Saturday, June 21, 2014

Preparedness and Time Restoration

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." - Henry Van Dyke

A couple of weeks ago I started to include information which came to me while posting the weekly distant group healing articles. Before I posted those weekly articles, I would sometimes connect in and see if there was anything relevant or important I should say to introduce the specific weekends healing session. 

Yesterday I did a meditation beforehand, then sat down and focused in again. I received a third message that I typed up, and which I will include below. Within that meditation beforehand I also received some information based around the source of the message. I had some visuals come to me within the meditation of the source location in relation to this series of messages.

When I actually sit there and connect in, when the message comes to me, I don't see anything, I just have the words flow into my mind which I then type via the keyboard.

Within that meditation, what I saw was a room within a spacecraft. I had some visuals of the ship but that was not as clear as the visuals of the room. I could see the room was related to communications. I was provided with a number, as in the number of beings/crew on that ship. It was classified as some type of mother ship because of the size of it. I was given the name of the race, in relation to the specific individual making contact, but I am not confident in all of this information, so there is no point in sharing the exact details.

If I was in a regression based state, I would feel much more confident with the information I receive, so I am taking a lot of care with what I share here.

But when saying all this, and sharing all this, a few months ago I had two QHHT based past life/in-between life regression sessions and out of about six experiences, two came up in relation to being on a space based craft. One of those experiences was a very small craft, the other a very big one. I am considering sharing parts of those sessions in the future.

I will also add that during that meditation before the message came through, I was given the understanding that connecting into this information I was sharing was easier than connecting to sources higher up, dimensionally speaking, because of the density and vibrations between this location and those locations existing within those higher dimensions.

Here is the message from yesterday.

"We are here but communication takes place between one individual to you. If there is information that I can not provide or answer then others can assist. We wanted to discuss preparedness for what is upcoming. Yes, we are on a ship in space just now. (I asked the question)
Life is a challenge for most of you, if not all of you at different times. Life is more so a challenge in these times, in this year, as the energies and the great changes continue to manifest since the restoration of the timeline originally took place.
A device was disabled with your help around the time you(Laron) are aware of, as has been told to you by others. But the ramifications of this was not instantaneous, more work has had to take place and be done to repair and establish the proper functionings of the system of time, the bubble of time that you all exist in.
These modifications and ongoing maintenance in relation to the functioning of time will continue but soon the normal runnings of time will return to what would be considered as normal. When this upcoming moment in time, when everything is restored occurs, that is when even greater changes are to be expected.
From earth changes relating to the movement of the planets consciousness into a higher state of existence, to individual DNA and vibrational changes on a molecular level. Social unrest and political unrest should be expected as well.
By being aware of these changes and why they are occurring will be enough for each individual, but it will also be of great help to be prepared mentally and spiritually which can be achieved in many ways.
There are pockets of time, or what can also be understood as windows of time, which directly interconnect with the ongoing planetary wide shift in consciousness. These pockets of time come and go and provide windows of opportunity for people to consciously shift in vibration and become aware of a greater perspective around their existence as an individual consciousness.
The state of the global consciousness is a key aspect to the ongoing changes but in the end, there will be a point where the primary stage of the shift will take place. This moment would incur a resonance of energies which will enhance and help to move and transcend a number of individual souls.
For those that remain, and there will be a great many when taking into account the greater numbers of the population of the planet, they will perceive the changes based upon their individual state of spiritual growth. They will see what they see and their experience will reflect that. It will be reflected within their being.
Stay positive. Stay happy. Stay compassionate. Stay within the heart area.
Laron asks about time as so many of you have doubts about what will unfold in each of your futures. The perception of time is a unique and individualistic experience, as per each of you creating and manifesting your own realities for the growth of your higher selves. As you may have noticed, things can not be pin pointed down so easily to a certain date in your own individual experience. Our advice is to not take time so seriously and to live your lives in the best ways you each know how to. Becoming aware with your own individual truths is a first step and then following your life path with the assistance of those guiding you, and your intuition is the next.
Do not worry at all. Enjoy what you have here. While it seems like your experience is very... how should we say, mandatory, static, stuck in place and permanent because of your perceptions of time, it is in fact a minute moment, a very minute moment when taking into consideration the role time plays in your overall experience as something greater. You are a small part of a greater whole, and that greater whole experiences time very differently to you because of the location it exists and resides in.
We will end here and again wish peace, happiness and much love to you all."


Linda said...

Omg! When I read the word 'restored', I didn't see it as a word and had to look, really hard, to make sense of it, because what I saw was 'rest o red' and I tried to figure why you left out the spaces. Red again! and Oh, and Rest! (my comment on magnetic field of Earth post re rest, and null).

I am SO very glad Laron, that you are doing this. I certainly feel it fits. I really do, with the exception that I have no intuition that I've detected specifically about the time manipulation is not at all to say I doubt it. And I don't doubt the degree of clarity in your receiving.

Wise and loving words with common sense application. Thanks to you, and to them. :)

mtpeach said...

Laron, thank you so much for sharing, and for your courage and great care in doing so. Namaste....Sharon