Saturday, June 14, 2014

The status of the Shift in Consciousness

Time. It really has a major influence on the way we live our lives here on Earth, day to day. I know there are many of you wondering what is going on with regards to the shift in consciousness, or which some may call the event, the gathering, the ascension, the global coastal event, the new earth and so on. Time passes us by and alongside time sits our expectations which are based upon our current knowledge in those moments of time.

As we can see, the weather of the world is acting strangely and this strange actively is still increasing. From volcanic eruptions, new islands forming, rivers of rain in the sky causing major flooding, the ongoing sinkhole epidemic, tornadoes/twisters in unusual locations, record breaking cyclones and so on. We also have strong evidence showing that a min-ice age is on the way. The seasons around the world continue to be a bit out of synch on top of all this.

Cyclone Phailin near Thailand, Myanmar and India on October 11, 2013 - Wikipedia

We continue to see social upheaval through protests and riots, on a global scale, and many people in positions of power are falling, which is what we were expecting to occur during these times. Within the last few months, this has stood out to be more so than ever and I think its important to take note of this, that the control and power of what some of us know to be 'The Powers that Be', is crumbling.

There has been an increase online from channelled information to other sources, showing that the energies coming into our planet have increased and have reached an important stage in relation to the ongoing shift in consciousness process. This did seem to stand out more and increase from early May, 2014.

Mainly from volunteer souls, I have heard from people saying they have a sense that time is running out for them, that they feel they need to do something specific or get certain things done before there is no more time. People may be sensing an impending change coming up in their own unique and individual ways.

In addition to seeing information out there about the energies, so many people have been experiencing these energies in the form of physical symptoms, whether those symptoms have been based around discomfort, aches and pains, headaches, and so on, or just the sense of energy it self running through their bodies. People have also been dealing with a multitude of energies as a result of what is going on with the shift, but also because of the eclipses of April, 2014. On top of the eclipses, there was a blood full moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross occurring. Upheaval in peoples lives is one of the main themes I have seen here, with loved ones leaving, people having to move location, changes in work situations and new connections being made.

In Lai's third Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session that I conducted, a lot of very detailed and useful information came through in relation to the shift in consciousness. The information explained why there has been ongoing delays and validated parts of my theory within my article 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift'. It was explained that certain events in in the world are tied into the shift directly, and those events need to occur first, and if an event is delayed, this can delay the whole process. If an event is stopped, then its possible a new series of events was generated in relation to the shift.

Again, we touch on time here and our expectations around what is up ahead. If things don't turn out how we expect, we start to gain doubts around our expectations and beliefs.

This third QHHT session with Lai went on to show that the shift is already happening, that its an ongoing process, but there will be a point in time where it can no longer be delayed and it will happen in more of a fuller way. What I am expecting is to see an upcoming period in time where most of the population of the world will be aware of an event around the same moment simultaneously, an event which will relate directly to a pinnacle point in relation to the shift in consciousness. But not everyone will understand and recognise it for what it is, as each person will experience that event in a different way based upon many factors.

After that event has occurred, the consciousness shift will continue on for a number of years I believe, with additional windows of time where further opportunities come up for those who choose and are able to move on from the Earth experience and be part of this shift. The destination? I think there are multiple depending on each individual soul.

In relation to the physical earth changes, I am still expecting certain events to occur. But, when saying that, I believe that the global collective consciousness has now reached a stage where the combined vibration is positive and high enough so that such drastic changes, which might have been seen previously by many, will not be required to occur for the shift in consciousness to complete in a more fuller way.

Rainbow Phoenix

Will and Callista who run the site Rainbow Phoenix recently posted a channelled message from 'Cosmic Awareness'. Going from their list of messages, they post a channelled message about once a month. I honestly am not sure what cosmic awareness is. I have never heard of that term or it being referred to before anywhere else. Going by what I have read on the Rainbow Phoenix website, it is not clear what the source of this information is. So I am assuming that it just comes from an entity or a collective consciousness called 'Cosmic Awareness'.

What is interesting about their latest message which you can find here (a 11 page pdf), that was posted on the 4th of June this month, is that a lot of information within seems to accurately portray what is going on now in relation to the shift with one exception, the mention of Nibiru which I suspect may actually relate to the energies from the Galactic Centre, possibly in relation to Cloud G2.

Before I summarise this new message from Rainbow Phoenix I just want to mention a message that Rainbow Phoenix posted back on March the 13th, 2014, about the missing Malaysian flight MH370. I was made aware of this message after I had written my article about what I thought occurred with MH370 here, 'Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 - Completing the picture'. Their message fits right into the picture of what I presented in my article and is a form of validation for me for some of this information coming through from this channelled source.

Within the first four pages of this new message, the Rainbow Phoenix Cosmic Awareness information states that for this month it is important that we reconnect with Gaia (earth). In relation to this advice to reconnect, I quote the next paragraph from the message,

"There is also a reason why this Awareness is recommending this at this time. It is seen that the month of July will bring certain events into full action, events of a political / economic nature, events of a natural nature/ physical nature. And that as these events truly occur to propel humanity into a state of extreme crisis for many-- not to sense and feel the connection with Mother Earth, not to know of the intimacy that truly exists between the Divine Mother and all of her creatures will create a much more difficult transition through what may well be a crisis period for many."

Going by what is forecast by Clif High via the latest webbot data, the above information makes sense in relation to political and economical situations. I left some information out of the transcript within Lai's third QHHT session in relation to timing. What is said above would fit in to some of the information I left out.

I will just provide a reminder that there are so many factors involved, that having a time frame of any sort, whether it be a specific day, week or even month, does not guarantee events will transpire then, and if they don't this does not mean that they won't ever. A hard lesson I have come to learn is that time is terribly unpredictable in relation to future forecasting. As I have seen in the past, there have been delays after delays, but I have come to a decent understanding as to why these delays take place from time to time.

One of the main reasons for the delays over the past year has been because of the manipulation of events by what some may refer to as the dark forces or the cabal. But, as I mentioned earlier, things are changing and their grip and control over such things are waning. 

I believe that their manipulation is wide ranging and that there are certain areas that people wouldn't even realise which may be influenced by them. Just think about the groups out there, usually organised online, which involve hundreds or even thousands of people that are brought together into a meditation and intention towards a specific purpose and goal. It has been said that certain events are required to happen, so if such groups are trying to stop those events completely, then this is another reason the shift could be delayed.

The Cosmic Awareness message then goes on to discuss peoples reliance on technology and how the powers that be control, somewhat, the release and use of such technology to the populace. As a result of this, we have lost our fundamental connection to the spiritual nature of who we are and that in turn impacts our connection to the Earth her self. The messages explains again that our connection to mother nature and the planet is important for the times ahead which are to be experienced by many.

The information explains that our future does not sit solely with technology and that we will need to once again connect more so with the Earth by using the more natural way of doing things. A strong message is brought through saying that this is a period of breakdown so that the new can replace the old which of course refers to the powers that be, Government control mechanisms and so on. Cosmic Awareness explains that time is accelerating and we will soon reach a pinnacle of a sorts.

Guidance and the Energies at Play

In this section I am going to go over a number of past articles which I have posted in 2014 and provide short summaries to each one. I am also going to connect the dots from time to time, so even if you are a long term follower of transients you should still find some new information. Along with the new info, this information discussing past articles will provide a reminder of what has occurred in relation to the energies impacting Earth over the past few months and the guidance from multiple sources in relation to the shift in consciousness.

Maryann Rada posted a new message from the Pleiadian's on the 9th of June. 'Engage Your Inner Authenticity'. This messages provided a story which in turn went towards explaining that the times are changing for us and that we have options around how we react to those changes. While we may have pre-set ideas about the future, events can occur and changes can happen. What I think the underlying message is here, is that we just need to be aware and ready for change, change that may be very unexpected.

While I have personally connected in a few times before to receive information, within the article I posted to organise last weekends free distant group healing session, I wrote the following which I would consider a channelled message.

"Turbulent times are upon us, in relation to the energies impacting us and the planet. You are all going through this experience in different ways, your bodies and minds are adjusting to it in different ways. 
There will be ongoing energies that continue on for a while and these will only increase over time until a grand finale of a sorts. A time of graduation for some, for others it will be a time of a consciousness shift. "

With relation to the more physical changes, if you are interested in catching up on such events I have found that the YouTube channel HawkkeyDavisChannel has some good summaries of the various earth change and weather based events occurring this year. You can find the Signs of Change for May here, April here, March here, February here, and January here.

On the 24th of May Aisha North posted a channelled update on the status of the energies impact us within that period of time. She starts with, 'Let us begin this missive by saying that these alternating currents you are currently being exposed to may cause many of you to falter at the moment. That is only natural, for in this phase of the proceedings, you are not only being reconnected to much of the underlying structures that constitutes your real base, you are also being disconnected from earlier, more temporary measures.' A lot of the information in that message resonated with me and I find her perspective and information is simply another angle looking in on the greater picture of what is occurring with the changes.

On May the 23rd I reposted an article from the blog 'Bealtine Cottage, which was focused on the Schumann Resonances. These resonances are of course a key aspect, I believe, in relation to the changes ongoing. I further expand on what role they play within my article, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift'. This article from the Beltine Cottage blog was short and mainly focused on how the resonances are increasing over time and how our connection with Earth and mother nature relates so strongly to these resonances. This ties into other information I have discussed, such as how the message from Rainbow Phoenix mentioned how important it was for us to connect back and into mother nature in preparation for the times ahead of us.

Vickie Acklin from Arkansas in the USA, who is a Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner, sent in part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session that she conducted on the 16th of May, 2014. You can find the full article and related session information here, 'Ascension and The New Earth - New QHHT based information'. This information provided another perspective and an update in relation to what was transpiring with the ascension process in relation to the new earth and the shift in consciousness.

Below is an 8 minute video from Dolores Cannon which she posted back on the 16th of May. She discusses a little bit of new information in relation to the volunteer souls who have come to Earth purposefully for the shift in consciousness period. She also goes over previous information which she has written about in her many books. 

Eva Kuhar posted an article titled, 'The Flow', back on the 16th of May, 2014. She discussed information around gateways opening which she said related to us reaching a new phase in our process, in relation to the changes going on. She said we had then reached and moved into a new energetic space and level of awareness.

"Within this new space we experience the flow of all universal energies more frequently than ever before." ... "As the energetic structure of our physical, mental and emotional bodies have changed significantly, now we interact with high vibrational energies more effortlessly. Therefore staying in the flow of all universal energies becomes part of our every day life for a longer and longer period of time." .. "Within the flow we receive all sorts of information, new ideas, notions what we can merge with and insert into our physical reality. In this way we are able to reform our whole life based on higher, new knowledge and new perceptions. And because we are constantly supported by all universal energies as we interact and flow with them, the manifestation of our new life creation becomes more and more effortless." - Eva Kuhar

Through Maryann Rada, Anica (Pleiadian) discusses a new energy coming in impacting our area of space and Earth within this video below(15 minutes). Its source is said to be behind the sun, from another dimensional matrix. Anica mentions the effects that this has on us and how we may be feeling it now. She says that our matrix is becoming restructured by this energy and that this is a natural process. This was released on the 8th of May.

You may notice a common theme popping up with some of this information that we run into out there, in relation to energies and the term, 'behind the sun'. There is a pattern showing from a number of sources that the energies do seem to be coming in from elsewhere, very far away, and impacting the vibrational frequencies of all of us here, including the Sun, and the Earth her self.

Back on the 7th of May I wrote an article called 'Coming unstuck'. I talked about information which had come to me at the end of April, I believed that time and events were no longer able to be manipulated like they had been in the past. The info which I was made aware of said that the device / machine / craft in question, which was responsible for the actual manipulation, had been disabled. This situation may also relate to the powers that be starting to loose their control, as has been seen in a more strong way in the month of May. For additional information on the manipulation of events and time, see my two articles, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift', and 'The Cosmic Journey of Lai - Part 3'.

'No attachment' was the title of an article by Eva Kuhar back on the 4th of May. She discussed how many of us were learning to let go of attachments and how this was an important part of the ongoing ascension process.

'An ending is in sight. You are seeing it as a transition, and that is good, but that entails an ending. You need to be ready for that. We are only able to tell you about it; it’s up to you to experience it. A way to prepare yourselves is to let go of hard-and-fast ideas about ultimate outcomes. Beginnings are more difficult than endings, but endings don’t need to be hard at all. Letting go is easy when you realize that what you are letting go of is what you created.' This text started off an article and audio of one a message via Maryann Rada from the Pleiadians back on the 4th of May. 'Up and Away: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian'. (continued on below)

'Your transformation is already underway and it appears that the ones in power are self-destructing even while they maintain control of stone-cold time – or think they do. Very soon, it will be visible to all who look at them that the norm of business as usual has no more life and that they are breaking apart as the world shifts into a new phase of beingness.' As we can see, there is truth to those words that were said back then. 'Hauling your luggage with you would be burdensome in the days of light that are coming. Pack light and leave everything you don’t need behind.'

I had reposted a number of articles from John Allen with information from the Sasquatch. The information from all the reposts were related to the shift in consciousness. 'Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) and Tograhnu - Some information on the shift from the Sasquatch', was posted back on the 30th of April. I quote from that article the following,

"Gaia is changing for us too. We are preparing for a shift in consciousness. What we have been used to is about to change. We are about to come face to face with you again after many years. You are going to learn that it is not us who are alien."
"And we are helping to get you ready too. It is good for us to have you back the way that you used to be. You have been gone so long that most of you don't remember anything. You are all so blind. We can stand right in front of your face and you look right through us. We allow you to see us sometimes because we love to be among you. But you have grown numb. It hasn't been all of your fault."

You can find the other article I reposted from John Allen's site here, 'A Message from the Sasquatch'. It contains some very interesting information. 'A great shift is happening now and some of us remain here to help you make it through.'

On April the 16th, Eva Kuhar discussed information surrounding the energetic gateways which were about to open. (quoted below)

"When a gateway is approaching us and Earth, we feel the energy of it days before it fully arrives.
We always have preparation time before crossing a gateway and entering into a new, higher vibrational energy space. 
The energies of an approaching gateway 'pushes our buttons', stimulating us to let go of old beliefs, ideas, karmic or stuck energies and essentially anything that we do not need to (nor want to) drag into the new energy space. 
Therefore the preparation time can be an intense experience for many.
Depending on our individual soul plan, each of us can be affected differently before and after crossing a gateway. When we are ready on the soul level to shift up to a higher level of awareness, and also to interact with higher vibrational energies, then a gateway crossing is a significant event in our lives and soul journey."

Ibrahim Hassan posted a detailed message on the stages of the shift, back on the 2nd of April. There was some interesting information surrounding three different stages which he has put down into certain time frames. You can find the article here, 'Stages going through earth to get rid of the old 3rd Dimension'. This one is worth reading again if you have already seen it.

"War will only be part of the equation. There will also be many reality shifters related to unseen factors, such as social upheaval, natural course of Earth becoming unstable, and quite a lot of earthquakes cropping up. Nothing like the kind of scale you’ve seen before will you see soon. When things start moving, they keep moving." - Semjase

The above quote is from Maryann Rada's channelled message from Semjase(Pleiadian), which she posted  back on the 1st of April. 'A Kind of Reassurance and a Question for You', it was titled. This article and message was also another helpful piece of information for the times we have been going through.

'Earth Ascension - A QHHT session based around the New Earth'. This article was posted back on the 1st of April and discussed new information surrounding the new earth and therefore the shift in consiousncess process. The information also went on to validate what Dolores Cannon has said throughout her books in relation to the new earth. This was originally posted on the Aloha Clinic site.

On the 13th of March, Maryann Rada posted the message, 'Lock was broken on the Time Machine: Now is here'. This information discussed an upcoming period of time where things would start to fall, as in the loss of control that the powers of be has had for so long among many other things. The below paragraph is quoted from Mayann's message. 

"When this shift occurs is not as important as how. It will occur when the light your people emit matches the desire for evolution in the collective consciousness of the self of humanity. Knowing when will not help you achieve that realization any sooner than knowing how. How you achieve this falls squarely in the arena of your ability to be present with yourselves as you move into the home within your memory, the home of your origin, the home of your quintessence as a cosmic human. This you will find in the space between the particles of your being, the dimensional gaps within the matrix of your beingness. This is the key to breaking the lock that has held you in long realities of oppression of your substance and spirit and held you in the bonds of time."

The Global Coastal Event

'April becomes a record breaking Month for large Earthquakes', was posted by on the 6th of May. It provided information showing that April 2014 became one of the most active months on record for the number of quakes that occurred above a magnitude of 6.4. On average, the Earth usually only sees one or two earthquakes above 6.4 magnitude, a month. The month of April, 2014, produced 13. Five of those thirteen were above 7.8 Richters. Each of those five earthquakes above 7.8 produced tsunami warnings.

A time-lapse of earthquakes for the Month of April - PTWC

But what does that mean you ask? Why is that important that April stood out like this in relation to earthquake activity? This was a sign for me that I had been looking for, a confirmation of a prediction I have been watching closely now for a long period of time. That being from Clif High through his Global Coastal Event webbot forecast. As you will see in the Menu above, I maintain a dedicated section titled 'GCE'. Within that section you will find a detailed summary of the Global Coastal Event.

I quote a few bits of info from that summary,

"The plasma effects will trail behind some form of solar expulsion which may or may not be connected to a period of earthquakes in the middle of April. There is a lot of distortion, a lot of crustal shift indications, not in terms of the whole crust moving but in terms of cracks forming up and getting a level of visibility in the middle of April from the series of earthquakes..."
"This expulsion appears to be the same time as that series or group of Earthquakes mid April. It probably won't be an individual one, but a group of Earthquakes."
"It's an episode or instance, not an ongoing process at that stage. Maybe a week long. 20-30 small expulsions from the Sun during this period."

If you remember back in 2013, on the 1st of May, we had a series of solar flares, an unusual amount of them. Going by my records, there was an M class flare on the 5th of April, two M class flares on the 11th and 13th of April, 11 M and C class flares from the 1st of May up until the 13th of May. Then an X1.8, on the 13th of May, another M class on the 13th, then a X2.9 on the 14th, an X3.2 on the 14th, and X1.3 on the 15th. For the remainder of the month there were five more solar flares ranging from C to M classes.

Having four X-class flares in such a short space of time is a very rare occurrence. From the beginning of April up until the end of may, there were about 23 solar flares in total. So the webbot was off by about a month, but I believe the original forecast may have been focused on that exact series of flaring activity.

But what was missing was all these earthquakes back in 2013. In 2014, those quakes struck over the month of April, but not as a result of that series of solar flares. What this means is that the forecast was accurate, but only when taking into account the manipulation of time, as per my two articles, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift', and 'The Cosmic Journey of Lai - Part 3'. (adding +1 year on to the various forecasts within the webbot)

The New Earth - Messages from meditation

This section was posted within this article back on the 27th of February, 2014.

In an article not long ago, I referred to friends of mine who had, through visions, experienced images of the earth splitting in a sense, which matched up with what others have been saying out there for this period in time, such as Tolec as one source, for example. This of course relates to various theories out there, such as Dolores Cannon's 'New Earth' theory.

In early February this year, two of my intuitive friends shared this information with me below and with their permission, I feel its time to share it with you.

Sent to me on 13th of February - "I was in the middle of a meditation last Friday when it came to me.  I was in the state of having no thoughts but only feeling the energy coming through.  I felt a bit of a "presence" with me in that field and then a picture popped into my awareness.  It was like I was in space and could see the earth as a big, blue, beautiful sphere.  Then it looked like a transparent earth rose from within the physical looked exactly the same except it was shimmery and more like energy (like heat rising from hot pavement). The impression that came to me as I looked at it was that this is what is happening with humanity at this time.  
I think the G2 cloud you have been referring to has something to do with the catalyst for this energy to gain enough strength.  But, it was being used by those souls incarnated on earth that were able to hold and then release the energy. (I apologize if this makes no sense).  It felt like the ones who were resonating (vibrating) with the influx of this new energy were moving along with this new earth and the ones who were not ready were still on the old earth.  But, there was no fear.  It was like the ones that were aware of what was going on were in a state of full consciousness and acceptance and the ones who were not aware didn't even realize anything was different.  They were still going about their daily lives in darkness."

Also sent to me on the 13th Feb - "...week before last week in our group healing session, I saw the new earth. It felt new earth has separated and ready. It however came from the old earth so in the past one was always overlapping. Now I saw them separate.
I saw lots of huge crystal towers rising through the earth. In the air there was a stair to go to the new earth. (To be analytical, if I had a movie screen in front of me, and if we divide the screen in 3 parts from top to bottom of the screen, the bottom one part was old earth and the top 2 parts were the new earth. So I was watching ground of older earth but sky and mid section of new earth. )There were nice shiny towers, very blue skies and I could see birds but I am afraid of birds by the way so I couldn´t see. 
Then suddenly I was in space and I saw seven earths. I saw seven earths in a circle. When I looked the stair to join the new earth didn´t match with the old earth. As if they were two images we took on a photoshop software but they clearly look like two different images and they need to be matched. 
I felt that how the stairs are going to merge depends on us. Each of us. Each human has to contemplate and get rid of their own fears, sorrows, forgive things for each of them rather than thinking about everyone else. Each human without following someone else have to find source or know or ask. They will be answered to find the source the all knowing. They can consult each other and work together but they have to clear their own way still. One cleansed human will open one more channel. It is as if the more cleansed people more the bandwidth of our internet connection will increase. And the new earth is like something we are downloading. The faster the connection the sooner it will. 
But why is it working now? Because some external wave is coming. As if a bus is coming and if we are not ready with our money and not waiting at the bus stop in time, we cannot catch the bus. It will be gone. As if a wave is coming and if we catch that wave we can surf on it. 
So here are the things I feel. We have to look at the sky. We have to look at the sun and the moon and especially clouds. We know it deep inside it is happening."

'Starting Small' 

This section is from an article I posted back on the 3rd of May. 

Last year I posted a dream based experience from a friend of mine. She had this experience back in August 2013. I titled the article 'A Grand Meeting'. It related to a group of various beings from ascended masters, various ET based beings and others, who had gathered together to discuss the shift in consciousness, aka the event, and that it had been moved. The reason it had been moved, in my opinion, is because of the shift being connected into a series of events which need to occur beforehand and because of the time manipulation occurring, those events had not occurred, thus the move of the event.

This dream experience is one I mentioned in a number of my articles such as 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift'. In the recent QHHT session with Lai, the dream experience was confirmed to be a real experience and accurate depiction of what actually occurred. Through Lai, additional details were explained around the actual dream, within the session.

On the 28th of April, the same friend sent along another dream experience. This is the first one I have had from her since 'A Grand Meeting'. This one is more basic and shows that a certain stage has been reached, based upon the energies coming down into the Earth from space, in relation to the shift in consciousness.

"Dream title: Starting small
Date: 27th April 2014
I'm in a sort of dimly lit room resembling the interior of a caravan. A large long room with parts of the walls missing, retro cupboards, furniture haphazardly arranged, and the place looking.. I guess cyber punk is the term - worn but utilitarian. 
My old friend S finds a bug on the table. there's another male in the room but i don't pay attention to who it is. S bends down to look more closely at this unusal insect, and becomes increasingly fascinated by the tiny creature now morphing and shifting in unusual displays, which i can't see that well from where I'm standing. (i don't know who says this but) It gets mentioned that "This (the state of this insect) is the result of 'the third stage of the event'..." 
Meanwhile i had wandered into the room in a tired grumpy mood to see and hear all this, my mind is a fog, I'm like, ugh yeh whatever, the event thingy is still at bug stage.. and i continue to mope about in a tired state, somewhat aware of the significance of what we are being shown, but failing to care for it through my fog.
Upon reflection, there's not much I could do about my very non-lucid state in this dream, i've been battling with long term sleep deprivation and somewhat lacking in health and deeper clarity in real life lately. 
As for the message in the dream, the full details hit me once i woke up. This mutating bug was supposedly one of the many initial manifestations resulting from the energies now hitting earth. "the event" having already started and apparently at stage 3 (don't ask me what stages mean, i don't know). Judging from the morphing or mutating bug (as much as I could make out from where I was standing), The effects of "the event" are just beginning to penetrate the physical level at a small scale, such as minute yet detectable mutations in nature.
I regret not having a closer look at the tiny critter for a better understanding, but from where I was standing there was one bug, but there was also 3 of the same bug in the same spot. I will never know if my friend was seeing more than this up close."

As you can see, the daily processing of conscious based memories are likely showing within this dream experience, but, at the same time, there is also a strong and clear message within, in relation to the shift.

I saw a pattern forming around this date, in relation to a few other occurrences of information coming out online, including the manifestation of a few events in the world. Here is a short message that was posted on the 28th of April on the blog, '√ČIREPORT BLOG'.

“Specialized” higher vibrational energetic streams have formed and aligned and are in process of infiltrating selected planetary “difficulty” points.
These energetic streams are coded for individual geographic grid points and create conditions which dissolve all potential of archon-created-and-aligned activity.
Such energetic streams are unique to each situation, and are uniquely formed for the Planet Earth-Gaia operation.
Although similar to 3D Earth-based “special ops” forces, these higher vibrational energetic streams operate purely in the 4-9D realms and are immune to any archon-ic detection.
Higher Gaia collective has called for this."

G2 Gas Cloud & the Pulse

I am going to conclude this article with a discussion around the G2 Gas Cloud and its possible relation to the mention of the upcoming 'pulse'. What I am really doing here is connecting up the dots and forming a picture based on existing information that I have filtered through over a very long period of time now.

The below quote is from Clif High, from

"SGFs suggest that a whole lotta light is going to be spread around the planet for a number of years causing all manner of thingeys to be scurring in their dark corners. And it all relates back to the [unknown energies from space] linguistics that first begat the SpaceGoatFarts entity just about a decade ago." (11th of June, 2014)

This sounds a little bit familiar, doesn't it?

In relation to the future forecasting system, the webbot, that Clif High runs and interprets the data of, within my compilation of his long term forecast, the global coastal event, I quote the following below. Note that the quotes are based upon events which I think have not manifested yet, while already a lot of the GCE language has already occurred. Because of the manipulation of time, I am adding on a year as I have seen many events occur pretty close to a year after they were meant to, in relation to last years webbot forecasts. Based on information I obtained from the third QHHT session with Lai, I also have a good idea of the timing in relation to specific predicted events.

"E50 Wujo, 20 April 2013 - Clif high mentions that the information is showing a 'pulsation deep inside the planet'. He mentions a few other things here, but basically, he thinks this is evidence towards the earth expanding. (the theory of 'earth expansion') He reiterates 'deep down within the earth' is clearly what the data is showing. He mentions the 'sphere of the earth being closed' and that something has to happen for this energy within the Earth to have to be released."
"Clif High mentions many data sets right now showing energy needs to escape and work it self out from inside the Earth." 
(from IDIR's in MAY) "...there is mention of more words around ascension, vibrational frequencies and separation."

My sense for a long time now is that Gas Cloud G2 is playing a major role in relation to the shift in consciousness. For some its simply a sign of the changes and a more practical indicator, but I believe the energies emanating from the galactic center, as a result of the edges of the cloud moving into it, is producing an energetic output that has been impacting the Earth on top of the other energies coming in, in relation to the shift in consciousness.

There is of course a whole lot more to this situation, such as the alignments of space based objects and the area of space our solar system is moving through, but my focus right here and now is just to discuss the possible relation of Gas Cloud G2 with the shift.

Within the article I wrote, 'The stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift', I provided psychic based information which went to show that G2 Cloud is related to what's going on. In addition to this one confirmation I discussed within that article, Lyn over at Focus Sessions answered a question I had previously asked back in March about Cloud G2 as quoted below.

Note that the timing has changed for its arrival in relation to my question below, and that it has already arrived and is passing by the Galactic Center. Paul LaViolette has theorised that if tidal stripping did occur, and that there is a star and/or planet within, it would take 4-5 months, from April, for the contents of the Cloud to loop around and fall into the core. (See this article for more info)

"Q. Gas Cloud G2 is predicted to arrive at the galactic core in mid April. There is at least a 50% chance that a star and possibly another planetary object exist within. Paul LaViolette theories that tidal stripping of Cloud G2 could cause a stellar explosion within the black hole at the galactic core.
   What do you see in relation to this possible outcome? 

A  I see the gas being sucked into the black hole, like as how a shop vac would suck up debris.  As soon as the gas gets within the gravitational field of the black hole, it looks to go fast (like if you aren't watching it when it happens, you will have missed it.).  After the gas cloud is absorbed by the black hole I see this vibration occurring- as if the hole is like a pressure cooker wanting to explode, but it isn't quite there yet (just under pressure).  I don't see anything happening after that, but if something else (anything) were to be absorbed by the black hole (and that looks to occur many years from now), it creates an explosion. The result I see is a brilliant, bright light.
   If a stellar explosion occurs, what will the impact be to the Earth and the Sun?
A. The image I see is two hands surrounding earth and giving us a firm shake up and down. It looks like we get have an earthquake on a global level. It doesn't looks severe, but definitely noted.  I also get the impression as I view this that we get knocked slightly off our orbit (but I don't see this as an extinction event).  It feels startling, quick, and then it is over.  I also get that due to being knocked off our orbit we will lose 2 to 3 days a year because our distance to the sun will be slightly altered."

As you read above, Lyn believes it may be a few years before this occurs. Time can be very hard to judge and get accurate, as some of us have come to learn the hard and frustrating way, especially in relation to these times now, because of the many factors involved such as time being manipulated. But, if that event was to occur sooner than a few years, the description of the events resulting, as described by Lyn, would match a lot of wording in relation to the missing language (events) which are yet to occur with the webbot's Global Coastal Event and as described above in relation to the pulse.

One of the latest updates about the Gas Cloud G2 can be found here. Paul LaViolette discusses information that shows Cloud G2 may just contain a White Dwarf star.

Back on May the 7th, I wrote up an article discussing the CHANI Project. A key aspect of that project was based upon an upcoming 'Cosmic Sonic Boom'. The information went on to explain that some of us on Earth would start to experience some very unusual things leading up to this sonic boom. There is a list of symptoms, primarily based upon what we start to sense and feel, which can be found within that article I wrote, if you have not read it. 'Acolyte said that this “awareness” would range from over a period of anything from one week to two months to just before a cosmic sonic boom would impact Earth.'

The CHANI Project presented various predictions which were to help those running the poject locate when the 'Fuse Year' was to occur. I believe that 2014 is the fuse year and that this Cosmic Sonic Boom may just relate to the situation surrounding the Gas Cloud G2. If you're confused about the timing of some of those predictions from the CHANI Entity, then just take a look at my article, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift' and then, 'The Cosmic Journey of Lai - Part 3', to get an understanding that the timing of predictions which were meant to occur either last year, and this year, have likely been influenced a great deal, and therefore are going to be a bit inaccurate, no matter what the source of the predictions are.

As you can see, the shift in consciousness has already begun and it is going to take a while. There will be moments within this larger window of time, in relation to the shift, where certain events will occur. Those events will be obvious to those of us here on Earth, but, each of us will likely experience those events in different ways based upon how the events impact us on a personal level and how we perceive them individually.

I hope that this information has given you some guidance and perspective into these times. I will continue on here posting any relevant information that comes to me in the future. I have a picture in my mind of the puzzle that makes up this ascension based shift in consciousness process, but its not complete of course, as there are so many angles and facets to look in on and one person would never have all the answers. When certain events occur in the future, ones which I am expecting, I will have an understanding of them and will be able to provide people with some more guidance, if that is the case.

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Editor of, Laron is an In-Between Life & Past Life Therapist and Energetic Healer based currently in Sydney, Australia. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of an esoteric bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master and certified Crystal Healer. You can find Laron on Facebook.


Karyn Russell said...

Many, many thanks Laron for your tireless informative works. My journey is all the more "understandable" having made your connection. Your discoveries and shared information from many sources allows us to pick and choose that which resonates with us personally and let go of the rest. With appreciation and gratitude ... Aroha and Blessings

A Man Called Da-da said...

That was helpful, thanks Laron. In terms of the gas cloud, note that the galactic core(s) are 26,000 light years away, so whatever happened "pulse-wise" occurred 26,000 years ago -- which correlates interestingly with the Precession of the Equinoxes being 25,920 years in cycle -- unless there are some gravity wave/FTL components Da-da's not aware of that could cause an effect. These days everything's possible, and probable.

the_mesmerizer said...

So grateful that you did another thesis of all the information- it is needed by earth now. Even when I follow your blog, still sometimes we forget things and don´t get the big picture. Doing this helps us on the old earth to move forward towards the new earth.

Connie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Understanding what is happening, helps us to move through the maze of events we are experiencing.

vickie2289 said...

Laron, thanks again for putting the pieces together for us to be able to understand. You're work is much appreciated. This is very important information. - Vickie Acklin

Tyche1 said...

Thank you Laron. Your ability to make these connections are most helpful. You also have a gift for making these articles very interesting reading. I notice that you said you have heard people state they have a feeling that time is running out. I had that feeling a few years back. It was very strong. I believed at the time it had something to do with my own personal development/vibration or something similar. But it's possible that I had that feeling due to the original timeline, but it went away at some point due to the timeline being altered. However, that may have worked out for the best as I've had more time to work on myself and become stronger in ways difficult to define. And that may apply to many others as well:)

Laron said...

It also gave me more time to work on myself which was handy.

There are periods in relation to astrology and the planets, when they are in certain positions which can also cause people to feel like they are running out of time. But when I mentioned that in the article, I know it was most likely not related to astrology, especially when it just seemed to be volunteer based souls who I had heard it from.

Tyche1 said...

Haven't heard of the astrological angle before. But I have never experienced that feeling before or since. There was such a sense of urgency!

Laron said...

Da-da, a gravity wave from a stellar explosion at the distance of the galactic center would take up to 24 hours to reach Earth. The energetic waves would reach earth within two days. This is going by Paul LaViolette's research.

Kiranasa said...

Cosmic Awareness (The Master File):