Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Soul Goal

By transients.info guest contributor, Connie Johnston

Man now stands at a very important crossroads in his evolutionary spiral. This is due to the increasing influx of energy seeking to become imprinted upon the minds of man on the earth at this time.

Humanity’s goal is to make itself receptive to this increased energy. He must do this by his concentrated study and by the daily practice of meditation. He must open himself up to the potential the lies dormant in so many souls today.

The old adage, "Know thyself has never been more accurate. It is the password of this coming age, this coming awakening. Know your god-power. Know your creative-self and your manifested thoughts. Connect with the Source of your being. This is imperative. Humanity is slowly awakening, slowly remembering but this new remembrance needs to be accelerated.

For so long now, man has left the creative energies of his soul in the hands of his priests, his rabbis and his ministers. He has relinquished his very essence by placing his purpose and his consciousness at the feet of another. He has given total responsibility for his own souls' progression to another soul who also travels the path, still on his own souls' journey. Man gave up. He let another assume the responsibility that he was never meant to have. He has forgotten that he was the way.

Galway Cathedral, Galway, Ireland - Flickr

This can no longer be the way. It is for each of us to take back our own control, to assume our own god-power now. We need to reconnect with it, to take hold of this and begin to create a New World of Awareness.

This does not mean to presume an arrogance and an individuation of man but a oneness of beings, each soul realizing its' equal. Just because man sees with his worldly eyes, the different souls on their evolutionary path, he must realize with his own inner vision that each soul is a part of him and that each self is a part of the SOURCE OF ALL. Unity has a much wider connotation. They should now realize it as a Soul-hood, each combining with the same energy as his Creator.

Look into the eyes of man and see yourself, acknowledge each as a part of the Creator. Merge with the energy that emanates and become as one. This is nothing new. The newness comes from the need to do it now.

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Linda said...

I love this, Connie. Much needed great advice.