Saturday, May 31, 2014

Prepping, Awareness and Awakening...

By guest writer 'The Happy Wonderer'

Recently, a checkout chick (late teens?) said to me (the obligatory)  "Are you having a nice day?"  I replied "Every day's a nice day when you don't wake up in Fukushima".

Her response?  "What's Fukushima?"

No, don’t laugh at her.  She’s far more to be pitied than blamed - a product of the education system that has castrated education by simply not teaching logic, reason, analysis, and just plain curiosity and THINKING. No, not even at tertiary level!

Also a product, no doubt, of the new wave, who actually believes in the ‘news’ on the mainstream media - if they watch the news at all between texting, ‘social media’, TV game shows, soapies, sit-coms, sports, gaming, footy, fashion, pop stars, and anything at all so as NOT to have to think - that might be TOO real and scary!

My point being - prepping.  Or rather, the most neglected aspect of it.

Sure, you can hoard baked beans and rice, dig bunkers, and more, but most people forget THE prime, most important part of prepping.  The thing that - above all else- should be your PRIME preparation for anything at all.  And what is that?

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It’s simple - and it’s FREE!!!!!

It’s Awareness.  An awareness of what is going on around you - on a PLANETARY scale, as well as a local scale.  What new laws are being passed?  What is NOT being reported in the MSM (that you can find at reliable sites online)? What’s happening at Fukushima - and other nuclear reactors, as well?  International relations - who’s upsetting whom?  How could that affect YOU?  Finance - someone sticks their paw in the air in Washington, and your finances collapse before breakfast tomorrow.

(Ye Gods, I bet there’s even actually people planning to go to the Tokyo Olympics!!!!!)

Awareness is the FIRST thing that will kick in to save your bacon.  Why?  Because you will be mentally and psychologically expecting the proverbial to hit the fan - somehow.  When it does, you WON’T go into fear, panic, and the resultant paralysis; you will be ready to act, while the rest of the sheeple are flapping and faffing.  Ahead of the race, not being crushed in the herd stampede!

Note that ‘Awareness’ does NOT mean depression, catastrophism, doom, gloom, negativity, an so on. Awareness is consciousness.  Awareness is something that all animals posses - especially in uncertain territory or under threat.  Awareness IS survival!

When something ‘breaks’, it may be fast - sudden war, seismic activity, tsunamis, storms --- or it may be relatively slow, like the destruction of global finance, or a nuclear power station in major meltdown - or a plague, or whatever.  EITHER WAY, your worst enemy is ignorance and the fear-paralysis resulting from shock.  You’ll need to think, to prioritise rapidly, not react in panic - and for that, you’ll need information - so as to achieve awareness… and make quick and life-saving decisions, for yourself and any that depend upon you.

Any which way - this piece by Zen Gardner is very well worth a serious ponder -

“There’s no looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for outside redemption. There’s no collective bargaining to rely on.  The awakening is you. Only you.

That’s what all this ruckus is about. The battle for your spirit and soul. And that’s the boat each of us is in. There is nothing more important in this life for you, or me, than waking up. Once that’s straightened out the rest will follow.”

Then read on…..

Stay safe - and Aware!


Steve said...

So you feel it would start soon?

Rachelle said...

Exactly right! We hope for the best but prepare for the worst. That way, we are able to live in joy in our day to day lives. We fear nothing yet we prepare for anything. By prepare, I mean we are aware of the mess our government is in, we don't look to the government to "save us" in the event of a major emergency (as a matter of fact, we hope they leave us the hell alone). We raise our own food (vegetables and animals). And. for all you folks that think eating animals lowers our vibration, I'll say this: when the day comes that you're starving in the streets, you'll come begging me for some fresh eggs from my lovely hens, fresh milk from our beloved Lucy, and fresh le lapin raised by our hand with love and respect, not to mention the abundant wildlife that we nurture as well. We have no fear; we live in freedom with love and respect for Mother Earth for all Her bounty.

Steve said...

Here is positive news:
The Third Industrial Revolution
Jeremy Rifkin on the Fall of Capitalism and the Internet of Things

Wherami said...

The war for our minds has been ongoing for decades thats what he is saying. Not that it starts soon but that its been going on for a while. Many people who are not online posting are changing their lives. Gardening and removing plastics from your life and cleaning up your land , eating no GMO's and not using pesticides - all of these things are picking up speed in the general gestalt of humanity. The human conscious change has occurred in a great number. What are you doing to change your life? Look around. talk to people. see what they are doing, If you are surrounded by people who have not changed recently you need to ask yourself why? why arent you changing?

Laron said...

Was that directed at me or the author of the article Steve?

Steve said...

I would like to hear your opinion Laron, as you are using multiple sources.

Laron said...

Steve, after reading this again I am not sure what you mean when you say 'it would start'. Can you expand on that?

Steve said...

I am waiting for event which would shift human consciousness on massive scale. Will we have some sort of events in near future (2-4 month) which would make that shift. If you think some of the information could not be discloser that is also fine. Thank you

Laron said...

The event is self, I don't suspect that people on a massive scale will notice it, but it will be a massive scale like you say. It is already happening now and will go on for a period of time in our future, but, I do think there will be a moment in time where something much grander will occur in a sudden manner.

There are still events which have not occured, which I think need to occur first, before that shift event. I expected at least three to happen in the month of May and none of them did. So there is ongoing delays as a result of many factors leading up to May. Time is just so very unpredictable that I no longer have much concern about so many sources out there getting the timing wrong so frequently.

So, in conclusion, I think that there has been a bit of a delay, possibly another month added on at least for now. Meaning a window of 3-4 months from now for certain events to occur, could make sense.