Monday, June 23, 2014

IDIR 21 June, 2014 - Clif High, webbot

A couple of days ago Clif High released his Immediacy Data Intelligence Report which is focused on the month of July and August primarily, its length is about 33 minutes. He mentions that the data was collected up until four days before the 21st of June.

Topics within this IDIR are the following, Antarctica, Flying Nazi Economy, Housekeeping, Precious Metals, July 7, Max K & Daleks, Bonds, and Ocean Pollution. If you were not already aware, Clif High now has his own YouTube channel which is what I am linking to and embedding below with this video.

Note that you can access and find recent IDIR's through this link here. Clif High is running these IDIR's on a donation basis, where in the past he has had a subscription fee system. You can donate via 


gritzle75 said...

I suggest that Clif High’s IDIR about “ocean pollution” and the “flying Nazi economy” may be related to a possible explosion in Lake Vostok, a vast, sub-glacial lake discovered more than two miles below the South Pole; it is supposedly heated by deep sea hydrothermal vents. Rumor has it that there is a secret Nazi base under the ice in Lake Vostok. There is also the danger that the drilling could cause a methane hydrate explosion. If so then this would account for the “ocean pollution”; it would also destroy the Nazi base as they would be trapped under the ice and forced to “come to the surface” and “bring their economy with them”.

I posted links to Lake Vostok to this site a couple of days ago; but I see that my post has been removed. Why?

[quote]Production of gas hydrate deposits carries the risk of depressurization and uncontrolled release of methane. Once gas is released, it reduces the pressure on the hydrate reservoir, in a process similar to a geyser or a well blowout.[/quote]

Laron said...

Your posts are still there Gritz,

You are commenting on a different article to that one now, if that's what you mean.

gritzle75 said...

I am so sorry; I do apologize; I thought I was reading the other post and my posts have been removed because of the subject matter, i.e. the secret Nazi base.

By way of explanation I should say that since 2009 I’ve been a proponent of the theory that the Nazis really won WWII; they resettled in South America and had a secret underground base in Antarctica. Another group of Nazis infiltrated the USG under Operation Paperclip.

I don’t want to get bogged down in “politics” but suffice it to say that it’s only been within the last year and a half or so that I could even post about the “Nazi connection” without having my comments removed or being kicked off the forum. So when I read this post, instead of the correct one, I thought my comments had been censored.

I do apologize for the misunderstanding on my part.

Laron said...

No worries Gritz.

(For the record, its been over a year since I have had to decline or delete an inappropriate post (with the exception of spam/duplicates), so you will find that I am holding a space here which is open to just about any form of discussion, as long as people don't end up abusing each other)