Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is the meaning of life and the universe?

A nine year old is asked a number of questions within this four minute YouTube video, based around the meaning of life. You may be surprised with what he comes up with.


Steve said...

Our sense of environment or understanding of the life coming from our environment.
Example: child from music family would be more interested in music, science family in science etc.,
My wish would be, that most of the children and adults would have access to the humankind knowledge.
Here is great example how children can self educated if they have access to the knowledge even in language they cannot comprehend.
Thank you for video Laron!

DBlog said...

I love it! This kid speaks my language. Life is a big play and we are mostly unaware that we are playing a part "In character" so to speak. Thanks for sharing :)

DBlog said...
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Tyche1 said...

Awesome!! Love the analogy of the ant. And he recognizes that some life forms may be invisible to us or in an environment that we couldn't enter. And the boy who speaks of feeling colors! Amazing vid!