Thursday, July 24, 2014

Healing: A mystical science that includes miracles - Caroline Myss

This is a talk below that Caroline Myss did in Dublin this year. It's about an hour and a half.

"...the psychic climate in this planet forms a level of psychic air that you are breathing. And that's all there is to it. And you can tell your self that your living in this isolated country, or your living in this one, and that doesn't mean anything because we all breath together. All life breathes together." - Caroline Myss

I own quite a few of Caroline Myss's books and her teachings and knowledge is a major part of the foundations of energetic and emotional based healing in our day and age, especially from a diagnostic angle.

When I think of Caroline Myss, I think of her expertise in explaining what causes illness in our energetic system, based upon all the situations we get ourselves into in life, the patterns that are repeated, the mistakes we keep on making, which in turn creates energetic blocks, misalignments and so on within our energy system. This in turn creates illness within the physical body.

Another area that stands out to me in regards to what she teaches, is the information she has produced around Archetypes and how they relate to each of us as we go through stages of our life. One of the more common Archetypes that you may have heard of is 'the victim', but there are many others.

Here is her talk below.

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Deli Rico said...

Wooooow Laron, What a f$%$g awesome brain opening lecture, sharing to all like minded fellas,
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