Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time for us to lead ourselves - James Gilliland

This is the first material I have seen of James Gilliland. I have watched this 23 minute video which was posted on the 1st of May, and most of what he says does sound very similar to what I have been reporting on through the site here for a long period of time.

With the exception of the information on the specific negative aliens, which is not an area I have chosen to focus on, so I am not an expert on the subject, pretty much everything he is saying would be similar to the information I would provide if someone asked me such questions based around the topics he discusses. I am most impressed with his knowledge and conclusions around what he thinks is going on.

He does a great job summarising the times we are going through right now. I also believe he is right when he says the stronger energies are now going to be coming on in very soon, within this month of May. He quotes the Pleiadians as being a source of that information.

You may also notice that he confirms that the Annunaki are actually benevolent, and that there is an offshoot of the Anu which remained on earth a very long time ago, which fell over time (hence the term, fallen angels). This information on the Anu is similar info within the article I posted recently from Maryann Rada, 'Another friend is coming to visit', which discusses the Anu coming back to help.


sm said...

hi :-)
one of the disadvantages of smoking pot, is that one easily becomes a single-minded conspiracy theorist .. I have also experienced this .. I 've stopped doing it now, but stopping by Nancy leaders pole shifting occasionally, but has ceased to see by Nibiru through welding glass ...
by monitoring the different solar observatories , thus gaining knowledge of the sun's influence on Earth's behavior , it is completely impossible that Nibiru is where Nancy leader says it is ..
terms of number of earthquakes , the sun has great influence :
* The earth and the sun's magnetic connection
* Coronal holes , and the wind speed of the coronal holes ,
and if it is earth directed / in the magnetic connection
* Sun spots
And also the suns influence on the weather , as CME (solar mass ejection ) , and
possible the "Star water" theory.
My view of the world economy , is that some idiots drilled for oil in the USA many many
years ago .. and thus shaped the world economy around this.
in an economy model based on growth, the world economy would fall apart , if all " new / free" energy solutions were released . extremely large number of jobs would disappear , with major world economic issues.
the only option is to drop the new technology gradually .
or that the world economy collapses for outher resons , then new technology
Can be relased

mtpeach said...

Laron, thank you for sharing this. It's a beautiful message.

Felipe said...

"Anu coming to help" directly opposes to the "Fifth Neruda Interview" material on Wingmakers (not sure if you had the chance to look into it, it's pretty cool stuff. He basically discloses that Anu is the false god that enslaved humanity and wishes to be worshipped. I would tread carefully there.

Laron said...

Felipe, it doesn't oppose it, as both those sources I mention above admit the existence of the an offshoot of the Anu who stayed behind on Earth, that became fallen/negative. I don't think I have seen that interview. I don't see any contradictions here.

Laron said...

SM, not sure why your talking about Nibiru as it wasn't mentioned in the interview from what I remember.