Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is going on in Iraq?

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 16 June 2014

Q. What is going on it Iraq?  What is the real story?  Is there more to this than what the media is releasing? 
A. I see a lot changing in this world.  China is amassing large amounts of gold and land, and positioning themselves to rise to the top.  This area around Iraq is a (I hear the phrase "black gold mine") filled will natural resources.  People who want power may not have the gold, but know what to do to still have wealth which leads to power.  This new leader that has emerged, Baghdadi, which is tied to al-Qaeda has a vision for wealth and power, but to get there he needs to take control over the land with the resources.

Q. How did Iraq fail to protect themselves?  
A. I see that the people didn't feel protected or treated fairly by the current Prime Minister.  I see various groups rallying up all over the country, all wanting something different, and their wants / demands fell on deaf ears.  Some of those groups were so upset they actually joined the opposition because the opposition gave the hope of a better life, bigger voice and fair treatment.

I see the goal of the opposition (uprising ISIS group) is to gain land, resources, money and power.  In exchange for aiding in that fight members will be given a more socialist type life, which in comparison to what they have now sounds great.  The opposition is slowly gaining more members because of fear and need of survival- and the promises and hope given.  They are also told that if they aren't with the group they are considered against the group, which in turn creates a feeling of terror.

With a different perspective, more unifying government and better leadership, I see this situation could have been avoided.

Q. Why aren't they being stopped? Why is the US standing by?
A. I see there is some underlying force suppressing a rescue on this.  To some extent I see they  (other countries) want them to fight their own battle, and when it escalates to a certain point other countries will interfere- it feels too fresh and new.  Other countries are analyzing this and seeing what the positioning is going to be.  I also see outside countries wanting to join forces and combat as a team rather than going in alone.  Countries (especially right now at this current time, with the current devaluation of the dollar) aren't as eager to jump into battle, and are very calculated about the approach due to the time, resources and money involved.  I see that confrontation with other countries will happen, but it will closer to the end of 2014.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.

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