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'Starting Small' - New dream based information on 'The Event' / shift in consciousness

Last year I posted a dream based experience from a friend of mine. She had this experience back in August 2013. I titled the article 'A Grand Meeting'. It related to a group of various beings from ascended masters, various ET based beings and others, who had gathered together to discuss the shift in consciousness, aka the event, and that it had been moved. The reason it had been moved, in my opinion, is because of the shift being connected into a series of events which need to occur beforehand and because of the time manipulation occurring, those events had not occurred, thus the move of the event.

This dream experience is one I mentioned in a number of my articles such as 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift'. In the recent QHHT session with Lai, the dream experience was confirmed to be a real experience and accurate depiction of what actually occurred. Through Lai, additional details were explained around the actual dream, within the session.

On the 28th of April, a few days back, the same friend sent along another dream experience. This is the first one I have had from her since 'A Grand Meeting'. This one is more basic and shows that a certain stage has been reached, based upon the energies coming down into the Earth from space, in relation to the shift in consciousness.

"Dream title: Starting small
Date: 27th April 2014
I'm in a sort of dimly lit room resembling the interior of a caravan. A large long room with parts of the walls missing, retro cupboards, furniture haphazardly arranged, and the place looking.. I guess cyber punk is the term - worn but utilitarian. 
My old friend S finds a bug on the table. there's another male in the room but i don't pay attention to who it is. S bends down to look more closely at this unusal insect, and becomes increasingly fascinated by the tiny creature now morphing and shifting in unusual displays, which i can't see that well from where I'm standing. (i don't know who says this but) It gets mentioned that "This (the state of this insect) is the result of 'the third stage of the event'..." 
Meanwhile i had wandered into the room in a tired grumpy mood to see and hear all this, my mind is a fog, I'm like, ugh yeh whatever, the event thingy is still at bug stage.. and i continue to mope about in a tired state, somewhat aware of the significance of what we are being shown, but failing to care for it through my fog.
Upon reflection, there's not much I could do about my very non-lucid state in this dream, i've been battling with long term sleep deprivation and somewhat lacking in health and deeper clarity in real life lately. 
As for the message in the dream, the full details hit me once i woke up. This mutating bug was supposedly one of the many initial manifestations resulting from the energies now hitting earth. "the event" having already started and apparently at stage 3 (don't ask me what stages mean, i don't know). Judging from the morphing or mutating bug (as much as I could make out from where I was standing), The effects of "the event" are just beginning to penetrate the physical level at a small scale, such as minute yet detectable mutations in nature.
I regret not having a closer look at the tiny critter for a better understanding, but from where I was standing there was one bug, but there was also 3 of the same bug in the same spot. I will never know if my friend was seeing more than this up close."

As you can see, the daily processing of conscious based memories are likely showing within this dream experience, but, at the same time, there is also a strong and clear message within, in relation to the shift.

My friend did add that she would be happy if anyone wanted to respond with their interpretation of her dream via the comments. (I will let her know if anyone does) I think that I have a pretty good idea of what this means and it is pretty much covered within what has been said so far in this article.

I saw a pattern forming around this date, in relation to a few other occurrences of information coming out online, including the manifestation of a few events in the world. Here is a short message that was posted on the 28th of April on the blog, '√ČIREPORT BLOG'.

“Specialized” higher vibrational energetic streams have formed and aligned and are in process of infiltrating selected planetary “difficulty” points.
These energetic streams are coded for individual geographic grid points and create conditions which dissolve all potential of archon-created-and-aligned activity.
Such energetic streams are unique to each situation, and are uniquely formed for the Planet Earth-Gaia operation.
Although similar to 3D Earth-based “special ops” forces, these higher vibrational energetic streams operate purely in the 4-9D realms and are immune to any archon-ic detection.
Higher Gaia collective has called for this."

This sounds a little bit similar to the general theme of my friends dream, doesn't it.

8 comments: said...

"...3 of the same bug in the same spot..." Past, present, and future.
G2 has shed its companion and it is spiraling downward.
25,776 years ago at a distance of 25,776 light years, the coalescence of a planet or stellar object with the SMBH Sgr A* happened. This star/planet (I will go with star) was converted to energy. E=MC^2. Everyone knows the equation. The beauty of the equation is that units don't have to be the same. Subject to algebra and solve for all variables.
The large amount of mass turned to energy in an instant would have expanded faster than the speed of light... the speed of light squared, to be exact. Cannot happen, right? Hawking says the universe will not allow the speed limit to be broken. (If you break one rule, why not all of them?) So, something has to give.
IF this coalescence event fits the GRB model, THEN it would have three distinct waves. The first wave, using Einstien's equation, at the speed of light squared, effects would have been observed here within 200 years of the event. About 164 if I remember. (It's been about four years since I did the numbers.)
The 'ripple' in local space-time changes everything. Time would be slowed to compensate for the rapid expansion of mass turned energy. i.e. time slows down the closer you get to a massive object. And a concept such as the serpent eating its tail comes to mind... past present and future become intertwined... barriers become maluable... communication between distant times becomes possible for those who are able or aware. Ancient vehicles such as tarot or meditation are more than likely created in times where barriers were thinnest.
BUT... that event that began soooo long ago is now about to complete its journey to us. The image I think of is the shockwave in the front of the blast of an atom bomb as the initial encounter 25,776 years ago. Then the heat 12,888 years ago. And now....?
IDK. That's where people like you, Laron, come in. I believe we have a choice to make. We need all the information we can get from all sources to make that decision.
...And hope the dolphins help us out?!!

Grace said...

Thank you for this post, Laron :)

The dream sounds positive to me. It is interesting that you likened it to EirePort's update...which, to me, shares the same theme as Cobra's recent message:

Both came out on the same day. Just yesterday I watched James Gilliland echo the same theme:

I also get the sense that things are coming together at the Ground Level....


Laron said...


I was aware of Cobra's post there. I haven't seen James's video. (I had never heard of him until a few days ago I think, but his face looks familiar)

There is also some information I am sitting on in relation to all of this that may also give people an answer around whats going on. The timing of this information coincides with this dream, Cobra's update, and EirePort's last two messages. It also fits into Valiant's latest post.

I'm still pondering on making it public or not. It came to me on the 28th.

Thanks for your message,

Andy said...

Hi Laron,

I recently had a strange realization while watching the movie Fight Club for the first time in about a decade. The way in which recent history is talked about today is as if there was the Cold War, then immediately following, 9/11 and the War on Terror. I haven't heard the time between the end of the Cold War and 9/11 discussed much as its own time period, with a very distinct cultural lens. American culture in particular had been headed in a very interesting and strange direction, as one can gather from the cultural phenomena during that time. Reflection upon the pseudo-nihilistic post-modern state of things during the relative peacetime had led to some interesting conclusions, many of which are summed up in Fight Club.

After 9/11, everything changed, and it is as if the cultural percolation that was taking place in the nineties was completely wiped from collective dialogue due to the shadow of 9/11 on that era. I wonder if this has anything to do with what is going on right now, especially in regards to the idea of the time-shift. Maybe during the 90s, human culture had begun to shift in a new direction that would have led to some kind of great awakening based on a rejection of mainstream cultural narratives of value and truth (this shift is most obvious in the counterculture of the period that was entirely mainstreamed such as Fight Club, The Matrix, grunge and industrial music, etc.). The mainstreaming of this culture would have completely undermined the world built on Bernaysian values.

In fact, Fight Club itself can be read as the destruction of the Bernaysian value system being inevitable. It was an uncontrollable psycho-spiritual force rising up within the common man (the anonymous/nobody nameless main character) of the time that would wrest control of our system and destroy it from the inside out in the fashion this new, chaotic zeitgeist (Tyler Durden). People mention 9/11 as a phase shift within American and world culture all the time, but I've never heard anyone really discuss what the cultural phenomena of the 90s were heading towards prior to it. Maybe now we are just beginning to catch back up to where we were in the 90s prior to 9/11, although our new form of the old idea is colored and shaded by the experience if 9/11 and everything that it has involved (The West's two wars against the Middle East, the new security state, etc.).

What do you think?

jopipe said...

If you decide to post it. Send us a link to I am sure it would be appreciated by Lida and Mike and the rest of us...thanks...

Laron said...

Andy, its been a long time since I saw Fight Club but I understand what you mean. I remember the 90's well, it really was a different time period in comparison to the 2000's, in the western world.

What I understand now is that certain events have occurred in the world, on purpose, to shape future events. The ones creating and manifesting these large events most likely have had access to peer into the future in a way, to help them better understand the outcome of what they wanted to do. When we run into the conspiracy theories online about control and fear, there is actually something to this I believe, and there does seem to be a group at the top with the money and power and political access to control many aspects of the western world.

I am starting to see that Russia is not part of the controlled powers out there, they may have been at one stage but they don't seem to be any more. While their system of Government is not perfect, it has many flaws, Putin is a true leader from what I can see and has real power with his decisions, say when comparing him with the happenings of the USA.

There are some very major events which have occurred in our lifetime, which have definitely shaped the future in a big way. 9/11 is one of these.

When we remember back in time, over our life, we may think of a few situations that have occurred, which impacted the global consciousness in a larger way than normal, and then we may start to analyse such events and then ask the question, 'was that natural', 'did that actually happen like the media reported it did?'.

Grace said...

Please DO publish your information! Look at the synchronicity again...same theme, same date :) It's high time we on the Ground Level join hands and form a formidable force...and use our Spirit Tech (that's what I like to call it) as Divine Human Angels. We are receiving so much assistance already from the Higher Beings, but generally speaking, as a collective race, we are still very much asleep (I like Mike's blog title...).

I may be overly optimistic, but I still feel very strongly that when enough of the awakened/awakening/Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc. unite, we can make this Shift happen virutally overnight. Spiritual Physics is way beyond what our human mind can comprehend.

Have you heard the incredible interview that Maarten Horst conducted with Alkesh regarding Comet Ison and The Event?

Being creator gods and goddesses with severe amnesia (and misdirected free will) we can end this Game once and for all. We just need to work together in unity consciousness :)

Thanks so much for doing what you are doing, Laron. Looking forward to your information!

Many Blessings

Laron said...


I'm afraid that people are not likely going to take it seriously because of the ramifications of it. Even I have a lot of trouble accepting the info to be true because of what is said about my role and involvement with it, even though I have a second confirmation. Valiant's latest info would be a third. The information is very positive.

But the future will show me if its really true or not based upon the events upcoming and the eventual outcome of the shift. It relates to the time manipulation machine. (as I discussed in the stretching of time article and Lai's third session, and its been discussed by others such as Maryann and Valiant)

As I have mentioned in my articles, I definitely believe that certain events need to occur first, as per the set of events attached to the shift discussed in Lai's third session, where specific events have been delayed/stopped on purpose by a group out there. This is all attached to our soul contracts and if the shift occurs before those events, then it will cause a lot of chaos with every ones progressions, plans and where they are meant to be during the actual shift.

I haven't heard of that interview.