Monday, June 30, 2014

The Need to Grow - A film by Ryan Wirick

This may be one of those documentaries to look out for, once it is completed, as its currently in production. But below I have provided a preview video based on what it's about.

Here is a description of the Documentary from, "Feeding the world starts with understanding food production as an ecological system that includes all of humankind, all the animals, the rivers, the oceans, and the microbes — rather than an industry artificially cut-off from nature. The problem is the solution. The problem is the need for agribusiness to grow profits without regard for the environment. The solution is the need to grow healthy food at the local level.

The bottom line is that the current food system is a failed experiment. It has a built-in expiration date because it destroys the planet’s living soil and biodiversity faster than it can be replenished. In other words, it is a dangerous, obsolete progress trap, incapable of feeding the world, and if things don’t change, destined to destroy it. The new food ecosystem proposed in this film will regenerate the soil, support biodiversity, produce far more nutrition per acre, conserve water, require no toxic chemicals or GMOs, empower people at the local level, and never expire. And best of all, it’s already happening!"

Below is a four minute preview of this upcoming Documentary.

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Steve said...

One of the solution to the problem is Aquaponic and Hydroponic. Which can use lates technology as vertical farming indore control climate and reuse of the resources. Anither solution is permaculture but that we can use to restore Nature. Maybe a lot of the folks would disagree with me but I think inelegant use of the technology is a key factor of humankind survival.