Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast for Tuesday the 24th of June, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Tuesday 24 June 2014 - Venus moves into Gemini today to join Mercury Rx and Juno too so this is where the spotlight lies just now. Venus brings more social contacts for Geminis (as if they need them) but of a more pleasant nature than they may have been experiencing lately and a few gifts as well in the weeks ahead.

For all of us it will lead to more loving communication if we have Gemini strong in our life patterns but due to Juno's influence we still have to deal with a few old emotional wounds if something triggers them. Mercury Rx will bring that second chance in how to handle difficult issues, so all and all we should find things getting easier in that regard but there could still be some strong confrontations with self or others.

Today Jupiter is in an unusual septile link to Juno which could be described as a karmic influence that helps to reflect our inner realities into the outer world.This is usually a good thing as its better to be open about whats going on. This is working with Chiron Rx in Pisces since Saturday to bring to light those deeper aspects of self to heal and let go of. This is especially effective for Cancerian types of people, Sagittarians and Geminis, Pisces too,

If you have found life a little difficult today, having to deal with people who are much too abrupt and difficult, and who appear to have a lot of angst for no reason, or are just plain difficult to deal with, its due to Mars and Uranus clashing from Libra to Aries. These planets rule strong differences, opposing views, sometimes for the sake of it, also storms and electricity - blizzards , unusual accidents that may be connected to travel as well as hazzards closer to home, so be aware of this and take extra care with electrical equipment, vehicles, and stay a bit more alert on all fronts.. Things can get broken with these planets so strong, as this opposition doesn't happen very often - but it happened near Xmas 2013 and again around the 22nd April and now we get the repeat performance.

This of course is strongest for the signs involved which are Libra and Aries but also for Aquarians as an ongoing situation sorts itself out..

I could write reams on this but wont but the advice would be to try and stay as polite as you can and try to see the other persons point of view without anger so that sparks dont fly and hurt someone as two opposing forces are likely to meet if they haven't already.

Its already happened to me twice in the last few days and I am not even any of those signs...
I would extend that advice til the new moon at least on the 27th...

Having said all that if you have good aspects of Mars and Uranus in your birth chart then this opposition will trigger that too in surprisingly wonderful and inspiring ways. Its like bringing universal truths right into your face suddenly and that is a wondrous thing, or something equally amazing into the light. Thats also happened to me twice at least these last few days.

There is a lot to digest just now from the inner and outer worlds in fact.

There are other factors to take into consideration too with this clash of the Titans in the heavens as they are bringing a lot to a head with the situation in Iraq and the different world powers involved . They have also managed to shift the pacific plate enough to cause some big earthquakes near and in New Zealand as the new moon forms in Cancer, not to mention the 8.00 that happened in Alaska earlier today.

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