Thursday, May 15, 2014

Signs of Change - April to May

YouTube channel HawkkeyDavisChannel presents another Signs of Change video based upon the various weather and earth change based events over the Month of April into May. You can find the Signs of Change for March here, February here, and January here.

Video Description: "The earthquake uptick continues all over the ring of fire. At the center of these changes, the United States deals with historic flooding which was nearly a one-in-500 year event! So much more has taken place the month or so than this video shows.

The deluge continues to hit heavily populated areas! Be prepared for large scale disasters in your area. It has and it will continue to worsen whether we like or not. Stay safe and thanks for watching!"

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j.bradbury said...

I just finished watching the video. As governments stress resources to help the people, it should start to become clear the world is changing. Where a village was standing for hundreds of years, may no longer exist. Where taking of water seemed endless, they may no longer find any. People and systems will adjust or collapse.

Each one of us must choose to help in our own way or sit in the dark afraid of tomorrow. This metaphor keeps popping in my head: It is time to get off the bench and be a player in the game.

May peace and strength be with you all.