Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Sun Series - Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers

Ben Davidson, aka Suspicious0bservers on YouTube, has just started releasing a series of videos for educators, based on the Sun. If you are familiar with Ben's work you will probably have a pretty good idea of where he is going to go with this. Below are the first six which are now available, along with an introduction video.

Introduction to the Sun Series - For Educators

Solar Wind Introduction | Sun Series 1

Direct Link

Layers of the Sun | Sun Series 2

Sunspots | Sun Series 3

Solar Flares and CMEs | Sun Series 4

Space Radiation & CME Impact | Sun Series 5

The Mega Flare | Sun Series 6

Direct Link

Suspicious0bservers YouTube Channel 


Fantastic Fox said...

The series video 3 Sunspots has a wrong link there. :)

Laron said...

Ta, looks like I copied the advertisement that came up for that video and not the actual video. Fixed!