Thursday, May 15, 2014

S0 News May 14, 2014: Solar Pole Flip, Planets Effect the Sun

Within Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers latest daily news update, he mentions a number of events but what I want to focus on here is his opinion around the fact that the Sun is yet to complete its final solar pole flip for this cycle. I was sure that the information released last year said this had already occurred.

Ben discusses data going towards proof that the pole is soon going to flip. He also seems to think the situation relates to the coronal fields which went 'ballistic' over the past week. Here is a screen shot below of them.

He also mentions it was 'bad reporting' for those out there talking about the square shaped coronal hole and that it wasn't even square. I quite enjoyed writing up an article about it recently and giving some attention to the goings on, on the sun, in relationship to any coronal holes and their energetic outputs in this time period.

The purpose of my reporting on it was not being it was square, but because of the energy it produced from being an actual coronal hole, not a CME, even though it wasn't exactly impacting us in a major way. I checked all the solar data based graphs to see if there was a major impact at the time and decided not to include any of that info. I wouldn't consider it bad reporting at all.

Here is Suspicious0bservers May 14, 2014 news.

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