Friday, May 16, 2014

The importance that appearances play in our societal existence

Within this three and a half minute YouTube video, a simple human based experiment shows how important appearances, and therefore perceptions, are. It goes to show that what you are wearing, and how you present your self, impacts your experience in life based upon the state of our societal existence.

Of course the location such an experiment is conducted would also likely define the results, but on average I would suspect the results would be the same as this in most large populated areas around the world.

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But what do you think? Feel free to comment and express your opinions.


sm said...

its horrible to watch..
he is left dying cause People think he is on drugs, not wourth saving. .
"if" he was on drugs, there is often a sad story behind not only is he Down...We are STEPPING on him. it makes me sad

sm said...

Laron said...

I wanted to point out something that a friend mentioned yesterday about this video. Because of where I come from, what I am about to mention is not an issue.

In some countries, people pretend to be sick/hurt in public, so that they can get people to come up to them and then they end up robbing the person. It is quite common in some places that this technique is put in place.

But this is the world we live in. This video goes to show that when looking at a problem or situation, there can be a lot more information that is yet to be explained or covered, to better explain the problem/situation.