Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Interwoven timelines and Flash Portals - GAIA Portal

I have looked at a few GAIA Portal messages over the past year or so, but I have never taken too much notice and I have not been a regular follower of the blog. I did feature one message in a recent article I wrote earlier in the year, as it just seemed to fit right into that period in time and what was going on.

There is a series of messages from GAIA Portal which were recently posted that I will include below. I think they are important to hear and may relate to actual situations occurring around this time. The Earth just received an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the Northern Pacific Ocean between Russia and Alaska. An interesting correlation between that event and these messages I would think.

Based upon the about section on the Gaia Portal website, the messages which are posted are meant to be related to the changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. This sentence is from the about section as well, 'Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read'.

Below are the last four messages that GAIA Portal has posted since the 16th of June, 2014

16th of June, 2014 - Interwoven timelines currently inhabit near Earth energetics. Requirements for Hue-manity birthing include exposure, recognition, separation, and transmutation of such, by individual Hue-Beings.
hu-manity follows the leadings of the Hue-Beings.
Treading of prior time paths proves fruitless.
All is in process for grand Hue-manity and hu-manity mass awakening.

20th of June, 2014 - Statics of prior moments is now dissolved and released.
Intrusions into Gaia Energetic Complex are monitored and ameliorated, as persistent intruders attempt a time reversal.
Placid-ation is now at hand, within each and every Hue-Being, and is now being called forth.
E-Lucidation of all priories is now in full progress, and cannot be stopped by lower-intenders.
Portal openings and expansions in a rapid sense are to be expected, in short order. 

22nd of June, 2014 -  “Portals of exigency” have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries.
Alignment of Hue-beings with such portals facilitates accelerated movement of consciousness into Higher D realms as chaotic node points are encountered.
Full Inner Acceptance of “the Process” is key to the alignment, and allows moment to moment flow with “The Process”.
“Portals of exigency” will remain as a potential for Hue-manity and all hu-manity until further notice.

23rd of June, 2014 - “Flash portals” have activated across Gaia. Locations of such are known to those with Higher Discerning capabilities activated fully.
“Flash portals” enable rapid transformation of Hue-Beings and hu-beings, ready for such.
These portals will also find application in removing those with chronic ingrained resistance patterns to suitable cultivation facilities.
Gaia has demonstrated grand patience with all of the hu-beings, but the time has been entered where resist-ers will energetically be unable to tolerate the refined Cosmic Energetics in which Gaia is now immersed and with which Gaia is now aligned.
All hu-beings demonstrating resist-er characteristics which cause overall harm to Gaia, on any dimension, will be lovingly removed via the “Flash Portal” experience.
This may occur at any time.
“Flash Portals” will remain active across (and within) Gaia until no longer needed. 

You can find additional messages over on GAIA Portal here, http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/

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