Sunday, May 4, 2014

Picked up by a Spaceship

We all get messages that come to use through our dreams. Some are clearer, some are not so clear. Some dreams we forget, some we remember. The form the messages come through can vary. They can be placed into our dreams directly, or we may have an astral experience and memory intertwined within the dream memory it self. 

Here is a dream from another friend of mine, an artist and writer. She has also had a QHHT session with me before, where information came up showing various connections and influence in her past lives on Earth with ET based beings. She has had dream premonitions about future events some of which I have confirmed personally after I have seen them occur.

Image Credit: NASA

There is a lot of information from her daily life mixed in, but also a lot of truth I believe. 

"Then I dreamed there was a group of aliens here on earth that I was partly responsible for hiding... so I kept showing them dolls houses for some reason but we ended up in this room off my 'house' which had all my grandmother's things in it, like crystals and things, and it had an amazing view of a garden filled with flowers. This room was shared with an elderly couple who would come in from time to time and they'd forgotten that it was owned by me now.
While I was showing them this room, my grandmother's room, I was intimate and snuggly with one of the aliens … though it really felt as if it was normal to be poly... as if we were all in love and were lovers (though I don't think we were literally that way).... and then we saw a light come down from above.
First there was a pattern on the ground, like the flower of life or a triangle mandala, then I saw short blue figures in it. Blues! I said and wandered off to take the hand of one of the Blues. Then there was a moment of hesitation as I wondered about if it was wise to wander into a spaceship... but we were already going up.
Up there it was a bit like an amphitheatre. All kinds of people and I searched around for someone I knew... I was kind of upset I didn't know anyone... and on the screen in front of the amphitheatre was an earth with giant red zones over almost all of it. People crowded around, some in groups, some on their own, watching this screen...
 Created by my friend to depict what she saw. Red zones are not accurate. 
I did find someone from my class which surprised me, and it surprised her too, she swore her head off with relief. It was funny because we were there together. I had to go to the bathroom and we were warned to be careful because the hallways were 'unpredictable' as in the the 'black holes' or 'wormholes' or something had no gravity and sometimes had gravity... maybe we were travelling... but that was okay. The bathroom was in Taiwan looking over rice paddies. I think it was Taiwan. Some Asian country.
Then I had a discussion with someone, who wasn't human but who looked human, about tonsillitis … she'd wanted to know if it caused blindness as a child (which I told her it didn't with me) and then it was back to 'study'. I remember lunch coming out of a food machine, whatever I wanted, and I remember then dinner coming out (which was creamed corn) and thinking it was strange because time was passing... so how could it be a dream? It was like a classroom in a ship. I was alone in my own little 'room' most of that time but I could go in and out freely into hallways and stuff."

I sent along my interpretation of the dream to her. Clearly there was a few different aspects and information which had come through to her, the stronger theme being the experience on the ship and viewing Earth. The question remains, what were those red zones all about? What was going on, on the Earth while she was on the ship?

I thought the timing of this dream, which occurred two nights ago, was interesting in relation to the information out there about what may occur in the imminent future.

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