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Vegetarian Lifestyle

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 13 June 2014

8:43 AM

Q.Will there ever be a time when people who choose a vegetarian life style and/or are more in tune with nature, will be the majority on earth rather than those who consume without even caring how the food ended up on their plate or how much waste was generated to make the product that they are buying? 
A. I see people especially in the more developed countries being much more cautious of what eat or take into their body.  It isn't 100% of society, but a good majority I see rising up and really demanding more purity to their food.  Right now, some people are in-tune with what they eat, but others eat processed food and fast food without really thinking about it.  I see later on, years now, like 10-15 years, people start to really wake up to what's happening to our food.

With regard to eating meat... I see if it available, people will eat it.  People will turn focus onto animals that are raised in a more healthy, "roaming" environment (I see cattle and chickens roaming about).  I see that eventually the standards are going to be forced to change.. These "farms" that pack chickens in so tight that chickens don't even see the light of day will eventually kind of "outcast" by society.  I see these farms operate (and I hear term "in plain sight") meaning, these farms are in open sight, but people don't stop to pay attention to it.  I get with media, socials medias, all of that, these farms or treatment of animals will become so public that people can't ignore it.

So back to eating meat, people will eat it, but they pay a premium to eat it because it costs more to raise animals in a proper environment.  I see wild meat like deer / venison becoming more popular.  People will eat more fruits and vegetables, not because that is what they want, but that is what will be more affordable. Meat will feel like a luxury.

Q. Will there ever be an end to animals being exploited and treated so abhorrently for their fur, scientific testing and food, or at least will there be an improvement?
A. I do see a change... with the reduction (almost an outlaw feeling) of these "farms," animals will be held in a much higher regard.  There will be strict laws against any kind  of abuse or mistreatment.  There will always be those people that do malicious things, but I see a big penalty tied to it.  I don't see society accepting this treatment.

 Q. I have a hard time understanding that if higher beings are involved in evolution and life on this planet, that there is so little done for animals. especially in certain parts of the world where they have no rights whatsoever.  Could you do a reading on animal life in general and see if and how they are protected and cared for by the universal energy source? 
A. I see animals, just like people, have a soul.  They also have a vibration and are very much apart of the spiritual chain, meaning at some point the souls that reside in humans will be in an animal.  You may have already experienced this life, or you may in future, but at some point you will. I get that people that are more understanding or connected to animals have already lived that life, and that is what makes them more compassionate and understanding... I also get an image of someone being scared of a dog- as I try to sort out the image I get that this person was a dog in a previous life, and had experiences with that interaction in a negative aspect- and that past life carried with them.  Phobias or fear isn't always from this life, could be a past human OR animal life that carried residual thoughts or energy forward.

To ask how they are protected- there IS a karmatic balance.  Then I hear the phrase, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." How you act now could determine what life lesson or path you take in your next life. If you do malicious acts toward animals, you may be that animal in your next life.  If you are loving, caring and sensitive, you may come back to a great home as someones dog (I get an image of someones lap dog sitting on a pillow, completed adored by the owner.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  It is 9:03 AM.  Thank you. Link to live reading on YouTube.

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Fantastic Fox said...

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

- Mahatma Gandhi