Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Great Energy Robbery (and how it was done)

By guest writer 'The Happy Wonderer'

No thinking, aware person could dispute that today, our world is seriously out of balance in a lot of ways.  To list them would be a waste of time - either you see them, or you don’t!

How come we see such a vast disparity of wealth on one planet?  A few immensely rich people, with more wealth (i.e., possessions, health, education, power, luxury, leisure etc etc) than they could possibly use even if they lived for a thousand years; as opposed to hundreds of millions of people hungry, un-educated, ill, homeless (or essentially so), traumatised, war-ridden……..  and powerless.

Megayacht owned by Andrey Melnichenko, Germany - Wikipedia

Slums built on swamp land near a garbage dump in East Cipinang, Jakarta, Indonesia - Wikipedia

What created this imbalance?  Greed, yes.  Also callousness, overweening control, a certainty of superiority…   a total lack of empathy or compassion… in a nutshell, psychopathy!

In those two categories, ‘rich’ and ‘poor’, we have simply drawn a line between a few, and the many.  Yeah, yeah, we all know this!  The haves and the have nots …

Have WHAT?  What is it that has been absorbed / stolen / acquired from the Have-nots, by the Haves?

ENERGY.  Energy is the common factor right across the board.  Physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, practical, useable ENERGY.

And how was it done?  How was this energy transferred on such a massive scale?

It was achieved using two control mechanisms.  One was through mass media - mis-information and dis-information, the hypnosis of the muppet-shows on TV, the attraction of gladiatorial sports,  …. You can think of more.  The second?

Money.  Why?

Because money is nothing more, or less, than an invented symbol.  Symbolic of what?

ENERGY.  A money transaction is an exchangeable TOKEN of an energy exchange.  ANY kind of energy - physical labour, applied intellect, killing, constructing, destructing, healing, inventing, caring, teaching, exploring…… the list is infinite, and covers all human abilities.

The energy exchanges taking place are real, but the MONEY exchanges are a construct, a veneer, and as such are totally vulnerable to management.

Using the symbol of money, taxation, inflation, deflation, de-valuation, re-valuation, destruction, and manipulation of the planet’s entire energetic system becomes possible.  And I do mean entire; rain-forests are as much an energetic manifestation as nursing, and oceans are part of the energetic chain that is the planet, as much as coal and iron ore deposits.  Not to mention the sweat of your brow or your intellectual achievements.

(No wonder private trading / barter systems are never allowed to rear their beautiful heads…)

Neat trick, wasn’t it?  Turn something that is invisible, nebulous, flexible, beneficial, utterly communal, and immaterial - into something tangible, a transact-able commodity that can be taxed, manipulated and controlled - to the detriment of the planet and her population and to the benefit of the elite.

What would you say the long-term prognosis might be?

Talk about “Money is the Root of all Evil”…


Linda said...

Powerful and clear. Long term prognosis would be dire - If we were not changing it with stories like these which bring awareness, and if we lost sight of the power we each hold in creating a better world. Within first, outer reflecting.

Thank you Happy wanderer. I'm holding fast to the image and being present in the frequencies of a new world of abundance for all. For all who are open to accepting that, as their own reality, will be blessed to give to the world that image, like a light it shines out its information and affects everything. That is a reality I see.

Deli Rico said...

I came to this very realization a few years ago when I got almost broke, and still I'm healing my own energy stimation as a human creating value to universe. It's iinteresting to think if all that plus value to universe has been stored in the shape of goods attained in earth. I think there`s an energy imbalance on earth, that is, much of it through eons has been gone extra planet, (as some authors have claimed, to breakaway civilization and other off planet vampires) If we would calculate the ammount of energy received by earth in terms of radiation from the sun, ancient collisions, energy coming from the inner plasma core in form of matter and our work as human slaves, such a surplus work would be enough to be an interplanetary species having multiple colonies in mars, moon and so on, but as that value has been hijacked, We`re still burning dead plants to move our body in metal cases using rubber flats, very high tech, isn't it?. This prison is doomed and the other "new" earth as well, wondering how the universe would play in order to create another complex earth in a higher dimension? (higher the density, lower the energy?). No more pot for me today. _Cheers Linda.

angelicview said...

I think this is so real and so true. In the experiences of many here in Michigan, U.S., our governor has just raised the minimum wage by a couple of dollars an hour. There was a news report on that and people's comments... it was plain to see that people are getting very frustrated and just beginning to figure out that it's a game that they cannot win. See, the couple of dollars an hour raise in minimum wage will take place over the next FOUR YEARS. What's the problem? Well, four years from now (due to inflation and other factors) they won't be any further ahead than they are now because the money will be worth less. There are too many people and not enough jobs.

Now, let's bring that up just one more step: something that I think so many people don't get yet but they will, eventually, is that people don't need to work like slaves anymore. There are enough people here on Earth that we could each take turns working a few hours a week, and all of our needs would be met.

That would involve more sharing and less hoarding, and ceasing to manufacture junk that no one needs. Ever walk into a "Dollar Store"? Just imagine all that junk in there (some good stuff, too. But mostly junk.) that has to be manufactured SOMEWHERE. Walk through your nearest Wall Mart or any store of your choice. Do we really need all that *stuff*?

I think the answer is "no", and that all that *stuff* is manufactured in order to keep the slaves working and not thinking. Seeing things from this higher perspective, one can understand how a higher vibrational world (someday) could be created if only the people would a) wake up, and b) cooperate.

Looking forward to that world someday, and I hope to see it in my lifetime :)