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How I convinced someone to accept homosexuality (It took one sound reason)

By Tina Schomburn via Collective Evolution, 17 July 2014

Challenging The Anti-Gay “Broken Record”

“Why are you so pro-homosexuality?,” he demanded.

I found myself in the middle of a heated discussion with a man I deeply respected. He challenged the current Übersupport for homosexuality, calling it the disgrace of our society. Had this not been such a frequently expressed view, I would have seriously second-guessed my respect for this man. According to a 2013 survey conducted by the Gallup Organization, 43% of Americans are still opposed to same-sex marriage. Amongst them are figures of prominence, such as Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and actor Alec Baldwin.

“Do you think that gays choose their sexual orientation?,” I countered.

“Do you think that they consciously choose to be attracted to the same sex?”

He obviously had not thought about the roots of homosexuality, judging by his dumb-founded silence.

“Even if they don’t, why are they forcing our hand into accepting it and make us watch gay reality shows now?,” he resisted with a whole lot of anger, but more curiously, a hint of helplessness.

We had just seen a trailer for HBO’s new gay show, Looking. It’s what spurred this whole debate — one that is, by the way, starting to sound more and more like a broken record. (And albeit cringeworthy, we must continue to play and listen to it until we find a new tune that can be tolerated by all of us.)

It’s Not About Supporting a Sexual Orientation, It’s About Promoting Equality

“Somehow, it’s OK for women to kiss on TV?! We don’t hear any outrage over all those girl-on-girl scenes. Why is that?,” I inquired rhetorically.

He insisted that he belonged to the minority that doesn’t support lesbian idealization on TV. I look over to a younger bystander who flashed a smirk to let me know that he was totally OK with girl-on-girl action.

I continued to reason with the older fellow, suggesting that it is unfair to treat others as unequals just because they have a different sexual orientation. That is vile discrimination. Plain-old ignorance! 20 years from now, the majority of us are going to look back at these senseless debates and think, ‘Wow! We were so narrow-minded back then.’

Thankfully, history suggests that bigotry does have a shelf life. Remember that women and blacks used to be considered unequals.

“Well I don’t want to see it!,” he exclaimed.

“Then don’t look!,” I insisted, “But at least give the thought a chance. Understand that this is not a choice. This is not about power. This is about equality.”

Clearly frustrated, he asked, “Why are you so pro-homosexuality?”

I thought about this for a moment and finally said in what I swore was my final attempt at convincing this man that homosexuality is no atrocity:

I’m not pro-homosexuality. I’m anti-discrimination. Period.,” I proclaimed.

“I want to live in a future that is free of all discrimination. I want to see people of different race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation live in a state of understanding and tolerance. This is the kind of future that I want for myself and for my children. Don’t you?”

I studied his face and waited.

I could see in his restless eye movement that he was searching for something to think, something to say that would effectively counter my point.

This is not about power.

Slowly his mind relaxed. His gaze became humble. His voice spoke softly,

“I want that future for you and your children too.”

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Mule said...

Some people choose to be in same-sex relationships for many years and are called "homosexuals/lesbians, etc..", but then choose to be in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex for many years. My wife is living proof. Been married to her for 8 years, after she lived with another woman and they bought a home & had a family of pets for almost 15 years. She was never in any type of a relationship with a man as an adult before me. We've come to the conclusion (after many conversations over the years) that many homosexuals do not "choose" to be homosexuals, just like many heterosexuals don't choose... they just are. However, there are some who do make a conscious choice to be with a certain sex or NOT to be with a certain sex - which could be due to many environmental factors growing up (ex. child abuse sexually, treated horribly by the opposite sex growing up, etc..). Not everything or everyone is as black and white as people like to make it out. I do however agree with the final conclusion of the article - a society free of all discrimination.

Rainbow Warrior said...

From my personal experience, I tend to agree with the Kinsey's scale - people fall on one side or the other or anywhere in between! I am definitely mostly heterosexual but I have also been sexually attracted to other women. I have friends that fall into every category imaginable, including those living as transgender males and females. Our souls are androgynous so with sexuality, I truly feel anything (consensual) goes! :)

Fantastic Fox said...

Fear and ignorance still dominates many people. Some people even might be afraid of their own tendencies because they are afraid of society's judgement and then they become judgmental themselves. I think that the more soul experienced both male and female lives, the more the male and female energies will become balanced. Bisexuality mith become more common. Like attracts like, it's the law of attraction. However, the soul does not have a gender.

Here's what Michael Newton has to say about it:

"Regardless of the circumstances which lead souls to make gender choices, this decision was made before arriving on Earth. Sometimes I find that gay people have chosen in advance of their current lives to experiment with a sex that was seldom used in former lives.

Being gay carries a sexual stigma in our society which presents a more difficult road in life. When this road is chosen by one of my clients, it can usually be traced to a karmic need to accelerate personal understanding of the complex differences in gender identity as related to certain events in their past."

Laron said...

There are so many factors involved here and all of you above have touched on some great points. One more important point to remember, I think, is what happens to us is planned beforehand, and continually planned during our experience when changes and modifications are required based upon anything that deviates from our original life path and life planning.

In other words, we are here to have all these experiences and judgement is part of the experience. We choose to be a certain way so that we can go through the learnings of exactly what we choose.

Another angle to look at is that when we are not here, when we are up there existing in various forms, we are genderless. We have elements of both the feminine and the masculine, in relation to the lower down existence and connection to past/future experiences on Earth and other locations in this known Universe. We may have a stronger energetic foundation that is feminine up there, or masculine, it does not matter as there are no labels.

My wish is that in the future, there will be no need for people to hide, to be concerned about their own label in relation to their sexuality. We will just be what we are, exist as what we are and each of us will treat each other with respect, with open arms, and with no judgement whatsoever. This applies to many other areas and aspects of life.

Our egoic nature however, causes us to act out in certain ways based upon many factors, such as our upbringing, our education, our understanding and so on. But this is meant to be... this is exactly how things are meant to be right now and this is connected directly into our planning for this experience, for this life. If people were perfect, non-judgemental, who were fully in touch with their consciousness right now, instead of feeding each of their ego's with most actions and decisions they take in life, then those souls requiring to fulfil the wishes of their higher self, based upon experiences and karmic links with their soul group, would pick another planet to have a life on. They would not choose Earth. Earth is this way for a reason. What happens in the future in relation to the state of human spirituality is going to be for a reason.

Our soul and the elements above it which make decisions pertaining to our soul up there, has consciously agreed to go through all of this here and now. Part of going down the spiritual path is learning about these things and which in turn help our consciousness to grow, expand, and return to where we are from.

Ivan Lukačević said...

some are too young souls and will not learn fast enough, cant learn fast enough yet. those parts of their higher-self are still not matured or have come to learn something else and they will do this at the time it is meant for them to. i do not judge those who judge, i feel sorry they diminish their experience here by repelling people who might enrich their time here. im here to learn open acceptance without any hidden motive and im here to learn to love and connect to those who resonate with me in these ideas and thoughts of light, love and spirit. all who join me in this journey are welcome, all who dont are welcome still, for we all were, are and always will be, one within the Source. :)

the_mesmerizer said...

The post is nice, but I must say the best part is all the comments. I feel very enriched by all of your comments. Helped me to know so much more from all of you. Last year in December while being alone I definitely remembered a time away from earth, in a meeting, deciding my sexual orientation. I remember looking at more than 9 choices a few of them were like this : female- attracted to male, female-attracted to female, female-attracted to both, male-attracted to male, male-attracted to female, male attracted to both , and three other options that I can´t recall now. I remember sitting with many souls and deciding my earth sexuality there. It was more based on some of my other purposes.
The day I had this memory of pre-earth life given back to me, it all added up. It answered to all of my questions of why I was born this way.

the_mesmerizer said...

I remember choosing it, to understand things better. I remember it was the choice that sounded most challenging and most interesting to me and was the best choice to fulfill my main purposes in life. Though after coming on earth now it feels so so hard!

Deli Rico said...

Universe allows to exist whatever it needs to grow, and well here we are. if being gay is challenging then... I like to be a fast lerner, because it seems to be I have choosen to be gay several times in ancient ages, including this one. Yup It can be a hard way of life but it has been fun so far.
Two more points, I beg to discent about neutral gender in spiritual matters, I feel there`s a certain bias or preference to be more femenine or masculine in essence through ages, I've felt more comfy embodying as male on earth. However, I reckon there's some agenda as usual from TPTB to divide and conquer and "gay" movement has been utilized too; mostly in western judeo-cristian-islamic countries. As far as I have been told it hasn't been a big deal in asian and some tribalistic cultures, being gay has been just an option as those who like to wear socks or walk barefoot. We as a society are not more advanced because we are accepting to "tolerate" different sexuality expressions. We still kill unborn babies, kill ourselves defending ancient books and neurotic gods... anyway I think it's like cloud atlas thing, see:

Cheers Alex V

angelicview said...

If anyone would like to know more about homosexuality from an NDE perspective, you might want to see my article here:

I am loving reading all of the comments here! Such great people - ready to evolve :)

Mr Baggins said...

If we are indeed "Soul" (an immortal "unit of awareness"), then we have an infinite amount of time in which to collect an infinite variety of experiences through a finite succession of incarnations.

Does it not follow then that ALL Souls will eventually experience all possible aspects and expressions of life, at this level of reality, including but certainly not limited to the sexual aspects?

This is the broader view that I believe we will all eventually all come to accept, embrace and finally understand.

Does it not also follow that every other, narrower and more limited viewpoint, is one of many steps which ultimately leads us towards this one.

After that, I believe that we will awaken to an experience of life/existence on a higher level, a level that we cannot from this level, comprehend. An existence beyond the boundaries of space/ time, where they are no longer a limiting factor in our expression and experience of "LIFE".

Laron said...

I had an email sent in from a person that gave their opinion, partly from a religious point of view, on what they think of gay and bisexuals. I won't go into detail of what their opinion was, but I will copy and paste most of my reply to that person below, for those wondering about my viewpoint on the matter from more of a practical Earth point of view, rather than what I touched upon spiritually above.

"I wouldn't put much notice in what religious scripture or teachings say about this as most of the sources have been heavily modified and changed over the years. The most sensible thing to do if wondering about what is right and wrong, is simply to use our own judgement and intuition. All we need to do is feel into it, ignore any religious teachings, and the answer will be there. If we are still confused, then that is alright as we can still provide respect and love based upon whatever our personal opinions are. Later on in life we may have a different opinion as we grow older, change and come to more of an understanding.

I don't see 'sexual perversions' connecting up at all to a persons sexuality. I look at sexuality as quite the opposite. If a person is in touch with both their feminine and male energies and are attracted to both sexes, this is actually a very spiritual stage they are at. They have chosen to come here and experience this, but it's not just about the experience, going through the shame, guilt, judgement that usually ends up occurring because of how society treats a person if they are like that, but from my experience through knowing many gay and bisexual people, they are much more spiritual people in comparison to the average and typical strait person. Some of them may not be on the spiritual path, but I am able to sense a persons character very well and I know they are usually more in touch with their spiritual self.

I am not familiar with what you are referring to as Divine Law. I haven't heard of that before. I just googled that now and see it has some relation to religion.

I have bi and gay male friends. I have bi and gay female friends. I have dated bisexuals. I have family members that are bisexual. I have never felt the need to judge any of my friends or any of the people I have dated, or my family members. I have never felt that their situations were because they are perverse people, as I know they are not. I have never felt that there is a morality problem with them. I honestly feel they are in exactly the same situation as any 'strait' person and I personally would like to see all of these labels and laws and rules removed from society so that we don't have to keep talking about a problem that is not even a problem in the first place."