Sunday, May 4, 2014

Up and Away: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian

A new message from the Pleiadians. 'Unspoken yet is news of what we are doing, but we can only say so much before our words are understood by entities who would be interested in using them to alter your timelines.' I know the feeling!

You can listen to Maryann below or read the transcript underneath.

By Maryann Rada via Time Transformers, 3 May 2014

An ending is in sight. You are seeing it as a transition, and that is good, but that entails an ending. You need to be ready for that. We are only able to tell you about it; it’s up to you to experience it. A way to prepare yourselves is to let go of hard-and-fast ideas about ultimate outcomes. Beginnings are more difficult than endings, but endings don’t need to be hard at all. Letting go is easy when you realize that what you are letting go of is what you created. You never lose what you create. Losing anything is making a change in your reality and that is making a change in more than the world you know and love. You also change your consciousness, and that changes you. Are you able to let go of who you know yourself to be and meet another aspect of your embodied soul? If you are, you very soon will have the pleasure of meeting your future self as the light being you want to see arrive on your planet’s stage in this final act of an age-old drama. Can there be such a meeting of timelines? As a matter of fact, you are about to find out. The world breathes a collective sigh of relief on that matter.

We of the League of Light are ready to help if the need arises. We aren’t sure that it will. Your transformation is already underway and it appears that the ones in power are self-destructing even while they maintain control of stone-cold time – or think they do. Very soon, it will be visible to all who look at them that the norm of business as usual has no more life and that they are breaking apart as the world shifts into a new phase of beingness. You are not going to be left out of the party, dear ones. There is plenty of room on the world of tomorrow for all who want to experience that. You haven’t missed anything while you’ve been dealing with your own personal issues and changes, and no one is going to be forgotten. We are still on reserve if things turn ugly, but we don’t anticipate the worst-case scenario.

Unspoken yet is news of what we are doing, but we can only say so much before our words are understood by entities who would be interested in using them to alter your timelines. Be vigilant in your thoughts, dear ones. Keep your reality on track for our meeting you sooner rather than later. The best way to keep focused energetically is to remember your way up emotionally. A happy feeling is the best way to get into a frequency where we can meet you. A sure-fire way to access the happy vibe is to OM. It opens the energy portals of your body and feeds your system a nutritious energy snack. How you OM is not as important as that you do something to elevate your frequency. OMing is a good way to do that. Once you elevate your frequency, the things unspoken can be understood directly. In this way, wordless understandings cause no ripples in your world’s resolving drama and your curiosity is satisfied for the moment. Pure understanding will also help send energies to the nodes of light that carry information to the other planets and people who are undergoing transformation at this time. Raising your vibrational frequency will voice what we cannot say. Understanding will tell you everything you want to know.

Hauling your luggage with you would be burdensome in the days of light that are coming. Pack light and leave everything you don’t need behind. You came into the world with nothing and you’ve done well since then. Same applies to the time you are approaching. You are set to inherit a new world, to embark on a new voyage of discovery, to have a new idea of what it means to be galactic humans. We are ready to begin your waking-up process on a higher level than you may have guessed but which you have hoped for. If you are ready, so are we.

6 comments: said...

I'm starting to buy in to all this. I dig it! But....
Negative Nancy, here. Moving to a higher fq, becoming galactic beings.... Aren't those all euphemisms for death? I've long been a believer of the eternal self that moves from this life to the next, so I see death as a new adventure and not a demise. I've taught this to my kids as well.
So, is that the preferred outcome? Die. To live would be some kind of 'hell'? And is it bad to want to live? Is it selfish? I made a bet with myself. I've decided I WILL live to see the other side of the dime. Even if for a moment, I want to make it, and I will. So, does that mean I miss out on the boatride?
Sorry to be so negative. I try to be positive. I guess it's all relative.

Wherami said...

Nothing wrong with living. Some must see this through . Its our mission :) said...

I didn't sign up for the mission originally. I just thought it unfair my kids wouldn't get to do the things I did.... Make love, smoke a joint, find Jesus, reject Chistianity.... discover the difference between the beauty of a sunset and the glory of a sunrise.
Most of my plans (shelter, solar panel design, knowledge of the event) I knew didn't come from me. I haven't taken full credit. With that in mind I've attempted to thank them by succeeding. And by ensuring my kids know all they can about fairness and strength and of course beauty and love.
Thanks for the kind words, Wherami.

Laron said...

I had to look up 'negative nancy' to see if it was a known saying. (first time I have heard it) Funny how the name matches a certain known personality out there online which this also would make sense with... ;-)

I look at this as a time period of where a doorway opens and later closes, but will open again one day, for those that did not pass through it during the window it was open. I don't see it as an ending. Times up ahead will likely get a bit rough for those that don't go through that door. And there are more than one door, each door being a different method of transition.

Those that make that journey will not all end up at the same locale as well. If we throw in the information from the CHANI project, where a parallel world is said to be merging with us as the time lines meet, people may also get the option of moving into that world, which is also a version of Earth, but a much more spiritually advanced version. The info from the project shows that we will experience two suns during the transitional period, but only one moon as their moon was destroyed on purpose to remove the astrological impact it had on people.

In other words, I don't see it as missing out on anything, its just time passes very slowly on Earth and it can seem like an eternity waiting for things to happen here sometimes.

Fantastic Fox said...

You know, for a while I've been ready to leave (it has everything to do with being a wanderer), but maybe it's all about transformation here and right now. I admit that I want to see massive changes on Earth and in humankind and so far we have been seen only minor hints of change, some of them have been positive and other quite negative. Of course change is never truly negative, but currently Earth is going through many exhausting upheavals.

In the end I just want to say that it was worth it. What a journey it has been... said...

It is amazing how two peoples can speak the same language yet not be able to communicate. I had an old friend I met on line who lived in the UK and many time I would have to ask for clarification about slang or just definition.
I like alliteration and colorful (or colourful?) words and sayings, being a musician and songwriter. Crazy... Simple saying like that shows how far apart we are.
Cheers, mate!