Saturday, June 28, 2014

Positioning of the Elite

John has written up his thoughts around what really goes on in the world in relation to who are in what position of power, and for what reasons. Feel free to comment, especially if you have anything to add in relation to this line of thought. As you will see, specific elements of this information has been touched upon by the webbot's Clif High..

By writer John - Rothschilds are the old (current) world order. The new world order is the Rockefellers, who started this change in 1948 along with the Alien incursions. The Rockefellers are all about technology. They have been behind all of the changes trying to get the world to change to their pattern. They have setup all of the people behind the scenes at a global level. Or at least they have tried too but they cant control everything and that's where the Breakaway Civilization formed from. It was a group of super intelligent people with psychic abilities who learned that we are not alone and that we can do space travel and the such. They have been recruiting people to their group for decades now. All of our super high tech stuff that makes it into the public, comes from them.

The families are battling for who will be on top for the next Age and the Rothschilds are losing.

The Breakaway Civilization is throwing wrenches into it all as well, as they don't like any of this any more and feel superior to all and just want to leave but aren't allowed to for some reason.

The Cabal engineered the chaos that was already going on with the Universe Chaos that is happening so that they could rebuild what they want but it appears to be getting out of their control. The Universe had other plans for this chaos it would appear and it will have its ways.

The Cabal is getting scared that their plan is failing and they might resort to extreme measures, which is what I keep seeing precursors for and hearing about from many different sources.

All of the breaking down of the US dollar and US Government is intentional and done so that power can be transferred away. All of the scandals here in the US are at a high and they are going to continue and get worse and more horrible as the ultimate exposure occurs. The Rockefellers control the US Government for the most part as they have controlled the CIA since its creation and even before it was started and was that OSS (Over Seas Services).

The Rothschilds own most of China and so that's why all of their issues and problems are being revealed, to take them down as well as causing both sides to fight. China will likely rid themselves of bankers as well in these coming years to get a fresh start like Russia did. Russia is the only major country to have removed its cabal influence. They openly talk of the Cabal there and have a great hatred and anger towards what they did to their country. Every communist country cant survive without central cabal banking, its the only way it works. China will now learn too.

The families are cutting it close and either its the Universe helping us or their own hubris that they started too late and couldn't get their plan done before the mini ice age and major earth changes. I always feel that the major earth changes are done to clean up the past civilizations messes, personally, as it certainly looks that way when you look back through the aeons, and these major ones like the Deluge had to clean a REALLY big mess such that the original families left.


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Unknown said...

Very succinct capsule summary, although I wish you would have said a little more about the Breakaway Civilization's role, but I guess that is hard to nail down since they are the new kid on the block, so to speak. Yeah, Mother Earth doesn't need us, and might shake us off like the fleas we collectively have become, but personally, I think the aeon of these periodic Earth changes hammering down to "take out the trash" has come to an end. It is graduation time for the universe, the separation experiment is winding down, and there is no turning back.

Laron said...

John is going to write up some more info on the Breakaway.

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"The Lion Men are coming.........."
Did someone call me !!

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Good... I am interested in hearing more about that, too. :)

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Unkonwn, AV, here is an article with info on this, which I just posted,

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So basically the thundercats are coming by the end of august and we`ll be doomed, curious thing that by early 2015 they will turn the Hadron collider to double their initial energy output (with 7 Tev they hit the higgins bosson, now what the heck are they doing by using 13 Tev?). Anyway folks, time to gather some nuts, water, some portable solar cells panels, purifiers, some old table games and gtfo to the country side. If some one feels curious about the breakies please read "penetration" by ingo swan (when remote viewers step up with the blondes in the moon); here some possible origins to it and some long video by richard dolan, Have a nice ice age. :) said...

Clif High posted an update back in May, and it is still listed on HPH, about "Bonds Pop In November". It refers to a political error being the tipping point.
United States law is probably not hugely discussed outside the borders, so for Laron's sake, and for a judgement on the "temperature" of this issue, I wonder if anyone has heard of the Supreme Court's ruling involving Hobby Lobby? (Hobby Lobby is an arts and craft store selling paints, frames, canvas and easels, etc) Background- Owners of this chain store are religious extremists who believe contraception is abortion and feel their beliefs provide them a moral obligation to not pay for these medical services. The case went before the Supmreme Court and in a 5-4 decision, an exception has been made for companies, on religious ground, to deny coverage of contraception to employees.
Reading the decision, at first it seemed only 4 specific types of contraception were included, but today the court clarified that all types were included.
This exemption, on 'religious beliefs', does not include other religious beliefs such as Jahovah's Witnesses and their anti blood transfusion stance. Only the court-supported religious belief system, and the Court's judgement as to whether you really REALLY believe... not just show-up-on-Sunday-and-pray believe.
Over 50% of the population is female. A majority.
As a modern and scientifically enlightened society, how could anyone think denial of any services to one part of our society based on religious dogma is, one, a healthy practice and, two, a line of thought that should be decided by a judicial body tasked with deciding constitutionality of laws for all citizens?
I firmly believe in freedom of religion for all.... that includes all religions. A belief in no religion and/or science as the truth is just as protected in this country as the Spagetti Monster, and if I am correct that most people feel as passionately as I do about this decision and it's implications, over 50% of this country are ready to bear arms and defend our freedoms. Even if that means over-ruling the Supreme Court.... The court of public opinion is now in-session. The Honorable Judge Smith N. Wesson now presiding.
Any thoughts?