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Hollow Earth: Follow Up Post - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 25 June 2014

I would very appreciate it if you can do another blog post on the Hollow Earth.

Q. Previously you mentioned that the Earth is like an onion with many layers of reality/existence. Do you see the Earth being hollow in the physical reality or is the Earth only hollow in the higher realms?

A. I see the earth being hollow existing in both the lower and higher density.. It looks like the inhabitants of the hollow earth are dominantly the lower density ETs (however still have telepathic ability- very intelligent, but the "feeling" side is absent) because of their inability to expand their thoughts. Specifically, they tend to operate on autopilot and their actions (not movements, but how they function) reminds me of some kind of robot.. They do what they do because that is what they have always done. I also see that the hollow earth ETs lack compassion and are void of emotion as if their soul has a defect in that way..

Q. Are lavas from volcanoes a shallow phenomenon or do they go deep into the Earth? How do you see volcanoes and Hollow Earth coexisting? 
A.  It looks to me that we have (starting from the exterior) the crust, mantle, core layer (that really isn't the true core and this is where lava is housed) and then the inverse happens.. We have another layer of the mantle, internal crust, and a large empty space with a mini sun in the middle.. I will list it out better in a way that may help you to visualize it:

  • External crust (where we live)
  • Mantle
  • Core (Not the true core of the earth, but has the same properties that we are taught.  This is where lava is stored.)
  • Inner Mantle
  • Inner Crust (Where kidnapped humans live in addition to lower level ETs)
  • Empty space- like their atmosphere with a mini sun in the middle. 

Q. Do you see the center of gravity about 400 miles deep in the Earth? If not, where is the center of gravity on Earth?
A. I don't see an exact number, but I get it resides in the inner mantle layer closer to the core layer.  I get that the inner sun helps to equalize this also.??

Q. Where is the easiest way to enter the Hollow Earth world if the Earth is hollow physically? Are volcanoes doorways to the Hollow Earth? Does Mammoth Cave in Kentucky lead all the way to the Hollow Earth?
A.  I don't see volcanoes as a doorway, they just go to the "core" layer, and the inner earth extends much farther than that.  There is a location in Washington state, it looks like a huge mountain with a cave at the base.  This cave appears to be nothing significant from the outside, but once you get deep enough into it takes you straight down.  I get that ETs are able to fly in and out of the location with their crafts.

I also see a location at the top of earth, near the north pole.  This location appears to have some kind of energetic vortex that allow them to teleport back and forth from the inner earth.

The other location that lights up for me is a deep (reminds me of a crevasse?) in the Atlantic Ocean.  I see ET ships can physically come and go through this location as well.  As I try to understand how water doesn't flood the inner earth through this location I see that the gravity "holds" the water in this layer.  Once you get so deep the gravity and centripetal force of earth spinning holds the water in place. ?

Q. Will the Earth being hollow be eventually accepted generally? 
A.  Living in the hollow earth will only be accepted if the external earth is uninhabitable.  It will become a reasonable idea only if we have no other choice.  Right now I don't see the inner earth as being very hospitable because the ET life there isn't friendly (in a compassionate type way) toward humans.  They treat humans how we treat farm animals and not like beings with independence.

I see eventually (like 3 to 4 hundred years from now), a purge will happen in hollow earth.  It appears that we may have to go underground (and other planets, moon, etc) to allow the surface of earth to heal ? and when that time comes nearer the "good" (for lack of a better term) ETs will battle those less compassionate ETs currently underground to pave the way for humans to enter.

Q. Does it really get hotter and hotter the deeper you go into the Earth all the way to the Hollow Earth or does it only get hot until a certain point deep in the Earth? 
A.  It is warm and very humid- it looks like a tropical rain forest.  I also get an image of a terrarium... The peak of the warmth resides in the core and it dissipates / radiates out from there.

Q. Do you see an entrance to the Hollow Earth in Mount Rainier (Washington state)?
A.  I always see Washington state as one of the entry points and it is at the base of a mountain. I don't have a name, but Mount Rainier rings some truth within me.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated read on YouTube.

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