Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) and Tograhnu - Some information on the shift from the Sasquatch

Here is a new post by John Allen. Back on March the 3rd I posted his message from the Sasquatch which you can find here if you missed it.

Information within talks a little bit about the shift coming up/going on.

By John Allen via My Lady of the Woods, 30 April 2014

It has been a while since my last blog. Things were busy. My relationship with my Sasquatch family is coming more into focus. I wish that the changes around us humans would come more into focus but I feel that it will very soon. I have been visiting Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) for the past few nights as I have been going through some intense changes channeling messages from others who are not exactly Sasquatch. She has helped me find balance and a calm again. I asked her to speak with me like this and she said that she would right away. I learned that She and other Sasquatches will be speaking with me like this now and I will share it on with whoever is interested. If you would like me to ask the Sasquatch people questions then ask them on my blog and I will try to ask the most common ones.

Tahjee is the first Sasquatch that reached out to me. She has helped me over the past year or so to open many doors. I trust her with my life and family. She is like a mother figure to me.

Tograhnu is a friend / brother / protecter I trust him in the same way.

Hello, Tahjee. Are you with me?

I am here, Cowboy. What would you like to know?

I would like to know what the Sasquatch people have to say at this time about what is going on in our world.

That is a lot of writing. We are busy right now. Gaia is changing for us too. We are preparing for a shift in consciousness. What we have been used to is about to change. We are about to come face to face with you again after many years. You are going to learn that it is not us who are alien.

What do you mean, Tahjee? Aren’t we all aliens?

Yes but humans have been alien from themselves not us. We have always been among you. Some of us even come back to be you. But you will find out about that soon enough, Cowboy.

What are you Sasquatch people busy doing?

Getting ready. And we are helping to get you ready too. It is good for us to have you back the way that you used to be. You have been gone so long that most of you don't remember anything. You are all so blind. We can stand right in front of your face and you look right through us. We allow you to see us sometimes because we love to be among you. But you have grown numb. It hasn't been all of your fault.
Who's fault has it been?

This is a long story. It will take some time. Just hang on and soon you will know. Some of you will anyway. All of you will in the end. But most of you are not ready. The shift will open many eyes and close some more. Feel us. We feel you. The moment that you begin to feel us is when you will be ready.

Ready for what?

Ready to go home.

We love your company when you come to see us. Sometimes we even let some of you see a little. But your still not ready for the big surprise. You are going to see a big surprise and it will change you. Who do you think that you are? You are not who you think you are. We know. We never forgot like you did. But it is not all of your fault. We are like you in many ways. Some of us are so mad at what you have done to this planet that it is better not to seek these. But there are many of us like me who have human friends and family. Your my family, Cowboy, and you know this don't you?

Yes. I know.

But there is a lot that you do not know. It will come to you soon. Find us. Feel us. We are all family. You humans just don't know how big your family is. We come from somewhere else a long time ago. Most of you came from somewhere in the beginning but now you are different. You think that you live your one little life and it is over. It's not that way. All of your lives that you have lived are like one big life. Each life carries in to the next. Some of you go for many lives and sleep the whole time. Some of you have been awake for many lifetimes. Then you come back here to help. Sometimes you go back to sleep. We Hairy Folk do not sleep our lives away. No! We blend with all that is. But it is not all of your fault so we are here to help you. Do not think that we are here only to help you but we will if you ask. Do not expect anything form us because we are not asleep. We know what you really want. And we always know what you need.

We enjoy your little walks in the woods. We pose for your cameras. Did you know that sometimes we go for a little walk in your world? You never see us. We don't take photos of you. You think this is funny, Cowboy?

Yes. It is funny. I just thought of me trying to shimmer out while I was in the tub or something.

 We see all that we want to see, Cowboy.

( At this moment I felt Tahjee leaving me. She was drawn somewhere else. But then I felt Tograhnu. I felt that he was there the whole time but I was not aware. )

Hi Tograhnu. I feel you here now and I feel that Tahjee is telling me that she must go. Can you validate this for me.

( Toegrahnu tapped me on the head very lightly. He has never done this. I asked him to do it again and he did it on the other side. I laughed and asked him to do it a third time and he told me, “No.”)

Why did Tahjee leave, Tograhnu?


Why are you here?


What do you want to say, Brother?

Need to get ready. Change coming soon. You feel it?

Yes. Do you?

I feel it. I see it. I watch it right now change.

Can you tell me about the change that is coming, Brother?

No need to tell you. Already here. Tahjee told you already. We can be right in front of your eyes and humans don't see us. Humans don't see change like humans don't see us. Humans always looking and looking but never see. Humans don't know that they can't see feelings. Feel the change if you want to. Don't look for it. Never find it that way. I'm going to tell you something, Brother, you too need to feel your way through this change. I'm waiting for you.

What do you mean your waiting for me. How fast shall I go?

Don't ask me how fast you wanna go. The real life is already with you. But you cover it up with a life that is not real.

 I know what that means.

I know that you know. You feel it. You know what is there. But it is not there it is here already. Big change coming. Soon there will not be a cover over real life.

I know, Brother, I am ready.

I tell you something. When you see me next we will not have to stay hidden. You are going to be here where I am. I am on mother turtle, like Thomas says, but she is more than you can see right now. If you want to see what I can see than you have to feel to see. You know this! Our mother is changing but what you see with your eyes is not what she really is. Many of us Hairy Folk are helping humans to change. We send thoughts and feelings. We watch you and protect you sometimes. Humans have made this mother so dirty that we do not like to step on her with our bodies. We do not want to step on glass on the beaches. We shimmer so our bodies are protected from you.

I tell humans this because I know that you want to share this with other humans. You keep telling humans what you want to about us, Brother. We are family and you speak for me. Because you talk to other humans with your fingers we have heard many more humans call out to us. We have felt many humans awaken from your words. Keep writing your words and we will keep coming. It is getting very close now. I can see all humans and soon all humans can see me.

Feel us, Humans. Be patient. Don't expect anything from us because we don't like that. Feel us. We are your family. We are made out of the same stuff. I am Tograhnu.

I was told after I wrote this that I am welcome to ask deeper questions. I will post a new blog very soon. John


Flood said...

I really enjoyed these Message from Sasquatch articles and the pointer to his site Laron. I found myself totally obsessed and learning all I could over the course of a few days. I was totally unaware of just how many of these beings were still out there! I went over to John's site as well as others and discovered that there were many more Sasquatch out there than I thought there were! I looked at the sightings as well as some LandSat images of the forests in my area and I'm confident there is a clan or two in my area! A bit mind-blowing at first! HA! I had no idea they were interdimensional and psychically developed beings! I have read that all the Sasquatch are going to the new earth and that none of them are staying behind. I must say that is a bit sad to hear as I think the lower earth that spiritually evolves on a slower timeline would benefit from these beings. What strange and beautiful wild forest brothers and guardians!


Laron said...

I had heard of them before through Lobsang Rampa, but I read things on John's site which expanded on my knowledge of them and fitted into what I did know.