Friday, May 2, 2014

The coming Little Ice Age

A few days back, Ben Davidson, aka Suspicious0bservers, mentioned within his daily S0 news video that he noticed NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had taken down their climate records page. In yesterdays S0 News he said this.

"Folks the climate records page is still not updated. It turns out the same day we broke all the records down to show cold dominating global warming, Steven (Godor?) over at Real Science (won?) up to me and used their data products to prove that we are on the verge of the coldest start to any year on record, ever.
As you know the very next day the official site was shut down. It hasn't happened like that since 2012 when the cold came knocking and we saw about 900 cold records disappear from the books." S0 News May 1, 2014 (Source)

Ben and other scientists have now discussed that this period in time is the coldest beginning to a year on record based on current information. What this means is that this is supporting the thoery that a mini-ice age is approaching. What Ben is mentioning in relation to the 2012 event with NOAA, refers to NOAA being caught modifying/removing statistics because the information did not match up with the Government supported Global Warming theory.

You can hear Ben talk about this within yesterdays S0 News below, but I did quote above everything he had to say about it. His YouTube channel can be found here.


Fantastic Fox said...

I hate it when they lie about the changing weather... They just too arrogant so they can't admit that they were wrong/lied? Thankfully we have people like Ben in the side of truth. This is a good site too:

Fantastic Fox said...

A comment 16 hours ago from Ben: "I'm happy to say that the NOAA site is back online, and it appears the records have not been modified at all. The cold still shows dominance in the US and globally so far in 2014."

Laron said...

Looks like they can't hide the truth this time!