Friday, May 23, 2014

The Schumann Resonances

Within my article, 'The Stretching of Time and the Immiment Shift', I talked about the Earth's Schumann Resonances and how they seem to be very connected in with this shifting in consciousness that we are all experiencing and having to go through right now.

Here is an article that was posted over on the blog, 'Bealtine Cottage', which touches on some information around the Schumann Resonances.

Via Bealtine Cottage, 20 May 2014

The Schumann Resonances are the name given to the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere.

These electromagnetic frequencies resonate in the lowest frequency mode at 7.83Hz.

The Earth has her own vibrational level, which has been gradually rising over past years.

Some people feel tuned into this frequency and harmonized with the Earth.

If indeed Mother Earth has a voice, it is this.

I have always imagined there to be a sound or vibration of energy connecting the electrical, magnetic, and harmonic nature of life on this planet and in this universe.

It is not beyond understanding to imagine the body to have an energy field and indeed all life to have similar.

The fact that the Earth has it’s very own resonance of vibration, of sound, at 7.83Hz, is not surprising. 

We also have a frequency.

It is our connection to Mother Earth.

Yesterday, with so many people wishing me well I felt a surge of energy and well-being that could not be explained in rational terms, but it was felt nevertheless!

Listen to the Earth’s rhythm.

Since life began, the Earth has been in touch with all life, protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 HZ.

Ancient Indian Rishis called this frequency and vibration, OM.

 Alpha waves from our brains have also been measured at the same vibration, 7.83 Hz.

There is another frequency, measured by Tesla, and that is the internally-generated resonant frequency of the planet Earth, which is 10 Hz.

Schumann’s Resonances are electromagnetic oscillations, frequencies that play through the ionospheric cavity (space between the ground and ionosphere) as waves in a plasma.

The ionosphere is a highly-conductive region of cosmic plasma. 

Our brain waves share and are attuned to certain frequencies of the Schumann’s resonances

It has been noted that the Schumann Resonance is rising quite dramatically in recent years.

As this is happening, so is an increase in the connectivity many of us feel towards Mother Earth, as well as the developing sensitivity many now feel towards animal and plant life.

We live in a time when Mother Earth is seeking to connect with us…that is what I feel and see around  every day, here at Bealtaine Cottage.

Here is the sound of Mother Earth…


Steve said...

Have technical question:
Does anyone measure Earth frequency and what it is now?
Thank you in advance.

Laron said...

The best online source I have found is here,

I keep an eye on these graphs for an important reason at the moment.

You can also find direct solar data from US's NOAA here,

As for the current average, you could look at these graphs in the first link.

Grace said...

From what I understand, we are getting close to the magical number 13...that's when the "Reset" will occur.

angelicview said...

I am having trouble... can you tell by looking at all those graphs what the Schumann Resonance is right now?

Matthew Kubas said...

Do you know of any one who has experimented with listening to this sound or any other frequencies for long periods of time to see what the effects would be energy wise?

I listened to trance music most of the day with headphones so i can work more efficiently. im wondering what would happened if i just listening to certain frequencies all day instead.

Im actually listening to the one you posted while im writing this.

Laron said...

I understand them to be elements related to how the resonance is measured, but may not be the exact method of measuring the resonance. For example, the second graph down on the first link (GLCOHERENCE) is the one I am keeping a close eye on, but it goes up very high within certain windows of time (months), in a pattern repeated each year. But I am not sure if that is the same exact measurement used which is spoken of with relation to the 'Schumann Resonance'.

So in other words, I'm not sure.

Laron said...

Matthew, I haven't checked out the YouTube link that was posted within that blogs repost here. I haven't learnt about any research like your asking, but I can speculate and I feel confident around my opinions on that.

There are many methods to quiet the mind and relax the body. Some people resonate with sound. Sound is said to be a very powerful method for healing and many other areas relating to our energy system, including activating our chakras and in turn helping with such things as astral projection.

Sound by it self, without an intention and focus by the actual person, could over time help a person meditate/calm the mind and body, and which in turn would have long lasting effects, similar to how regular meditation would work in that regard.

But you would need to not just listen to it, you would need to have other intentions to get the most benefit from it.

Johnathan Goldman is running a course later on in the year with many modules based around what we are discussing here. (
It's being held at Loveland, CO, in the USA.

By looking at the topics of each module, you can see the benefits and potential of how sound can be used.

I have done courses on matra's and these are powerful ways to stimulate directly specific chakras (based on the sound/mantra used) and in turn help activate psychic/latent abilities on a temporary basis, but of course if used frequently, they would help long term.

So my point is, while there are some basic benefits to listening to such things on a regular basis, we would need to have other intentions around what we do with our mind, from visualisations, intentions and meditation, during the times we listen to such sounds.

Marley52 said...

The Schumann Resonance is NOT rising, it remains as it always has at 7.83Hz +/-0.5. You can blame Gregg Braden, he appears to have been the person responsible for this coming up with particular piece of scientific nonsense.