Monday, July 7, 2014

Connecting to Higher Self

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 6 July 2014

Q. Dear Psychic,please do a reading on the most simple and effective way for a human-being to get connected to one's Higher-self/Monad?
A. Meditation is what first comes into my mind as a way to connect, but meditating for some is dificult because it involves shutting out the world and all the distractions to be totally at one and listen to yourself.  Meditating gives great clarity (with patience, practive and discipline), but isn't always easy for everyone.  I want to refocus on a different approach or explanation for those that find meditating hard or mentally difficult...

 The first thing I get, which looks to be the most important, is to expect to find your answers and sense of connectedness from looking inward and not thinking it will be given to you for an external force or being.  Your connectedness comes from within and not from the outside (I get an image of a man looking down into his chest and his chest and a beam a light shoots out toward toward him).  I also get that many people are lost and look for signs- Signs are great to aid in a confirmation, but the real answer you already know and many times fail to listen becasue the best action is often the one the requires the most work or effort.  Then I hear something about the greatest triumphs in life follow the most difficult journeys.

To really connect, start to listen to the little voice in your head (your subconscious talking to you)- I see Jimminey Cricket as I type this.  Many times when you subcounscious connects to you, your thoughts are dismised because your rational mind will kick in with judgements or negatively- learn and train yourself to block those thoughts so images flow freely from your subconscious forward. When you get a great idea or inspiration, go for it and learn to dismiss the negativity that may arise (may take a lot of effort, but worth it).

The other thing I see is colors- reds, oranges and yellow... I associate those to chakras.  That leads me to the path of the areas of the body with these chakras (root, abdomen area)... I also think of primal insticts when I think of these colors and this area of the body- leading me to phrase "gut instict" AKA intuiation.  (I realize it took me a long path to get here) But, people, to connect, need to trust their gut intuition more.  Trusting your gut will lead to more confidence, and a higher trust within your own self. Trusting yourself (and the positive feelings that come with it) lead to a higher connectedness to your inner self.

(It can get much more involved with increasing vibrations, etc... But I feel like I am being "shown" what to share in phases... Possibly this should be a two part reading.??  I get that you can't get more involved without first practicing what I discussed- it is like you have to learn the basic principles before you can go on.. Then I hear you can't jump to the last page of a book, read that and get a full meaning without having first read the entire book.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  YouTube to be posted later.
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