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Anna's Story: Walking with Jesus Christ and Ascension - New QHHT based information by Vickie Acklin

Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner Vickie Acklin has sent along part of another QHHT session which she facilitated about a week ago in Arkansas, USA. Her client's Mum had previously experienced a number of QHHT sessions directly with Dolores Cannon years ago, and some of the information from those sessions were included in Dolores Cannons's book 'They Walked With Jesus'.

Within this session from Vickie and Anna, there is some information about Anna having a past life as Joseph, as in the Joseph known in our history as Mary's husband and father to Jesus. What I personally found very interesting is that there was mention of the interaction of the Pleiadian's and their involvement with protecting Anna with this life now. If you had read the third QHHT session I conducted with my client Lai, you will remember that the Pleiadian's are playing a major role in relation to many aspects of what goes on, on Earth.

You may also remember that the session with Lai had some very detailed information around Mary and the birth of Jesus.

Within this session of Anna's below, there is also some new information around the status of the shift in consciousness, also known as the ascension or the new earth, depending on what perspective you are looking into this period of time with. This information on the ascension process validates other information out there which has previously come from many other sources, but it also provides another update on what is going on from the angle that Anna's higher self and Vickie's questions, were looking in on.

This session with Anna compliments a number of previous articles I have posted here, especially if you have read them in the order they have been posted. While there are a lot of articles I have posted in relation to this whole situation, my recommendation would be to at least read the following posts in this order to connect up a few dots, if you have not already seen these, as well as this latest one by Vicki directly below.

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By guest contributor Vickie Acklin, 12 June 2014

This is part of a QHHT session that was given on June 6th, 2014 with a bright young woman we will call Anna. She has agreed to share part of her session. Anna called me and said that Anna's mother had had several sessions with Dolores Cannon many years ago and her sessions were included in Dolores Cannon's book, "They Walked With Jesus". Anna's mother said that during one session the Subconscious told her that her daughter, Anna, also had a past life involved with the life of Jesus. The mother had been telling Anna about this for years and now, finally as an adult, Anna decided to have a session.

Dolores Cannon calls this higher power the Subconscious but I call it the Over Soul. Dolores says they told her they didn't care what they were called as long as they were indeed, called. Below I use OS to show when they are speaking during the session.

During a QHHT session practitioners say that they can feel the energy level change when they call in the Over Soul to answer questions and to heal but I find that the OS is there right from the start guiding the session and showing the client past lives that are needed to be experienced for healing. The presence in the room can only be called "electric" during a QHHT session. I believe I receive as much healing as my clients do and I am always honored to be in the presence of this tremendous power called the Over Soul.

Anna has a very analytical mind so getting her out of that left side and into the creative right side of the brain took a little time but we got her deep into trance. Once she let go, she went very deep. Here's is part of her story.

As Anna was drifting down to view a past life. I ask her what she could see below her on the surface.

A: I see fire. It's all around.

V: Is there a place where you can drift down?

A: I don't think so. It's everywhere (big tears began rolling down Anna's cheeks and she was clearly experiencing a lot of distress at what she saw). I feel sadness.

V: Can you tell what started the fire?

A: I'm so hot.

V: Move up a little now so that you can see but not feel the heat and flames. Can you see anything burning?

A: I see wood burning and homes. I don't think I'm there but my family is. (Anna begins to cry harder now).

V: Do you see people?

A: Yes, they are dying.

V: Is it a city that's burning?

A: I think so.

V: Do you think you're from this city?

A: Yes, I am from there and my family is there. I was supposed to be there that day but I wasn't. (Anna is in great distress now as she witnesses some of her family and friends dying in this fire. She is crying hard).

V: Step back now so you can watch this as an observer. Just someone who is watching but not feeling the emotions. This event happened long ago so you can just watch now as it plays out.

V: Do you have an idea of what started the fire?

A: People started it. It was done intentionally.

V: What do the homes look like that are burning in this city?

A: I see some of them are wood with fabric wrapped around the wood. It's more a village.

V: Lets drift back in time to a few days before the fire. You're in the village now. Look at your feet. What do you see?

A: I see straps like sandals going up my ankles. I'm wearing a lose robe. I'm a tall male.

V: Look at the place in the village where you live. What do you see?

A: It looks like square tents but I think I just visit. I don't live here. No, I don't think I live here but some of my family does.

V: Can you go inside one of these tents and tell me what you see inside.

A: I see animal hides and pottery. There are no people in here. It feels familiar but it's not my home. When I go back outside I see my friends and I'm visiting them.

V: Do you visit often? A) Yes. I love to come and talk to my friends here. We teach each other and share ideas on how to live.

V: Let's move ahead in time now to right before the fire has started. Directly before. You can see how the fire started.

A: People. They're angry because of our teachings (Anna is softly crying again as she experiences this). They're burning everyone and everything. They don't accept what we teach. We teach love and they don't want that. We teach the word of Christ.

V: What do the people that are starting the fire look like?

A: I see dark skin. Dark hair. Their souls are so evil. They're angry. They are starting the fire with torches. It seems like there are a lot of them but not as many as an army now. They are on foot.

V: Let's move past that day of the fire now. You are where you live. What do you see?

A: I see buildings that are made with something like cement or stucco. They are grey. I live here. There are other people with sandals and robes on.

V: If you listen very carefully you will hear someone calling your name. Can you hear your name?

A: Joseph. I teach the word of Christ. We don't have a church it's just a group of people. We move around a lot.

V: Let's move ahead now to a very important day in the life of Joseph. You've mourned and prayed for those lost in the fire and in your heart you know they're in a better place.

A: He's old and this is the last day in his life. He's sitting down and he's old. He's not in pain. He feels like he's fulfilled his life and he's happy with what's he's done in it. He's ready to go now.

We went through Joseph's death and into another life that Anna was meant to see. When I asked the OS why Anna was shown the first life as Joseph the OS said it was to show Anna that she has lived very spiritual lives and was fulfilled in these lives. She needed to work on her spirituality in her current life. She was teaching with Christ in his group of followers as Joseph. She was Saint Joseph that served as the earthly father of Jesus Christ and was the husband of the Virgin Mary.

The second life was personal and she was shown parts of her own current life from the time she was a little girl. This little girl was in a lot of pain and felt badly but was never believed. Doctors never diagnosed any disease yet she was always in pain and very tired and she was still in a lot of pain and exhaustion at the time of her session. Her kidneys didn't function well and she was stressed, exhausted and her back hurt all the time.

OS said she was shown her current life so she could see how in this life she needs to be more spiritual. Events are coming where her spirituality will play an important role. Her negativity in this current life has caused illness and pain in her body.

I then asked for permission to speak to the OS on behalf of Anna. Anna's voice became much more clear and without emotion and she began talking in third party about Anna. OS said Anna needed to manage her pain and learn to live with it but she will clear it when she stops her negativity. She has to get her life straight and balanced in all aspects.

OS then gave some advice on drinking more pure water and other personal advice to help her feel better both mentally and physically. I asked if eating certain foods would help but OS said she just needed to drink a lot of pure water and center herself. OS said Anna knows what to do she just needs to do it.

I then asked the OS to scan Anna's body and do the needed healing on her kidneys and back. After some time the OS said, "She is healed". OS continued the scan and found a heart condition. The heart muscle was pumping too hard. This was the reason for all her exhaustion. After a few minutes OS said she was healed. There were no more imbalances in Anna's body.

V: Anna says that during her mother's session with Dolores Cannon, her mother was told that Anna was being protected. Can you tell us who is protecting her and why?

OS: She is being protected because she is going to help people in the ascension. She is to bring a certain group of people to an awareness of ascension. She will know who that group is soon.

V: Who is protecting Anna?

OS: The Pleiadians and others. Her family protects her in this life too. Her family knows what role Anna will play on an unconscious level so they came here to protect her.

V: Is Anna ever taken aboard a space craft?

OS: Yes many times. V) What happens when she is taken aboard? OS) There is questioning and planning. Checking the plans and making sure everything is going the way it should. V) When she goes aboard these crafts does she feel comfortable? OS) Yes. V) So she knows these people well? OS) Yes. V) Does she see other human people there too? OS) Yes. V) Does she go on the crafts in her physical body? OS) Both in her physical body at times and in her energy body at other times.

V: Is Anna related to or a part of the Pleiadians? OS) They are just close friends that have come together for this mission. She has known them for a very long time and she volunteered to come into this life now for the upcoming ascension.

OS: Anna needs to start using her mind. She has abilities that she needs to be aware of now and she must start using those abilities now. She can heal, teach, open people's awareness by showing them scenes in their minds. She can make them feel joy and much more and it's time for Anna to be aware of these abilities.

V: Anna would like to know if her children play a role in the ascension. OS) Yes, they are helpers and they all have their own duties. V) Are these children what we call Indigo children?

OS: The frequency is beyond indigo. I guess you could call them rainbow frequencies. Rainbow children. Anna knows these children are important but on a conscious level she doesn't know their roles yet. She has to protect them and open their minds spiritually and should not shelter them too much. Let them follow their own paths. She must stop cutting them off from what they see and let them remain open. They have a path to follow. Anna must begin to use her mind to shut off the negativity to protect her children. She must block it. Anna is aware of her duties to some extent but now it's time to know her duties and use her mind.

V: Can you tell us a little about ascension? What will we experience?

OS: It's going to feel a little like experiencing a dream. You're aware and you know something's different but you no longer feel anything worldly. Everything is calm and peaceful and loving.

V: Can you give us a timeframe for ascension?

OS: It's coming soon. Time is difficult. Earth looks the same right before ascension and it will feel like just another day before it happens. V) Does the US government collapse before ascension? OS) That is already happening now. It's not time to say when ascension will fully happen. It's not time to know that. It's not time for people to know the exact time. People must prepare now.

V: How can people prepare? OS) Those that are not aware must be made aware now. All helpers must begin to wake people up and make them aware. This means all of us that are already aware. We came here to do it.

V: So all people that are awake and aware will ascend? OS) Yes. Only the negative and evil people will remain. All others that choose ascension, will ascend.

V: How about people that have chosen to ascend but live in a place on earth that will experience great earth changes? Where the earth changes are not survivable physically?

OS: There will be ships. Your bother and sisters in the sky will do rescues in their ships. It's why many have volunteered to be here. Flat round and oval ships will rescue many people. The Pleiadians and many others are out there to help when it's time for that help.

OS: The souls that volunteered to be here in this time on Earth, and that is all of you that choose to live through ascension, came to experience ascension. It's why you are here. You should have no fear. This is like nothing worldly that has ever been experienced and it will feel wonderful and exciting. In the beginning you will ascend in your physical bodies. After a time you will discard your bodies as you move higher in dimensions. You will live on forever.

End of session________________________________________________

Anna was awakened feeling shaky and very tired. She said she felt like she might sleep for days. I asked her how it felt to experience having the Over Soul speak through her. She said it was a very strange experience. It felt like her own consciousness was there but was being told to hold on. She could feel at times like her consciousness wanted to come back but she could literally hear the Over Soul tell her that everything was going well and she needed to stay relaxed and allow this experience. She didn't feel any fear but she thought at times that her own consciousness needed to also answer some of the questions and was told to step aside and allow. She could hear this voice inside her mind as she was also allowing OS to speak. She said it was an experience she would never forget.

This session is copyrighted © information. The full session can be shared as long as this copyright section and the author's link remain in place.

QHHT session given by Vickie Acklin on June 6, 2014.


Fantastic Fox said...

That was a great reading, it gave me a lot of hope! :)

angelicview said...

That was great! Thank you so much :)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hi. Weird question but... how would pets factor into this?

Laron said...

Are you referring to the new earth/ascension process?

jopipe said...

Laron, thanks for posting articles like these. I could read them all day...
As far as pets go, over time, the pets move up to their next level in an
animal world...I have also heard the pet goes with it's master. Pets have
shorter lives. I'm not sure but they re-incarnate over just like humans have.
If that is the case the pets may have many masters and who would they
wish to be with? Tough question to answer...

A Man Called Da-da said...

Yes. Are they going, too, and if so, will Da-da need a cosmic cat carrier?

Laron said...

Da-da, I will answer it from how I feel and think about it right now, and then I will provide some links to some info discussing it.

I believe that only a very small percentage of the population will be part of the process. There will be different types of ascension going on, so while we find information out there about one type, with some good details, such as the new earth for example, there are other types. A greater percentage may move on in different ways and this may also be included as part of the ascension process but they may not be all going to the same place, say as how the new earth theory goes from Dolores Cannon.

If you have a pet that is very close to you and loved a lot, then there will be a choice. It will also depend upon the type of ascension occurring to the owner of that pet, and where the owner moves to after this. So in a short answer, yes, they would go, but there will be exceptions. They may only be where the owner goes temporarily, or they may be there for a longer period of time.

It also depends on the consciousness and spirit of the pet and what stage they are at with their journey. An animal generally has a smaller amount of energy and consciousness in comparison to a human. But there are exceptions such as with whales and dolphins which I believe may have an equal amount, possibly more.

So for those animals which have a small amount of consciousness, they may need to return to their source strait away, as their purpose here may have just been to have the opportunity of being an animal, and to gain the lessons and experience of such an existence. When that is over, they may return back to where they came from, which would be part of a collective consciousness, either a larger one or a small one, as it would depend I think.

Focus Sessions has answered a few questions in relation to animals and the afterlife here.

AngelicView has an article here about pets in the afterlife. But note that this applies to the standard reincarnation cycle and those part of it, not to any ascension based processes.

I wrote an article about this situation back in 2012 which you can find here. Again, this is from the perspective of the standard reincarnation cycle and the souls/spirits which are part of that.

From understanding the perspective around how animals have spirits and do appear to those in the afterlife, you can then understand that its possible that some may go with us during any ascension process.

A Man Called Da-da said...

So, "the event" is only for a select few? For the spiritual 1%-ers?

Laron said...

It's for everything existing in this galaxy, and possibly the universe. It has already begun. I label it has the shift in consciousness for good reason, as its helping to evolve our frequencies up a level, and for some, they will have their frequencies increased so that they can 'ascend' and move off to places like the new earth.

For those that don't go anywhere, there will be great change for their future experience on Earth, from the perspective of people moving away from ego and what they feed their egos with through day to day activities, reactions and interactions.

But for such change to occur, other events have to occur which are necessary.

I have an article that just took me about 12 hours to write, which I will post within a days time most likely. It is summarising the current status of the shift in consciousness and a lot of the material I have posted this year in relation to it.


Thank You Laron for your hard-work day-in day out.The information which you shares with us is epic.I am glad that I come across your blog.God Bless you Laron.Humanity needs more people like you who share the truth.You are a pure soul Laron.May god fulfills all your wishes.Thanks once again..