Friday, June 20, 2014

Ed Yong: Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales - TED talk

Science writer Ed Yong discusses suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales. What I found most interesting was his discussion around the connection from the situations surrounding these parasites and what they do, to society, as he asks the question if there is a group out there controlling us in another way.

TED Description: "We humans set a premium on our own free will and independence ... and yet there's a shadowy influence we might not be considering. As science writer Ed Yong explains in this fascinating, hilarious and disturbing talk, parasites have perfected the art of manipulation to an incredible degree. So are they influencing us? It's more than likely."

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Linda said...

Totally fascinating! So worth seeing and seriously contemplating that one. 'It wasn't me judge, Toxo made me do it!' The only way beyond being affected adversely by anything is learning to be the master of our long as it's really ours :)

Bacteria evolve so much faster than humans....makes me wonder who is smarter.

So interesting, Laron,