick."

'What's out the windows?'

Laron - "Okay, so we are orbiting a planet. So I can see the planet... we are pretty, what do you call it, a low orbit because you can see the.. planet pretty close. I can see the space around, and stars far away. I will try and have a look at what we look like here.

It's hard. It's hard. {amusement} I am distracted as I look out the window, it's... the planets rolling past and it's gotten all dark. Very dark outside. What do we look like? Why can't I see what we look like? So, I refuse to accept it but it's like insectoids. This is crazy. So some kind of insect form. Skinny, very skinny. Skinny limbs.

I can't get a proper picture of it. I can see the eyes now. Black. All black and dark.

Okay. I am  looking around the cockpit behind us. It's not a larger room, its like a wall not far away. There's a recess in the middle. It's curved{the room}, like the windows curved, like the side of an egg. It's like blue lights, green lights I think, inside the room."

I ask, 'but where does the light source come from?'

Laron - "I guess I see it coming off the floor. What about the roof when I look up? Can I see? What can I see? It's not working for me... I don't know why."

'So concentrate', I tell my self. 'Why are we here? What's going on? What do I look like', I say 

Laron - "I am just one of them as well."

'What are we doing? What happens next?'

Laron - "My mind keeps wanting to take over and I am pushing it away, because I know what it's doing. I'm stopping it and pushing it away. We are observing the planet. I don't know what planet this is. Okay, I see lights. I see lights down on the planet. So there's cities. My mind... I'm tired I think. My mind wants to make things up."

I then decide to move ahead to another moment in this experience. 

Laron - "Okay, so we are still on the ship I guess. (What's going on?) I get an image of the ship. It's quite long. The front of it's shaped like a saucer shaped, but the back of it's joined to this long... quite a long shaped piece that goes far away from the front. The front is kind of light colored, silver colored where the rest of its darker. But the back of it is light again. I guess I could say there are engines at the back, yeah.

I ask myself, why am I being shown the ship? Okay, there are other ships there. Uhh, what do I see? So we are not alone."

'What do they look like?'

Laron - "They are spread out. Far away, not close. Okay, that can't be right. One is a saucer. What else? Maybe I am not meant to be able to see... I will go back inside. So there are just two of us in this cockpit, looking out the window observing. Why are we waiting? Why are we still here? Nothing is going on... concentrate."

During this scene, I am shown many ships around the ship I am having the experience inside, but it's not clear to me what these other ships actually look like. I just know there are many.

Laron - "Okay, so there is a nuclear explosion on the planet. I can see that."

'Where is it?'

Laron - "I can't see what the continent looks like. I get the impression that it's now time to intervene because of the nuclear explosion. It's time for us to go down. And we are moving now. The ships moving, but... we are not part of the larger ship now, we are separate.

We move down now through the atmosphere. Travelling down through the atmosphere now. I get the visuals from outside the ship. It's interesting. It keeps swapping from inside the cockpit to outside."

'What happens next. where do we go?', I then say. 

Laron - "There are other ships coming as well, I think."

I decide to move ahead here as nothing else is coming to me. But my understanding here is that we were waiting for this event so that we could then go down and assist and help those on the planet. I sensed it was actually Earth. 

I have left out the rest of the experience, as I don't think it should be shared. But I can say that there was information which came to me that showed the meeting between humans of the public and a group of five beings which I was one of, but later on, humans at the level of Government. The purpose was to assist them. Specifically, there was a discussion around coming changes, coming earth changes as a result of a nuclear explosion which will make things worse.

My sense during these scenes is that this was a current experience, happening now, as of the moment I conducted this self regression back in March, 2014. But it was showing the future at the same time (well, a possible future timeline, as nothing is set in stone), and what was going to occur in the future of my existence here on Earth as Laron, in my own time line, and in the future of the craft and beings observing Earth. I understood I have a simultaneous existence going on in relation to the experience. (And this is not the only one I am having simultaneously it seems)


After that last experience I made the request to be taken back to the collective consciousness where I asked a number of questions, which I won't include as they were more of a personal nature and some were related to parts I left out of the last experience. I did find my self going into a type of trance with the answers towards the end of the session, which is what is preferred when moving into the second half of a QHHT session.

This was the first time I had done such a thing, a self regression, and since then I have done two others which I may also share information from in the future.

I found that the more I do this, the deeper the connection is for me and the more detail that comes through. This is how it works for my clients as well, if I have a client come back for a second or third session, it gets easier each time. But it really depends on a few things, such as if the person is very analytical and left brained, which I used to be in an extreme way. It is natural for some people to have trouble visualising and connecting in to the other side. And sometimes it's simply not the right time in their experience here on Earth, to learn new information and get the answers they are looking for. In relation to this, all the possible outcomes and experiences a person has, happens for a specific reason I believe.

I came out of that session wondering if I had made anything up. I think there is a possibility that some minor details may not be accurate, but the general experiences seemed to feel authentic to me, going by my intuition and my experience as a practitioner, but also going by my knowledge around such areas which did come up.

It has been a most interesting experience, especially this first session, and I plan to do this again in the future.

Something I have learnt is that we can act as a surrogate for others, if we have permission to do so. What this means is that we can ask for healing for them, or even ask questions in relation to others, if they are unable experience a session themselves. There can be many benefits of doing regressions, and being able to do this my self on a regular basis, and in deeper states, would be very useful. For me this is a journey of exploration and learning new ways of working with the other side.

About the Author
Editor of transients.info, Laron Fereira is an In-Between Life / Past Life Therapist and Energetic Healer based currently in Sydney, Australia. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of an esoteric bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master and certified Crystal Healer. You can find Laron on Facebook and Google +.

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Rainbow Warrior said...

Wow! This is interesting. Thanks for sharing, Laron. One of my favorite things to read on your blog are the QHHT sessions and the information that comes through. I am sending the intention out to the Universe to allow me the means to afford a session with my local QHHT practitioner. I feel I've needed it for so long. Now that I know WHERE, I need the HOW! Until then, keep 'em coming, please and thank you! :)