Sunday, June 29, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast for Sunday the 29th of June, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Sunday 29th June 2014 - Chariklo is the largest of the Centaur asteroids. Her female name comes from the Mermaid Chariklo that was the wife of Chiron and intimate friend of Pallas Athena. She is about healing, compassion and prophecy, also personal boundaries- her sign correlation is Virgo/Pisces.

Today she opposes retrograde Mercury encouraging us to communicate in healthy ways, with understanding of our own and each others vulnerability, strengths and weaknesses. Chariklo can take us into our emotional depths just as Chiron does but with less pain.

Venus is with Juno today cosying up in a way that doesnt allow us to escape our own feelings so we are more or less forced to deal with any issues that we have avoided that may have involved abuse of power no matter how subtle its been. In this close encounter which may involve an actual person for some, you will recognise that behind any past pain there has also been love.

Perhaps this is why Chariklo is standing by as the past comes back to meet us.

Another reason is probably because Mars is also in a fated challenging aspect with Chiron himself so the Gods are gathering today to help us face and deal with past wounds and fears, but there's a lot of love to go around too, so nothing to fear.

Even Mars doesnt stand a chance against the wisdom and healing energies of Chirons magic.

And lastly the glorious Sun is trining Neptune which is like a canopy of protective spiritual energy in the heavens surrounding us helping us believe in the force of our own inner core being, and also in that of the universe to guide and protect us, and reminding us that life is just an elaborate game that we chose to be part of and we each have a part to play...

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