Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shift of the Ages and the Flying Nazi Economy

Within Clif High's IDIR report for June 21, 2014, which I mentioned and linked to in a previous article, there was one particular forecast I wanted to get into detail on.

Datasets are showing some kind of 'giant water poisoning' in August. What the data shows is some kind of ball of fresh water, a very large one that enters the ocean. Pacific, Southern or South Indian Ocean, the data is showing. Its in a place with not many people who would notice it but it should be picked up my satellites and boats, Clif High mentions. A lot of problems will occur after this and it will be a unique event, Clif High says.

Antarctica - Photo by MendezEnrique

But this is cross linked over to Antarctica through other data sets. Clif High asks the question, is it an undersea volcano which blows out fresh water, in a Yellowstone type situation? This may poison a significant portion of the ocean. Or, the other interpretation of the data could be a major tear in the ice skirt around Antarctica in relation to fresh water being released with a whole bunch of ice. Both of these situations are then possible to occur around August.

These situations seem to be linked to webbot datasets which are described as 'the shifting of the ice' and again this is cross connected to the area of markets, and another heading of data called 'the shifting of ages'.

He mentions that both these sets are continuing to grow stronger, as in the data being collected in relation to these events becoming bigger and therefore more significant and more likely to occur.

Clif High then goes on to say that within the SpaceGoatFarts entity and data section of the webbot database, which is like a heading for data related to anything around the topic of aliens, there are a bunch of links here over to Antarctica. The data seems to relate to a situation around 'flying nazi's' and some relation to the economy around this.

The data is saying there is a large 'Nazi Economy' under the ice in Antarctica being warmed by warm water. The data also shows there is going to be an earth shift in that area and all that water and ice is going to move. As a result, the data shows Nazi's coming out in their flying machines and will bring their economy with them.

That is all Clif High says about the situation, but this goes onto support the idea that the above mention of the undersea event may happen in Antarctica. He does however say that this specific data set is a longer term one and it could take around 20 months to eventually occur. He does say he wouldn't expect it to show up in August though, like the other events mentioned above.

So, in conclusion, I think this event in relation to a greater movement of ice down south, is an important event to be aware of and may coincide with something larger and more meaningful going on at that time, if it actually occurs.


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Check out Lake Vostok

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There's more:

Is this a "BP drilling type of accident" waiting to happen; notice the speculation that there are methane hydrates in the bottom of Lake Vostok